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10 Must Download Games Right Now

Must Download Games

These days almost everyone has a multifunctional device like a smartphones or tablet, which can be used for listening to music, watching movies and playing online games. Among all the forms of entertainment, online gaming is stealing the show and is growing at a lightning speed. There are over 2.5 billion (and counting) active gamers around the world. Due to the soaring popularity of gaming, many online gaming companies launch new and unique games every month. While some of them become a rage, others fail to please the masses.

As the internet is flooded with online games, it can be really difficult to find the right game that fits your criteria of fun. So if you are searching for a new game, don’t worry. We are here to help you find the right one. Here is the breakdown of our top picks for online games download onto your smart device.

Sky: Children of the Light

1. Sky: Children of the Light

Genre: Adventure

Developer: That game company is the developer and publisher of Sky: Children of the Light. The company was founded in 2006 by Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago and is headquartered at Santa Monica, California. They have created four games: Flow (2006), Flower (2009), Journey (2012) and Sky: Children of the Light (2019).

Cost: Available to download for free but there are paid in-app products.

Platforms: Android and iOS


Sky: Children of the Light is an aesthetically pleasing game that can be played on both Android and iOS devices. The game was released in 2019 and has been developed by Thatgamecompany, which also created 2013’s award winning game Journey. The game is designed for people of all ages and offers a relaxing experience. You play a child-like angel and light up a dormant planet. You have to travel through open skies, cloud banks, and mountains using your wings.

The graphics of the game are stunningly beautiful and the gameplay is simple and straightforward.


Sky: Children of the Light has simple game controls. Use the left screen for moving the character. For looking around in the universe, you need to drag or swipe the right screen. To make the character jump, just tap a button with a star. If you keep holding it, your character can perform a flight.

Throughout the game, the player has to travel a planet using a pair of wings. You have to visit 7 different realms and every level has a different theme. Then there are spirits that will cross paths with you. They will provide you with some useful items and currency. As the game progresses, you will also come across lost stars that provide winged light. If you collect a high number of winged lights, your cape level will increase and you will be able to fly to a maximum extent.


  1. Sky: Children of the Light does not have any time constraints. So just relax and take your time to play the game.
  2. Try to explore every map thoroughly. There are many lens flares that are hidden, so you may find the flares and gain extra points.
  3. This game can be won quickly with friends. So make as many friends as possible. To make a friend, you need to tap a player and upgrade to their character. Note that making a friend will cost you a candle.
  4. While crossing the Eye of Eden, you will come across a storm. To avoid getting flown away, start moving in crowds.
Maze Machina

2. Maze Machina

Genre: Puzzle/Strategy game

Developer: The game is developed and published by Tinytouchtales, a company founded by Arnold Rauers. The company has been creating games since 2012 and has created several successful ones, including Gnomitaire, Miracle Merchant, ENYO, Card Thief, Card Crawl, and Maze Machine, which are available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Cost: Available to download for free, but there are a few in-app products that are available from Rs. 90 to Rs. 190 per item.

Platforms: Android and iOS


If you are a puzzle game lover, you will definitely love Maze Machina. Released in January 2020, this game is a single-player swiping puzzler. You will be playing a tiny hero who is trapped by an enemy called Automatron. You have to utilize various tools and tricks to escape and overcome the dangers throughout the game. Engaging in a conflict will cause you more trouble. Instead, you have to use your mind and make some clever moves to escape the trap.

Maze Machina is a one of a kind puzzle game where the entire game takes place on a tile-based item system. You can utilize infinite combinations of attacks, defenses and utility moves in the game. Some common features of the game include swipe gameplay, 5 game modes, short game sessions of 5 or 10 minutes, and leaderboards.


The objective of Maze Machina is to find the key and exit the trap quickly. In order to achieve the objective, you have to use various items and tools. The game has a time-based system that can be used to attack the enemy. For example, if you are standing on a dagger tile, you can use it to kill your enemy. So remember that your position plays a very important role in the game. Another thing that you should take care of is the movement. Swipe in any of the four directions and the figures that can move will follow the directions. On the other hand, the immovable items will make use of an item on the tile.

