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Most Interesting Games to Play

Interesting Games OnlineWhat if the games are designed to be interesting rather than fun? We know this might sound a little contrary to traditional game designers. And some of you might even think that a game becomes interesting when it is fun to play. Well, that’s true in every aspect. But many games fail to retain their players once the hype is over. This happens majorly because either the storyline is weak or the game repeats elements.

So what are the things you look for in a game? Is it an interesting storyline or appealing graphics? If you are looking for a game with interesting gameplay, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of top 10 interesting games that will stay installed on your mobile phone for a long time once you try them.

Once Upon a Tower Game

1. Once Upon a Tower

Genre: Action Game

Developer: Pomelo Games is the developer and publisher of Once Upon a Tower. It is a video game developer company headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay. It is a start-up by a group of friends and it has created several games, including Bullet Boy, Mars: Mars, Outlanders, Dinosaurs are People Too, and Griddie Islands.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Cost: You can download and play the game for free.


Imagine a beautiful and dainty princess imprisoned in a high tower that is guarded by a dangerous dragon. Would you like to play a game with a cliched storyline? I believe not. So to add twists and turns, Pomelo decided to create a game where the princess is the protagonist herself. Once Upon a Tower is an action game in which you play as a princess who is captured by a dragon and its minions. You have to find ways to escape the tower using a hammer. You can either dig the earth or break the walls to create passages for escaping the tower.


Once Upon a Tower is intuitive and easy to play with simple game controls. You can slide in four different directions to move the princess. The type of action depends upon what is in front of you. There are many obstacles in the game, such as rocks and bad guys. You can use a hammer to destroy the blocks.

Tips to Win

  • You have to excavate the earth to make way out of the tower. But there are many enemies that are ready to get hold of your character. To avoid this, swipe in the direction of your enemy to swing the weapon and kill them before they kill you.
  • If you want to get a chicken champion, go to the “Fortune” menu and watch a video ad. After the ad, a lucky spin wheel appears. Spin the wheel and grab your prize.
  • Complete three challenges to earn score multipliers. These challenges will help you get a higher score and advance to a higher level.
Life Is Strange

2. Life Is Strange

Genre: Graphic Adventure.

Developer: Founded in 2008, Dontnod Entertainment is a French video game developer company. It began working on a project called Remember Me and subsequently faced a financial crunch due to poor ROI. After surviving the blow, it created Life Is Strange, which raised the company’s status in the gaming industry. Along with Life Is Strange, it has also developed other games like Twin Mirror, Vampyr, Tell Me Why and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Platforms: Android, iOS and PC.

Cost: The game is absolutely free to download and play.


Life Is Strange is the second venture by Dontnod Entertainment, which has a unique style of and approach to game development. Launched in 2015, the game is a telltale-style episodic adventure. It is played from a third-person perspective. You play as a teenage girl named Max who is adjusting her life in a calm place called Arcadia Bay. As the game progresses, you find that Max is not an ordinary girl and the town is a mysterious place. You also discover Max’s abilities in the game and how she can save her town from the upcoming dangers.

Life Is Strange has a unique game mechanic and all the game episodes spin a story that keeps you hooked for long hours.


The game follows a unique storyline. Max comes back to her hometown, Arcadia Bay, and she finds that her childhood friend Chloe is shot in the bathroom. This event triggers new abilities in Max and she can rewind time to undo Chloe’s death. Then Max has visions of Arcadia Bay being destroyed by a storm when she tries to find her best friend, Rachel. However, she also learns that Rachel was murdered by two people named Mark Jefferson and Nathan Prescott. Now Max has to choose between saving the town and seeking revenge from her best friend’s killers.

You play in an interactive game environment where you get to communicate with non-playable characters and explore new locations.= Every episode in the game features a central mechanic. For example, you can gain the “rewind” ability to rewind time and change the course of events.

The series of episodes featured in Life Is Strange are Chrysalis, Out of Time, Chaos Theory, Dark Room and Polarized.

Tips to Win

  • If you are looking for codes in the bathroom, look in the mirror. You will not only see your character but also a code that helps you advance in the game. Please note that the code is written in reverse.
  • There are two ways to unlock Nathan’s phone. The first is to find and enter the pin code and the second is to enter the PUK code. The PUK code is 87897808 and the pin code is 0829.
  • Kate is a stubborn character who wants to jump and die. Saving Kate is one of the objectives in the game. To save Kate, you have to rewind the time and reach the rooftop from where she is about to jump and die. Here, you have to say the right things to persuade her to not give away her life.
Reigns: Her Majesty

3. Reigns: Her Majesty

Genre: Strategy

Developer: CNerial Limited, a game developer company based in Sussex, UK, is the developer of the game. It has developed many games, including Animal Farm, Card Shark, Reigns Beyond, and Reigns: Her Majesty. Reigns: Her Majesty is published by Devolver Digital, which is a video game publisher company based in Texas, US.

