Growing Rummy culture in India

Growing Rummy Culture in India


Rummy is one of the most popular card games all around the world. Rummy has a very rich history and as per studies must have evolved from the famous Mexican game name Conquian. Some traces of Rummy is also found in the 18th-century Chinese games that had the same premise. 

In India, card games have been popular and a part of our socio-cultural lives for centuries. Almost every household in the country has its share of interesting family stories spun around the different rummy variants, be it 13 Card Rummy, 10 Card Rummy, Gin Rummy, Deals Rummy, etc.

Rummy culture again started making a great impact on the gaming lives of Indians, the moment it went online. The online rummy culture reignited the love for the game in the hearts of Indians and it revived the status of the most fun-filled and entertaining family card game.

Rummy in the Olden Days

India has a long history of board games which includes Snake and Ladders and Chess. Card games were introduced around the 16th Century by the Mughals in India. Mughals were fond of a popular card game named Ganjifa which they introduced to Indians as a court game. It was played with an extravagant set of cards made up of either ivory or tortoise shells. These cards were usually decorated with precious gems and stones. 

Rummy In The Present Day

Cards were designed and crafted by skilled artisans on palm leaves and were mostly influenced by Indian epics liked Ramayan and Mahabharata. Owning to the popularity of the card culture, wood cards came into circulation and that’s when card games reached the common people. In no time, card games become the most popular forms of entertainment in the country. As the card games started becoming popular, Rummy culture proliferated in India and a regional variant of the game came into existence, which is now called Indian Rummy.

It can’t be denied that rummy has become an indispensable part of Indian Culture. With time rummy has not just remained a game but has actually evolved as a rummy culture. Technology has brought great fame to the rummy game. During the past decade, an exponential increase in the number of rummy players has been observed in the country. 

Online Rummy sites like Junglee Rummy have managed to keep the essence of the game intact. It has helped to eradicate the obstacles like looking for a place to play, gathering people, getting decks of cards, etc which are commonly faced while playing cards. Playing online rummy is as good as playing with real cards with the added bonus of playing anywhere, anytime. 


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