There are only a few enemies at the initial levels of the game. However, when you progress to higher levels, there are at least 5 enemies and they can be very dangerous. There is an energy system and every move will cost you stamina and some cheese. In the game, you will come across a term called ‘Elegance Forever,’ which means using very few moves and repositioning effects instead of engaging in a war.

Unlike other games, Maze Machina expects you to find the solution in the most unique way possible.

Unlike other games, Maze Machina expects you to find the solution in the most unique way possible.

3. Junglee Rummy

Genre: Card Game

Developer: Junglee Games India Private Limited is the developer and publisher of Junglee Rummy. Released in 2012, it is the company’s flagship product and one of the most popular online rummy apps in India. The app offers a variety of rummy tournaments where prizes can be worth lakhs or even crores. Another popular game offered by Junglee Games is Howzat.

Cost: You can download the rummy app for free. To play cash games and tournaments and win real money, you can make a minimum deposit of Rs. 25.

Platforms: Android, iOS and Web


Junglee Rummy is breaking the internet. The game is a smart, modern avatar of the age-old game of rummy and uses highly appealing graphics, smart, intuitive controls and groundbreaking technology. But that’s not all. Unlike the games described earlier, you can play rummy and win real cash on Junglee Rummy. Moreover, the game has impressive tournaments and leaderboards where you can compete with thousands of players for huge cash prizes and other merchandise.


The play of Junglee Rummy is just like that of real-world rummy. There are two-player tables and six-player tables available on the platform. You have to pay an entry fee to play a cash game or tournament. One or two decks of cards (including Jokers) are used, depending on the number of players. Each player is dealt 13 cards and they have to match cards and create sequences and sets. The player who manages to arrange all the cards first is the winner of the game. Now let us understand how cards are arranged.

Sequence: When three or more consecutive cards of the same suit are grouped together, it is a sequence. It is called a pure sequence if no Joker is included. Examples: 7-8-9; A-2-3.

At least two sequences, of which at least one must be a pure sequence, are required for a valid declaration.

When a Joker is used to complete a sequence, it is an impure sequence. Examples: 4-5-8 (wild Joker), Q-K-PJ.

Set: Three or four cards of the same rank form a set. A Joker can also be included in a set. Examples: 3-3-3; A-A-A-A; 9-9-PJ.

After melding your cards, discard the last card and click on the “Finish” button to declare your cards. For a valid declaration, the overall point score must be zero. In case of an invalid declaration, there will be a penalty of 80 points in a points rummy game. The value of each card is as follows:

Cards Points
Face cards (Ks, Qs, Js) and A’s 10 points each
Numbered cards (2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s) Same as the face value
Jokers Zero points each


  1. As pure sequence is mandatory to win a rummy game, so focus on creating that first.
  2. When your opponent declares first, high cards like As, Ks, Qs, Js and 10s make you lose by a big margin. If you have unused high cards, discard them as soon as possible.
  3. The Joker is a trump card that can be used in impure sequences and sets. If you have several Jokers, use them to your advantage but do not declare without a pure sequence.
  4. While playing the game, observe your opponent’s moves and look out for the cards picked by them from the discard pile and the cards discarded by them.
KartRider Rush+

4. KartRider Rush+

Genre: Kart Racing Game

Developer: Nexon is a Korean-Japanese gaming company that has developed and published KartRiider Rush+. The company was founded in 1994 and introduced free-to-play games and the world's first-ever multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Over the years, they have developed over 80 games that are still live and operated in almost 190 countries around the world.

Cost: It’s absolutely free to download, but there are some in-app purchases that range from Rs. 79 to Rs. 6900.

Platforms: Android, iOS and Web


As you know, kart-racing games are enjoyed worldwide and Nexon revolutionized the game genre by creating an out-of-the-box game called KartRider. Now they are back with their yet another kart-racing game called KartRider Rush+, which is an advanced version of its predecessor, KartRider. This game is a free-to-play multiplayer online racing game that can be played in teams or solo. The best part of this game is that it features a wide range of game modes and features that can be a little overwhelming for the players.

KartRider Rush+ was released in May 2020 and even before its release, the game had over 3 million pre-downloads.