Cost: The game is available to download for Rs. 89 onto iOS mobiles and Rs. 250 onto Android mobiles

Platforms: Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux andNintendo Switch


The life of a queen is not as easy as it looks. She has a lot of responsibilities to shoulder, like making important decisions that affect her entire kingdom. Based on a similar plot, Reigns: Her Majesty is a follow-up to Reigns by Devolver Digital. It’s the story of a queen who rules a kingdom where many people are constantly trying to overthrow her from power. You play as the queen and you need to make decisions in the royal matters.

The game controls and mechanics are very simple. You have to swipe left/right to accept/reject suggestions. There are many things that you get to explore in the game.


The play is similar to its prequel, Reigns, but instead of a king, the protagonist is a queen. Decisions are accepted/rejected by swiping right/left. The outcomes of the decisions affect the balance between the four pillars of the society: the people, the economy, the military and the church. If any one of the four metrics becomes too high or low, the queen’s reign is over. But you continue playing the game as the heir of the kingdom.

Throughout the game, your decisions give rise to different types of events. These events can have different effects on the game, like the death of the advisor when his suggestion is rejected.

Tips to Win

  • Reigns: Her Majesty is one of the few games that follows the concept that too much of something is good for nothing. For example, if you are rich, the people in the kingdom are jealous of your wealth and try to take you down. In short, if you follow one type of personality, you will be killed or deposed in the game. To avoid this, you must maintain a good balance between authority and pleasing your disciples.
  • Even though you are the ruler of the kingdom, you are a lady and people are constantly monitoring your moves. If you do something wrong, people will be on their toes to depose you. You can be ruthless, but make sure to do that in the most lady-like manner.
  • There are various items in the game that are very useful to advance to higher levels. Ensure using the items correctly as they open new avenues in the game.

4. Junglee Rummy

Genre: Card Game

Developer: Junglee Games is an Indian game developer company based in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company was founded in 2012 and it was the first to launch skill games for real money. Junglee Games is a leading game developer and publisher. It offers some of the most popular games like Junglee Rummy,, Howzat, and Junglee Teen Patti.

Platforms: Android, iOS and the Official website

Cost: You can download the rummy game for free from the company’s official website and the App Store. To play cash games and tournaments, you need to make a minimum deposit of Rs. 25.


Everyone loves playing cards. There are many card games out there but rummy occupies a special place in our hearts. It is a popular card game that was first played in ancient China but it has traveled across the world and undergone many modifications to become what it is today. There are several variations of the game and in India, we have our own version called Indian Rummy. Earlier the game was only a part of occasional festivities, but with the advent of online games, it has become an everyday game that people play to have quality entertainment as well as win real money. Junglee Games realized the opportunity in the popularity of the game in India and created a unique version of digital rummy called Junglee Rummy.

With over 50 million users on board, Junglee Rummy is a one-stop destination for all your rummy needs. You can play different rummy varieties, including free and cash games and tournaments. Not only this, each variety of the game is available in three different formats: deals, pool and points rummy. The platform hosts lots of exciting tournaments with incredible prizes throughout the year. You can register for the tournaments and win amazing cash rewards. Don’t be concerned about safety as Junglee Rummy is the safest platform for online rummy. You can safely make cash deposits and withdraw money from your account.


Indian Rummy is played by 2 to 6 players using one or two standard card decks. Jokers are also included in the game. Each player gets 13 cards to play with. You have to arrange all the cards in sequences and sets.

Sequence: Three or more cards in succession from the same suit make a sequence. This combination is also called a pure sequence. On the other hand, an impure or hybrid sequence includes a Joker too. There should be at least two sequences for a valid declaration, at least one of which must be a pure sequence.

Set: Three or four cards of the same rank make a suit. Jokers can also be used to replace any missing cards in a set. You can win with at most 2 sets in your hand.

After matching your cards, you have to declare them. Discard the unwanted card from your hand and click on the “Finish” button. If the declared cards are valid, you are the winner and you get zero points. If the declared cards are invalid, you get a penalty of 80 points.

