Junglee Rummy on Mobile

Multiplayer Card Games: Exciting Times Ahead

Multiplayer games provide great entertainment and they have gained, over the course of years, immense popularity with both the young and the old. The advancement of technology, lowering prices of smartphones and enhanced connectivity have made it possible for people to enjoy multiplayer games anytime, anywhere.

Online multiplayer games give players an opportunity to go head to head with the best players across the globe and help them escape the monotony of everyday life, thereby acting as a stress buster.

What Makes Multiplayer Games Popular?

Unlike solo games, multiplayer games give players the freedom to go toe to toe with players from all over the world. Not only that, these games also allow gamers to form clans online and take on other groups in team matches, giving people a platform to connect without having to meet each other personally in real life.

What are the most popular free multiplayer card games? Games like Rummy, Uno, Poker, and Blackjack are some cool multiplayer card games extremely popular worldwide. Here are some main reasons for the massive popularity of multiplayer card games:

1. As card games fall under the category of casual games or strategy games, they are no longer considered a taboo, and you will often see people playing multiplayer card games on the metro, on buses or in cabs while going to work, for example. Multiplayer games are a great stress buster, too.
2. Best multiplayer games like Rummy, Poker, and Uno are easily accessible online and one can play them on the computer or on one’s smartphone on the go. According to a report by KPMG on the country’s media and entertainment industry, social card games like Teen Patti (three-card poker) and Rummy are moving from physical tables to online tables on smartphones at an unprecedented pace.
3. Competitive online tournaments of multiplayer card games that allow players to win huge amounts of money are held very frequently. They appeal to people so much that some players have even made a successful career in playing these games professionally.
4. Availability of cheap data and affordable smartphones in the country is playing a major role in the fast rising popularity of online multiplayer card games. The industry of online handheld-device gaming is expected to surpass both music and radio industries combined together within the next five years.
5. In a huge country like India, where the card game of Rummy has been declared a game of skill by the honourable Supreme Court, the multiplayer gaming market is only expected to grow at a cracking pace in this modern, global world.
6. The card gaming industry has put some checks in place to ensure that the games are played in an absolutely fair manner and any unfair practices are prevented, increasing overall transparency. It gives full legitimacy and a lot more credibility to the industry, resulting in greater popularity of the games.

Explosive Growth in Multiplayer Gaming

The gaming industry witnessed an exponential growth of 35.1% in 2017–18, which happens to be the fastest growth as compared to other industries.

This growth was aided by the influx of affordable smartphones into the market as well as the availability of cheap data, with mobile gaming contributing around 89% of the total gaming revenues in 2017, as per the same KPMG report.

The Indian gaming market is set to almost triple in the next five years with card games playing an important part in the growth. Card games are expected to grow at a rate of 50–100% year on year. To give you a clearer picture, the top 10 grossing applications in India in 2017 were card game applications, with Teen Patti being the most popular of them all. However, India still lags behind in the average revenue per user as compared to several other countries.

Overall Outlook

With such explosive growth, it is only obvious that the gaming industry is going to attract investors from all over the world. Firms like Alibaba and Tencent are all set to enter the Indian gaming market to grab a piece of the big Indian gaming pie.

The Indian card gaming market is expected to continue witnessing the same explosive growth and increase its share in the revenues generated by the gaming market worldwide. However, since the market is still in its early growth stage, emphasis needs to be laid on user engagement and increasing the trust factor so that more users are willing to play cash games.

Overall, the future of the gaming industry looks bright and with the lowering prices of mobiles and data, the industry is set to witness a much larger number of people playing card games online in the years to come.