KartRider Rush+ is just like any other kart-racing game. The game features a variety of characters that shoot and destroy other players on the track. There are amazing game modes like Time Trials, Speed Races, Item Races and Relay Races that are suitable for playing against an opponent. All of these features make the game fun and entertaining to play.

You will take up the role of one of the characters in the game and you have to navigate through the racing track and beat others by crossing the finish line first. Throughout the game, you will be automatically accelerating. So that shifts focus to the other areas of the game, including turning, drifting and utilizing items. You have to use different controls and directional buttons to drift and traverse through stiff bends and corners. While touch controls might play against you during a kart racing game, KartRider developers have effectively used the on-screen buttons in the best way possible.

While playing the game, you have to focus on drifting. For performing this action, hold the drift button present on the screen and drag it in a direction to move through the corner. When you have crossed the turn, just release the button or straighten up. It also enables you to generate a boost. When you generate a boost and turn it into a drift, you will be able to refill it quickly and play the game at a very high speed.


  1. If you are new to the game, you will be introduced to the tutorial mode. Here you will learn how to play the game and understand the basic controls. But do not enter the multiplayer mode right after the tutorial. There are many skills and moves that you need to master and that can be accomplished by entering the Training Camp.
  2. Every character has their own pet and every pet has their own unique trait. So before you enter a speed race, do not forget to check your kart, rider and pets for an optimal race.
Plants vs. Zombies 2

5. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Genre: Tower Defense/Strategy

Developer: PopCap, an American game developer company, has developed the game. It is published by Electronic Arts, an American video game company. The developer company was founded in 2000 and has created popular games such as Bejeweled and Plants Vs. Zombies. The Plant Vs. Zombies game was originally created for Windows and OS X, but due to its huge popularity, it was later made available on all the platforms including mobile phones.

Cost: The game can be downloaded for free, but you have to invest to get in-app products that will help you advance in the game.

Platforms: Android, iOS and Web


With 20 million downloads from the App Store alone, Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is the popular sequel to the game that goes by the same name. This free-to-play game was released in 2013 and became a worldwide phenomenon among strategy and tower defense game lovers. As the name suggests, the plot of the game puts garden plants and zombies against each other. You have to place a few items on the board, including spitting peas, jalapeno peppers and what not, to prevent zombies from attacking you and eating your brain. In this version, you will get to time-travel to ancient worlds like Pirate Seas, Ancient Egypt and Wild West.

Throughout the game, you have to use different strategies to defeat the zombies. You will get to create an army of plants and use plant food to protect your brain.


The gameplay is simple. You have to travel to different times using a time machine called Penny. You and your neighbor Crazy Dave will travel together to find Dave’s taco. You have to constantly engage in conflicts with your enemy, called Dr. Zomboss, who was also the antagonist in the previous version.

The sequel to Plants Vs. Zombies has introduced a variety of power abilities including PlantFood, which allows a plant to increase its power in different amounts of time. After having PlantFood, every plant gains some characteristics that will work in your favor in the game. You can also power up your plants by using Seed Packets. These items are useful for enhancing the power permanently. You can increase attacks, double the defenses and speed up the planting time.

You can collect different types of garden plants like Sunflower and Peashooter and other unique bloomers like Lava Guava and Laser Bean.

Also, there is an optional tutorial that sheds light on the gameplay and basic controls. The tutorial takes place in front of your house. Then you have to travel to Ancient Egypt and win World Keys by playing and completing Day 6. This will unlock a series of different worlds like Jurrasic Marsh, Lost City and Pirate Seas.

You can also challenge other players in the arena and beat them to secure the top position on the leaderboard.


  1. Do not stick to one type of plant. Get a variety of plants on board to diversify your play. For example, collect Sun-shroom, Wall-nut, Bloomerang, Bonk Choy, Cherry Bomb, Winter Melon and more.
  2. Use plants like Snow Pea and Winter Melon that are useful to prevent zombies from advancing in the game.
  3. Sun-shroom plants are used to produce sun. It only costs half the price of the Sunflower and produces more sun than the Sunflower. Besides, it has a better Plant Food effect.
  4. Start growing plants in the Zen Garden. But make sure to use them during a tough fight. You can easily obtain seeds but if you are stuck in a tough area, grow as many plants as you can and use them to destroy the zombies.
Two Dots

6. Two Dots

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: PlayDots is the developer and publisher of this game. The game is praised for its simple design. It has also received two awards: People's Voice Award for Puzzle and People’s Voice for Best Game.

