No Joker? Here’s How You Can Still Win!


Isn’t it daunting to think about playing rummy in the absence of the card that everyone hopes they have? Yes, the Joker, the miracle card that can change the course of a game. A card that can all of a sudden turn a loss into a win.

However, what if you end up with no Jokers in a game of rummy? What will you do then?

Will you panic, or will you still play the game calmly focusing on making the right moves to still win?

Well, if you happen to be the first type of person, then you better keep reading, because not having a Joker doesn’t mean that the game’s over.

The Cards in Your Hand Matter

How you play the cards in your hand is going to have the biggest impact on your game. You won’t be able to perform your best if you fail to arrange the cards to optimize your play.

When you play rummy online , start with sorting the cards either in ascending or descending order. Moreover, make sure that you have all the cards lined up based on their colors or Suits.

It’s a power move that experienced rummy players use all the time to determine their strengths and weaknesses, as it helps them figure out missing cards.

Knowing what you have and what you don’t helps you make better strategies and play smart moves.

Keep an Eye on the Decks

When you play rummy to win cash, keeping an eye on the decks, i.e., the open and closed decks. It will help you figure out the cards that your opponents are picking and discarding, thereby giving you a better idea of what they have and what they might be looking for.

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have the Joker, although everyone wishes they had.

However, the small cues that your opponents leave about the hand they have when picking and discarding cards can help you plan your moves better and still pull it off.

Continue or Drop

A smart rummy player always knows whether they should continue or drop out of a game. And believe it or not, dropping can sometimes be the best strategy that you can adopt.

There are times when even if you do have the Joker; you might still not have a very favorable hand.

Therefore, dropping should also be part of your strategy. You know if you drop initially, you will only lose 20 points; however, if you keep playing and decide to go for a middle drop, you will end up losing 40 points.

If you know that there’s still no way you can win, it’s always better to drop out of the game. There’s still more games to play and win!

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