How Reliance Jio can be useful for Mobile Rummy


The future of mobile and data technology is growing rapidly beyond our imagination and we are progressing fast to the much anticipated ‘free internet’ world. Reliance Jio has made the first step to the realisation of this dream by offering free calling and cheap internet connectivity. This is good news for the Indians especially for the mobile gaming industry. The trending card games in India like mobile rummy and Teen Patti will have a great positive impact with the introduction of Reliance Jio.

Reliance Jio and Mobile Rummy

Online Rummy is a game which has brought convenience to the Indian players with hassle free gaming experience and fast cash withdrawals. Many of the limitations of traditional rummy were taken care of with the introduction of online rummy. It gave the players a choice, where they could enjoy the freedom of location and time. Online rummy was a big revolution in the field of gaming and this has upgraded the Indian gaming industry to the next level.

The Growth of Mobile Rummy Games

After the dawn of online rummy games, came the mobile revolution. The introduction of entry-level Android smartphones by Indian and Chinese mobile manufacturers like Micromax and Xiaomi made much of a difference. As the percentage of smartphone users in India spiked up, there has been a rise in the number of mobile gamers in India. This has actually marked a huge demand for mobile games especially online card games which were always special to the Indian culture.

With mobile rummy, people were able to experience quality rummy gaming experience without any hassle. At Junglee rummy, we give utmost priority to developing world class UI and UX which help us to stand out in the online gaming industry. We define the benchmarks by implementing out-of-the box concepts when it comes to user experience.

How Reliance Jio Contributes

The latest talk of the town is Reliance Jio, which allows people to access high speed 4G internet for really low prices. The upside of Reliance Jio is that all the calls made through the network are completely free. This feature will attract a major chunk of the mobile users to shift from other networks to Reliance. This will positively impact the mobile gaming industry where people will be able to play real-time multiplayer mobile games seamlessly.

The dawn of Reliance Jio has also compelled other service providers like BSNL, Airtel and Vodafone to offer competitive prices for their internet connection. BSNL recently stated that it will match the intense competition ‘tariff-by-tariff’.

To sum it up, Reliance Jio marks a stable future to the high speed internet dreams for Indian gamers. Real time mobile gaming will be delightful with cheap and stable 4G data connectivity. The Indian gaming industry welcomes Reliance Jio lovingly for a bright future. With the best in class gaming platforms, the mobile game development companies in India can thrive in the new market of ‘high speed connectivity’. Try out Junglee Rummy on your mobile today, no download required.

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