Tips to Win

  • It is impossible to win a rummy game without a pure sequence. So it is important to focus on creating a pure sequence first. Complete the combination in the initial few moves and then move on to other combinations.
  • Avoid discarding middle cards like 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, and 8s. These cards can be melded easily as compared to high or low cards. So do not discard middle cards in the initial stages of the game.
  • High cards like A’s, Ks, Qs and Js are worth 10 points each. In rummy, you have to reduce your points to zero. If an opponent declares and you have unmatched high cards, your score will be high and you will lose by a big margin. So,it is important to discard unused high cards early on.
Threes Game

5. Threes

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: The developer of this game is Sirvo Studios, an indie game developer company based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded by three friends and it focuses on delivering unconventional games that are sophisticated and evocative. The game has been designed by Asher Vollmer, illustrated by Greg Wohlwend and composed by Jimmy Henson. Other notable works by the company include Guildings.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Browser and Xbox

Cost: The game can be downloaded and played for free.


One of the most elegantly designed games since Tetris, Threes! is an indie puzzle game developed by Sirvo Studios. This light-hearted game comes without any ads or in-app items that you need to buy. The objective of the game is to strategically place or slide the same-number cards and stack one above another. At every turn, there will be a new tile on the board. That means you continue stacking the cards till the end of the game. The game finishes when the board is completely filled. Your score depends on the collective value of the remaining cards.

Threes! has got good reviews from game critics worldwide. Many players went on to say that the game is a product of a furious scribble by the developer while others simply said that it is one of the best mobile games ever created.


The play is simple and straightforward. The objective of this game is to make a high score. You are presented with a 4x4 board consisting of different numbered tiles. You need to slide the tiles to make multiples of threes. For instance, two and six forms twelve, which is a multiple of 3. Similarly four and six combine to form 24, which is again a multiple of 3. To combine the tiles, you simply need to swipe down, left, right and up. You can also preview the moves by simply sliding the tile without letting it go.

The game lasts for a long time and must be finished within a given number of moves.

Tips to Win

  • One of the best ways to get a high score is to slide the high-scoring cards in the corners. That means you play only in two directions, i.e. up and down. When the highest-scoring tiles are in the corner, you put less effort to match the tiles. There are no cards to match at the top corner.
  • There is no time-limit in Threes! So you can take time to decide your move and win every game. You can also save your game and come back later to play.
  • The 1s and 2s tiles should be matched on priority as there is limited scope to match these tiles on the board. After matching, they graduate to higher values and it becomes easy to combine them elsewhere on the board. So prioritize matching 1s and 2s on the board.
The Witness Game

6. The Witness

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Thekla Inc. has developed and published The Witness. Johnathan David Blow is the chief director, producer, designer and programmer of the game. Other works by the company include Braid, Game 3 and Jai Language.

Platforms: iOS, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox and Nvidia Shield

Cost: TThe game is available to download for $10.00 from the App Store.


Launched in 2016, The Witness is a mind-bending puzzle that features captivating scenery. It is the second game by Johnathan Blow, the creator of Braid. The game is filled with daunting secrets and multi-layered mysteries that will sweep you off your feet. Another highlight of the game is the graphics and design. It features captivating visuals that leave a long-lasting impression on your mind.

In The Witness, you get to explore an open world island made of natural and man-made structures. You have to solve puzzles to advance in the game. There are no direct instructions to solve the puzzles. You can use trial-and-error methods to identify the meanings of the symbols in the puzzles.


You have to explore a fictional island that is divided into eleven regions. The regions are distinguished from each other by changes in vegetation. The island has several yellow boxes that are home to the turrets. They are activated when you solve a puzzle within a yellow box. The turret radiates a light at the top of the mountain to indicate that the particular section of the puzzle is complete. Activate all the turrets to gain access to the mountain and reach the final goal of the game. After solving the yellow boxes, you will find other puzzles in the game. The additional puzzles are available throughout the island. They include time-based puzzles where you must complete the game within 7 minutes.

There are over 650 puzzles, which take over 80 hours to complete. All the puzzles can be solved in a similar manner. You have to draw a path on a grid that satisfies various rules. The three basic rules include that the paths should begin and end with a round node, and they should not be intersected.

Tips to Win

  • As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of puzzles in The Witness. The best part of the game is that you have to figure out a solution to them. The game features a special vocabulary, which is quite instrumental in solving the difficult puzzles. You must learn and understand every symbol in the game.
  • Even though there are just one type of puzzles in the game, you can solve them using different permutations and combinations. You can use the clues and hints to solve another maze too. If you get stuck, pause for a moment and observe the puzzle from different perspectives.
Plague Game

7. Plague Inc.

Genre: Real-time Strategy

Developer: Plague Inc. is developed and published by Ndemic Creations. The company is based in Bristol, UK and it has acquired over 120 million users worldwide with Plague Inc. It is dedicated to creating intelligent, high-quality strategy games. Other games by Ndemic Creations include Rebel Inc. and Rebel Inc: Escalation

Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows

Cost: The game is available for free for Android mobiles and for Rs. 29 on the App Store.


