How to make it Big on Online Rummy Tables?


online rummyOnline rummy is growing day by day and the number of players playing this exciting game is also growing. In order to have an edge with other players on the online rummy tables you might need to improve upon your skills and gameplay. Remember, you are not the only player who wants to grab that big amount of prize money guaranteed to be given to those who win the tournament.

Know your Online Rummy Opponents

In most online rummy websites, it’s almost impossible to know your opponents. But if you use your intuition to some extent, you can know how good your opponent player is. It can be known by checking out the speed of his play, the time he takes to declare or by just clicking on his profile to know on which level he is playing. The level of a player shows the number of games he has played till date. The more the games, the more experienced he is and so you have to use some good rummy strategies in order to win.

Know your Rummy Cards

You don’t have to continue playing every time the cards are dealt to you. There are instances that you might not be getting Joker cards or good cards while playing online rummy. At this point, it is ok to drop so as you lose only 20 points instead of losing all 80 points when you lose. If you are an amateur player it is recommended before you start playing checking out the rules of the game and also the points each card carries. It will let you play much better by discarding the high point cards at first and making melds out of the middle cards.

Each online rummy websites works in a different way. In order to make it big on online rummy tables you will have to check out the promotions and tournaments each website is having. Junglee Rummy offers its players with daily promotions and tournaments in which you can earn up to Rs.25,000 – Rs.50,000 each day. To know more about our promotions, click here. Also, please leave your feedbacks and suggestions in the comment box below so that we can improve upon our services!

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