How Mobile Rummy is Different from Web Rummy


Online rummy is the new talk in town with more players joining the online rummy tables. There are many advantages of online rummy compared to its traditional counterpart. The online version of rummy does not require any particular space or a deck of card handy. Online rummy is a delight for the rummy lovers in India as they can play online rummy whenever they want. At Junglee Rummy, we strive to provide our users with the best gaming experience. We have developed a new table which is capable of providing our esteemed players with the fastest rummy gaming experience in the industry.

Mobile rummy vs Online rummy

With the addition of mobile gaming platforms, the accessibility of the online rummy game was increased. Now people can access the game at any location with the advent of mobile compatible rummy game. Junglee Rummy offers its players with a light weight mobile rummy game which helps our gamers to play seamlessly. Alternatively we also have a mobile application where you can do rummy download and start playing rummy for cash. You can expect some features from a mobile rummy, below are some of the major differences between the online rummy game and mobile rummy games.

No download required

Junglee Rummy website is optimized to run smoothly on mobile phones. All you have to do is to login from your mobile device and play online rummy for cash. You don’t have to download the application to play the game.

Easy to Access

The mobile variant of the game is easy to access compared to the online desktop version. As you always have our mobile phone handy, you can just login to our website and start playing whenever you want. On the contrary if you want to play on a desktop, you would want to reach to the desktop / laptop, switch it on and start playing. The mobile rummy games are much easier to access compared to the online counterpart.

Play on the Go

Nobody wants to stop playing! With mobile rummy, you can play on the go. The mobile version of our game is the fastest in the industry and you can even play the real-time multiplayer game on 2G connections. So next time you are waiting for a friend in the bus stop or heading for a journey, Junglee Rummy will keep you company!

Gaming Interface

As mobile screens are smaller compared to the PC, the interface is also optimised to include only the basic factors of the game. In the online version of the game you will be able to see a much bigger table and much larger cards. You can also see the avatars of all the players who have joined the table. Due to space limitation, the mobile rummy gives more priority to the cards that you are holding which is the major part of the game play. We have made the mobile website user-friendly so you can seamlessly do the functions like picking and discarding the cards with ease.

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