Pool Rummy 101 and 201


Indian Rummy has many variations, and Pool Rummy is one of the most loved variants of the game. It is widely known as Syndicate and is one of the most popular online rummy cash game in India. In Pool Rummy, players pool in money to play a game. It is a multi-deal game that can be played by 2 to 6 players. There is a fixed entry fee that every player has to pay for playing the cash game of Pool Rummy.

People often associate Pool Rummy with Points Rummy and Deals Rummy. But the element of elimination in Pool Rummy makes the game a lot more competitive than the other forms of rummy. The winning probability of a player is quite high in the online game of Pool Rummy, which makes it popular with every rummy circle. Also, if you’re going for a game of Pool Rummy, keep a fair amount of time in hand as it takes a substantial amount of time to complete.

Pool Rummy has two variants: 101 Points Pool and 201 Points Pool. All the players keep playing until the scores of all the players except one have crosses the limit (101 or 201- depending on the version) or they have quit the game. The player who manages to keep his points minimum and below the points limit wins the pool prize.  

To start playing Pool Rummy, players have to deposit a fixed entry fee. Two or more deck of cards can be used to play. A random toss is made before starting the game to decide which player makes the first move. The player who ends up with the highest face card gets the chance to start the game. 

Like in other Rummy games, 13 cards are dealt to each player. Players are supposed to make at least two sequences, one of which has to be a pure sequence, and the remaining cards should be arranged in sequences or sets. The player who achieves this goal first places one of their cards in the finishing slot and declares their hand to win the game. Hence, the player who manages to keep their points lowest or less than 101/201 at the respective tables will win the first round of the game. After that, the next round starts, in which points of the other players are carried forward from the previous round. At a six-player pool table, the final two players receive the prize amount.

To calculate the winning amount in Pool Rummy, use the following formula:

Winning Amount = (Entry Fee x Number of Players) – Junglee Rummy Fee

E.g. If 3 players participate with an entry fee of 250, 

Then, the amount won by the winner = (250 x 3) – Junglee Rummy Fee

While playing, there might be situations where to drop right then and there seems to be the best choice because you have got a bad hand. In such cases, a player has the option to drop out of the game by clicking on the “Drop” button. After dropping, the player will get dropped from the current deal but will join back in the next deal with the penalty of the drop score. In Pool Rummy 101, the penalty for the first drop is 20 points and 40 for a middle drop. Similarly, in Pool Rummy 201, the penalty for the first drop is 25 points and 50 for a middle drop.

Pool Rummy also has an interesting feature of re-joining the game after elimination. An eliminated player can re-join the game any number of times as long as the highest score among the players who have not been eliminated is 79 points or less in 101 Pool Rummy and 174 points or less in 201 Pool Rummy. 

However, one can re-join a game only after elimination and before the next deal begins. To re-join, the player has to repay the entry fee. For that, the entry fee is usually deducted from the player’s account every time he/she opts to re-join a game. The starting score of the player re-joining the game of Pool Rummy will be 1 point above the highest score among the players who have not been eliminated. 

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