Cost: There is no cost of download. But there are a few in-app purchases that will encourage you to buy in-app items.

Platforms: Android and iOS


With over 10 million downloads from the Play Store, Two Dots is a hit sequel to the 2013 popular puzzle game called Dots. The game is simple and offers a relaxing experience to all the players. The game plot is simple. You have to connect two or more dots and remove them from the playing area. Unlike its predecessor, Two Dots has more challenges and obstacles that will provide a more competitive gaming experience.

The game was launched in May 2014 for iOS devices and in November 2014 for Android devices. The app is free to download and there are a few in-app purchases that can be used to buy an extra life or power-ups.

TwoDots is colorful and bright from top to bottom. While the original Dots game had a simple look with a white background and a plain menu, TwoDots is filled with creative illustrations and playful animations in the menu and colorful backgrounds in some levels.

The game is divided into different worlds, each with its own themes on the menu screen. When you reach a new world, the game shows you an illustrated postcard introducing you to the new terrain. You start in the beginning world, which is a wall of tools and trophies that looks like it was lifted from a Wes Anderson movie. Then you move into an under-the-sea motif, where you need to sink anchor dots in your levels. There's an icy tundra followed by a volcano, then a fiery forest, and a desert and so on.


The objective of Two Dots is simple. You have to clear a certain number of colored dots in the given number of moves. If you fail to achieve the objective, you will lose a life.

You will see a series of colored dots on the screen. When the game begins, you have to connect two or more same-colored dots and clear the screen. You can also create a square to clear those particular colored dots from the screen. At many levels, you have to make a square to win that level.

One of the features of the game includes shuffling. If there are no moves available and no two dots of the same color in close proximity, the board reshuffles the dots automatically.

At every level, you will earn stars by gathering the points earned from clearing the dots. Also every day, you will get five lives to play any number of levels in the game. If you fail to complete a level, you will lose a life. After exhausting all the lives, you have to wait for 20 minutes to regenerate the life. You can check your ratings and progress made during the game at the bottom of the screen.

Another thing that is great about the game is that it keeps encouraging you all the time. You will get congratulatory messages and some useful tips on the screen when you complete a level.


  1. One of the most useful and common strategies in the Two Dots game is creating a square of dots. Connecting dots into a square will clear out all the dots of that particular color.
  2. Two Dots is not your ordinary puzzle game. There are many obstacles that make the game more challenging to play. Some of them include fire dots and sand blocks that take up space on the board and prevent any formation of squares. So focus on such roadblocks and try to clear them out to create square dots.
  3. At every level, you will get instructions to clear out particular dots from the board. This will clarify your goals in the game. Play hard to achieve them.
  4. Though Two Dots is a beautiful puzzle game, it can be a little annoying at times. In fact, some players may take a step forward and spend their money to buy certain items that are useful in the game. However, we encourage you to stay calm during the game and play with a fresh mind.
Eve Echoes

7. Eve Echoes

Genre: Role-playing.

Developer: NetEase Games has developed and published Eve Echoes. The company has a large gaming business in China and has successfully launched and created many games including Identity V, Marvel Super Star, Rules of Survival, Revelation Online, Knives Out, Onmyoji and more.

Cost: Available to download for free but there are in-app products that cost you a few bucks.

Platforms: Android, iOS and Web


If leaving the planet in search of other star systems and planets has always been your dream, Eve Echoes is the go-to game for you. This sci-fi mobile multiplayer online role-playing game was released in August 2020 and has already been downloaded over a million times from the Play Store. The game has a massive community of players engaging not just in exploration of the vast, endless expanses of the universes but also carrying out commerce, forging alliances and colonizing unknown worlds. The game is virtually limitless with never-ending things to do. We mean when you are in space, boundaries hold no meaning, do they? If you would like to engage in some serious space exploration and warfare, you must check this game out.


