How to Play with High Cards in Rummy?


To be an expert rummy player, you should follow a strategy where you can tactically overpower your opponents. Rummy is a game where you can use your skill wisely to win the game. There are many rummy strategies you should regard as to master the game.

rummy strategy using high cards

One of the strategies you should know while play online rummy is to consider the high cards while playing rummy. The high cards are of major importance in almost all of the card games including Poker and Teen Patti. However in the game of rummy, the basic thumb rule is to discard a high card if you are not able to meld it in the first few moves.

The Strategy of Holding to your High Cards

People usually try to discard the high cards in the first moves without considering anything. But an expert rummy player will calculate the odds on that card to be picked by the opponent. This is a very important factor while you discard any card especially the high cards. If you see that your opponent has picked up a high card then the chances are that the cards you are about to discard is of sheer importance to your opponent.

If your opponent picks up the King of Spades from the open deck, then you can easily assume that he/she is in the process of making sets sequence with it. You should carefully observe the discard section and the open deck and restrict from discarding cards like Queen, Jack and Ace of Spades and King of other suits as this may help the opponent in melding cards.

If you do not discard any cards that are close to the picked card, you can corner your opponent so that he is stuck without melding the high cards.

Reversing the Strategy

You can also use the trick to your advantage to make sets and sequences with high cards. It is found that almost all of the high cards are discarded in the first few moves of the game. If you are able to calculate the odds, you can make sets and sequences with the high cards without discarding them. You can use this trick to your advantage and odds of getting the high cards are higher in the first few moves.

So go ahead and try out this strategy on your opponents. But understand that only practice makes a man perfect. Go out to the practice tables and see you are able to pull the rummy strategy efficiently and try out it in the cash tables. If you have any queries on Junglee Rummy please do let us know at [email protected]

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