The concept of Plague Inc. was way ahead of its time. Released back in 2012, this game is based on the pandemic simulation. You have to create a pathogen that spreads plague in the fictional world and infects the human race. The ultimate goal is to destroy mankind with this deadly plague. The infection starts with basic symptoms but the pathogens are mutated regularly to increase the fatality rate of the virus. The game is not as easy as it seems. Numerous scientists who are working on an antidote for the virus and the different climatic conditions in the fictional world make it difficult to spread the virus. Given the current pandemic situation, this game is quite relatable and it can be fun playing the game despite the unconventional objective.

Since its launch, Plague Inc. has received a good number of reviews and it has been downloaded over 100 million times from the Play Store. The game saw a great number of downloads during the Ebola and Coronavirus pandemics.


The objective of the game includes creating a pathogen and wiping away the entire population with a deadly plague. But the objectives may vary depending on the game mode. For example, you may be tasked to infect the world with the Necroa Virus and convert the world population into zombies. The goal must be completed before the humans can find a cure for the disease.

You can play as different types of pathogens. Each type of pathogen has certain advantages and disadvantages that affect the evolution cycle of the pathogen. At the beginning of the game, you play as bacteria. As the game progresses, you can unlock several other pathogens including the virus, fungus, prion, parasite, bio-weapon and nano-virus. Along with pathogens, there are different types of plagues like Neurax Worm, which controls the mind, Necroa Virus, which converts people into zombies, Shadow Plague, which turns people into vampires, and the Simian Flu from the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

Tips to Win

  • The location plays an important role in spreading the infection. For example, Russia has a cold climate and many pathogens grow effectively in cold environments. But in the case of hot regions like Africa, you may have to mutate the pathogens continuously to multiply them. When you select a country, look for islands and land spread for better contamination.
  • When you target new countries and population milestones, you are rewarded with evolution points. It forms an important part of the objective and you must achieve them at the earliest possible.
  • The evolution of a pathogen depends on your evolution points. At higher levels, it is difficult to earn evolution points. So do not overspend the points but use them wisely.

8. Limbo

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: The developer of Limbo is Playdead, a Danish video game developer company founded back in 2006. The founders of the company are Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti. It is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Until now, it has developed only two products, Limbo and Inside. Limbo is a popular puzzle game and it is among the top 4 paid games in the Adventure category on the Play Store.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows and Linux

Cost: The game is available for Rs. 140 on the Play Store and Rs. 349 on the App Store


Launched in 2010, Limbo is the flagship product of Playdead. It is a 2D game incorporating a system that controls the game environment and the lead character. The game is a perfect blend of visuals, surround sounds and amazing gameplay. Even though there are no dialogues or texts, the game manages to communicate the most difficult situations in the easiest way possible.

In Limbo, you get to control a boy who explores a bizarre and dangerous environment that is usually dark. Due to its unique style and mysterious gameplay, Limbo has been included in the list of the greatest games of all time. It has also become a third-highest-selling game on Xbox Arcade and won several awards.


In this game, the primary character is a nameless boy who finds himself in the middle of a dark forest. He encounters a giant spider who is trying to kill him. He uses a trap to cut the sharp points on the spider’s legs and continues his quest to find his missing sister. On the way, he encounters many traps and enemies. Since you control the boy, you have to find ways to escape the trap or beat your enemy. After completing the final puzzle, the boy is thrown back into the forest. When he wakes up, he walks towards a mysterious girl who is startled by his presence. This is the exact point when the screen turns black and the game ends. This indicates that the mysterious girl is indeed the boy’s sister.

The game is available in different modes described below.

Tips to Win

The game controls are smooth and easy. Simply move up or down, right or left and push or pull objects to work your way into the game. The game has dark visuals that hide away several fatal surprises like deadly bear traps and lethal monsters in the bushes.

  • Limbo requires you to think out of the box to advance in the game. Do not run too far in the game to avoid a small trap as you might fall into a more dangerous one.
  • The game has simple and straightforward riddles and you won’t need help to solve them. Most puzzles can be solved in only one method and many things in the game environment will help you avoid the trap.
  • The glowing leech governs the direction of the lead character but you can still control its speed and jump whenever required. At the same time, you cannot stop moving or change direction. When you see a large light beam, the leech will try to change your direction. To get rid of the leech, just get closer to a hungry monster and it will eat the leech's head.

