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India has a long-standing relationship with playing cards. Card games are deeply rooted in our culture and occupy a special place in our hearts. Thanks to the rising popularity of the online gaming industry, popular card games such as rummy, solitaire and teen patti are now available to play online. The introduction of these games in the online gaming market has only increased their popularity.

If you think you know everything there is to know about Indian card games, think again! There are a lot of card games in India that are still unknown to the present generation. So to shed light on these games, we have come up with an exciting quiz for you. Scroll down and answer the following questions to learn a fun fact about several Indian card games.

Indian Rummy is believed to have evolved from a rummy game played in South Asia. What is the name of that variant?

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Fun Fact: Rummy is the third most popular game in the world. In India, we have our own version of the game called Indian rummy or paplu. In recent years, online rummy has skyrocketed the popularity of the traditional game. It is available online in several different variants and can be played for real money.

Which combination of cards is considered as the highest and the lowest in Teen Patti?

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Fun Fact: Teen Patti has been derived from a British card game called “three-card brag.” This game is very famous in the Indian subcontinent and is also played in some other parts of South Asia. It is also known as Indian poker and is widely played across the country

Which card among the following begins the sequence in the Satte Pe Satta card game?

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Fun Fact: Satte pe Satta has been derived from card dominoes, where players aim to get rid of their cards by matching them with the preceding ones. In India, the game is also known as satti centre. 7♥ is used as the first card in a sequence and the game progresses with players matching adjacent cards in the combination.

What are “andar” and “bahar” in the Andar Bahar card game?

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Fun Fact: Andar Bahar is another popular Indian card game that was originally played in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It is also known as mahgatha or ullae veliyae (Andar Bahar) in the Tamil language. The game is played by any number of players using a standard card deck. The dealer places a card face up and cuts the deck into two piles called “andar” and “bahar.” The players at the table bet on one of the two piles.

In Mendikot, the objective of the game is ____.

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Fun Fact: Mendikot is a popular card game primarily played in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The ranking of the cards are from high to low, with aces being the highest and 2s being the lowest. Usually four players play the game in pairs and the first pair with 10s wins the game.

Bluff is a popular card game played in West Bengal. It is derived from the ____.

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Fun Fact: Bluff is a popular card game played in West Bengal. It is a variant of games like “I Doubt It”, “Cheat” and “Bullshit,” which are widely played in the US and the UK. Bluff is also similar to a Russian card game called “Verish’ ne Verish.” The objective of this game is to get rid of all the cards by deceiving your opponents. As the cards are usually placed face down, a player can easily lie about his cards and get rid of them.

It is believed that Ganjifa cards were first brought in India by ____.

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Fun Fact: Ganjifa cards are usually circular or rectangular in shape. They were produced by traditional Persian artisans in Iran. The ganjifa game, which is a trick tracking game, became very popular in the Mughal court during the 12th century. For the royalties, they were hand-crafted using precious ivory or tortoise shells. Later when the Mughals invaded India, they introduced the game to the general public and our country was the last to produce Ganjifa cards in the world.

How many tricks are played in 3-2-5 card games?

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Fun Fact: 3-2-5, or 2-3-5, is a relatively simple card game that is well known in India and Pakistan. The game is very similar to bridge but it is played among three players. There are 10 (3+2+5) tricks played and the highest suit wins the trick.

How many questions did you answer correctly? Whatever the number is, we believe this quiz helped you learn more about some Indian card games. Among these games, rummy has intrigued a lot of people as the game offers incredible opportunities to win real money. If you are looking for a platform to play online rummy games, you should consider playing on Junglee Rummy. You can play and enjoy a variety of games like free and cash games and participate in exciting tournaments. The platform is back with the most awaited tournament of the year, RPL X. Download the online rummy app now and showcase your skills to win from a prize pool of ₹6 crores! Happy gaming!

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