Even Echoes is a one of a kind sci-fi game that keeps you hooked till the end of the game. It is a sequel to Echoes Online and certainly outshines in various departments. The game requires you to engage in battles but before that, you have to send a memo to your team and perform a risk assessment, buy insurance and find a calendar slot that will be feasible for everyone. You can also engage in other tasks like piracy, industrial manufacture, trade, and resource harvesting. Along with this, the game is more in place than its predecessor as there is a lot of scope for learning during the game.

In this game, you will be journeying the space as a capsuleer. You will get to choose one of the four different factions that have their own starting point, reputation and galactic relationships. The gameplay is a bit tough. However, there is an elaborate tutorial that explains everything about the game. So do not skip the tutorial at any cost.

Some other things that are useful for playing the game are as follows:

Sidebar: It is an eye symbol located at the right side and opens into a bar. It will enable you to locate and travel anywhere you want.

Market: This is a place for trading. You can sell and buy stuff for ISK for a cheaper price.

Power Capacitor: Have enough power capacitors as they improve your power in the game. If you have an adequate power capacitor, there is no need to launch the missiles at the beginning of the game.

Pirates: At the beginning of the game, you can go against pirates to earn ISK quickly. This can help you buy the ships faster. But make sure to go in steps. Go for the scout, then medium and then bases.


  1. Before joining the game, do not forget to complete the tutorials. That will provide you an edge in the game and allow you to select your development path in the game wisely.
  2. The right type of ship will help you advance in the game. This means you should not hoard useless ships or less important items in the game. Every ship has different characteristics and you can get them from the market. Before you buy a ship, familiarize yourself with different types of ships and choose the one that will be more advantageous during the game. The types of ships include battleship, frigate, cruiser, destroyer, battlecruiser, and industrial ship.
  3. When you move to higher levels, you will get to choose new items and choose between clone and ship abilities. It is advisable to create a combination of the two and focus on one aspect that will make it suitable for the respective game.
Angry Birds 2

8. Angry Birds 2

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Angry Birds 2 has been developed and published by a Finnish game developer company called Rovio Entertainment. The company was founded by three university students in 2003. It is best known for developing the world-famous Angry Birds franchise. The game is so popular with the masses that it has a Hollywood movie named after it. Some other games developed by the company are Bounce series, Collapse Chaos, Darkest Fear, Dragon & Jade, and Marine Sniper.

Cost: Available to download for free.

Platforms: Android, iOS and Web


With over 100 million downloads from the Play Store alone, Angry Birds 2 has broken all the records and entered the list of the world's most popular puzzle games. It is the twelfth game in the Angry Bird series and a sequel to the Angry Birds mobile game. Released in July 2015, this bird-flinging and pig-popping game has the highest ratings on the Play Store. The game is free to play and there are some in-app purchases. Due to its immense popularity, the game was adapted into a movie that goes by the same name.

The game premise follows from the first game. The pigs steal the birds’ eggs again. After Level 1, the Chef Pig will suck the eggs and leave the area. The Red gathers the rest of the birds to recover eggs from the Chef Pig and defeat other pigs in the game. When the Chef Pig is defeated, other pigs will emerge unless the birds defeat the King Pig and recover the eggs.


The antagonists in the game are the green pigs, and you have to defeat them by launching birds or objects. You can select a bird of your choice and launch them to the enemies. This feature was absent from the prequel but now you have the advantage to form strategies to beat the pigs.

You can increase your score by destroying other objects in the field along with the pigs. Also, if you upgrade the slingshot, your score will be multiplied. You can also power up the birds by gaining feathers of a respective bird and the slingshot can be leveled up getting a hat set.

There is a Destruct-o-meter in the game that gets filled up during the game. When it gets full, you will get a random card. At a time, only three cards can be displayed and the rest will be in the deck. You will get five lives and if you use all the cards in the game, you will lose one life. After exhausting all the lives, you must use the gems, wait for 30 minutes or watch an advertisement to get new lives again.

At every level, there are numerous waves of pigs that advance through different structures. The King Pigs will also appear in some levels and in order to defeat them, you will have to deplete their health bars.