9. Lifeline

Genre: Adventure

Developer: Lifeline is developed and published by Big Fish Games LLC. The company was founded in 2002 and it has created a host of fun games in the casual game genre including The Christmas Spirit, Chimera, EverMerge, Gummy Drop, Cooking Craze and Toy Story Drop.

Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows

Cost: The game can be downloaded for Rs. 89 from the App Store.


Lifeline is a unique game that offers a completely different gaming experience. Unlike other games, it does not require you to stay hooked on the game screen. You can play the game through app notifications where you simply have to choose between options A and B. Lifeline also comes with Apple Watch compatibility. This means you can play the game anytime and anywhere. The game has a clever concept and amazing writing.


The story revolves around Taylor, who is the sole survivor of a spaceship crash. She comes in contact with you and assists you further in the game. Your objective is to protect Taylor from dying by making certain life and death decisions together. You are presented with certain meta-fictional elements and you have to research them to ascertain their abilities. The game ends when Taylor dies. If she dies, you can rewind the decision and try to save her again. When you complete a certain stage, the Fast Mode gets unlocked which reduces the wait time between messages.

Taylor communicates with you via text dialogues. The story is presented from top to bottom and you can read it from the very beginning. When you communicate with Taylor, she might engage in different conversations. At such a time, you have to wait for sometime to communicate again.

80 Days

10. 80 Days

Genre: Interactive Fiction

Developer: Founded in 2011, Inkle is an indie game studio based in Cambridge, UK. The company was founded by two game developers: Jon Ingold and Joseph Humfrey. It is best known for 80 Days, which was the 2014 Game of the Year by Times Magazine. Other games by the studio include Pendragon, Sorcery, Heaven Vault and Frankenstein.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and OS X

Cost: The game is available for Rs. 449 on the App Store.


Now explore the world from the eyes of Jean Passepartout. Launched in 2014, 80 Days is an interactive fiction game where you get to explore the globe. The game story is quite similar to Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in 80 Days. In this text-based game, you play as Jean, who is a loyal servant to Phileas Fogg. Phileas wagers to navigate the world in just 80 days. It is your responsibility to help him achieve the objective. This can be done in various ways, one of which involves plotting routes on the 3D globe. During the expedition, certain events may happen that hinder your journey. In such a case, you can intervene to help by performing certain actions or by communicating.

80 Days is an interesting game with amazing graphics and high quality writing. The story is set in the 1800s and there are certain unique elements added to the game. Along with trains, boats and cars, you can also travel in airships, gyrocopters and other strange modes of transports.


In the year 1872, Phileas Fogg, a monsieur, has placed a wager to circumnavigate the world in eighty days or less. The game revolves around this story and follows a series of adventures. After leaving London, you can choose your own route around the world. Every city in the world has a different story and narrative.

Besides travelling, you must also manage Phlieas’s finances and take care of his health. You also get to buy and sell different items in different markets around the world.

Tips to Win

  • After completing a stage, new routes open up in the game. For example, there is a hovercraft from Yokahama where a murder takes place. You have to identify the murderer in approximately six days.
  • In Europe, there is Elsa Ekeus, who wants to get married soon. She does not take no for an answer. So get engaged with her as she may be useful for you in the game.
  • Otto Lidenbrock is looking for a way to the centre of the Earth but he is exploring in a wrong volcanic country. If you help him, he will help you discover a short route to circumnavigate the earth.

Hope you enjoy playing these unique games. You can start with the one that you find the most interesting or play multiple games in turn to enjoy variety. Happy gaming!

Interesting Games FAQs

How many levels does Once Upon a Tower have?

Once Upon a Tower is an Action game and it has over twelve levels.

How many cards are in Reigns: Her Majesty?

Reigns: Her Majesty is a strategy game and as of now there are 1200 to 1300 cards used in the game.

How long does it take to finish The Witness game?

In this game, you have to complete main missions and unlock all the secrets. The entire game can be completed in 25 hours. If you want to complete all the missions as well as the puzzles, then you have to spend over 45 hours.

Is Plague Inc free on Google Play?

Yes, Plague Inc. can be downloaded and played for free.

Can I play Life is Strange on my phone?

Life is Strange is available on both smartphones and PCs. You can download the app on android and iOS devices.

  • Once Upon a Tower
  • Life Is Strange
  • Reigns: Her Majesty
  • Junglee Rummy
  • Threes
  • The Witness
  • Plague Game
  • Limbo
  • Lifeline
  • 80 Days