  1. Complete daily quests to earn more gems, which are useful to get extra cards and lives. You have to play the quests for a limited amount of time to earn gems. However, make sure to use the gems wisely as they are helpful to advance you in the game.
  2. The Facebook feature allows you to exchange gifts with your friends. Just get in the habit of sharing gifts and ask for favor from your friends.
  3. Spells are very useful and you should hoard and use them in a rare encounter during the game. Some spells that can be used are Frost Spell, Golden Duck Spell, Mighty Eagle, Hot Chilli and many more.
Brawl Stars

9. Brawl Stars

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Developer: Supercell is the developer and publisher of Brawl Stars. It is a Finnish mobile game company that was founded in 2010. The company debuted with a browser game and then in 2011 started developing mobile games. It has successfully created and published six games: Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Hay Day Pop.

Cost: You can download the game for free. In-app purchases will cost you from Rs. 89 to Rs. 8900.

Platforms: Android and iOS


Released in December 2018, Brawl Stars is one of the most successful games developed by Supercell. As of now, the game has over 100 million downloads and over 4.3 stars rating on the Google Play Store. As the name suggests, Brawl Stars is a mobile online battle arena game available for free for both iOS and Android devices. It is a third-person hero shooter game where you have to play against your opponents or AI opponents in different game modes. You can choose from a variety of characters called Brawlers. The Brawlers are not easily available in the game. You have to play and unlock them with different items like Brawl Pass, Trophy Road, Boxes or in-app purchases.

Brawl Star is an entertaining game for both adults and teens. The game offers an optimal user experience on the mobile phone.


Brawl Stars is a MOBA game where you will be playing one of the characters and be known as a brawler. The objective of the game is to attack other opponent brawlers and defeat them by reducing their health. You can choose from the list of 41 brawlers in the following categories: Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, Legendary, and Chromatic. Every character possesses distinctive characteristics like attack, health, and super. They have two star powers that could enhance their particular characteristics. Super is a special attack that is achieved by attacking your opponents. After using it, the charge meter will reset. The game shop has a variety of items, including new brawlers, skins, token doublers and coins.

You can also get rewards from the trophy road by winning matches. Brawl boxes are loot chests that can be found while playing a match or can be obtained from the brawl tokens or through in-app purchases.

Brawl Stars has the following game modes:

Gem Grab: It’s 3v3 mode where you have to team up with other players and outwit opponents to collect ten gems.

Bounty: Here both the teams collect star powers by defeating their opponents.

Brawl Ball: Here both the teams are pitted against each other to achieve two goals.

Heist: In this mode, teams face each other for the coveted chest.

Siege: Here teams fight to destroy their enemy IKE with Siege bots.

Showdown: In this mode, 10 players participate and the last man standing wins the game.

According to the 2021 update, you can improve your ranks and show off your skills in the New Power League. It will also reduce the power play in Brawl Stars. There are unique seasonal rewards as opposed to plain and blatant awards in the previous seasons. Also, a new brawler has been added named STU. This character offers action packed and fast-paced gameplay. You can also unlock Trophy Road for free at 10k trophies!


  1. MOBA games are incomplete without distinct characters. Brawl Stars has over 41 such characters and you can obtain them by different means. The first way is by winning trophies, then by opening Brawl Boxes and using the Shop.
  2. Not every brawler is at their best originally and you can upgrade their capabilities by giving them more health, attack damage and super damage.
Critical Ops: Reloaded

10. Critical Ops: Reloaded

Genre: First-person Shooter

Developer: Critical Force Entertainment Limited is the developer and publisher of Critical Ops. It is a Finnish video game company that develops online shooter games for mobile devices. The game is designed by Tim Spaninks.

Cost: Available to download for free but there are paid in-app products.Available to download for free

Platforms: Android and iOS


Critical Ops: Reloaded is the latest version of Critical Ops, which was released in 2015. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices and was released in 2020. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that is quite like the Counter-Strike series. The game features superfast combats between terrorists and anti-terrorists. Each team has to work together to achieve certain objectives in the game. Just like any FPS game, you have to utilize multiple weapons like rifles and grenades to attack your enemies. The game also allows you to choose different skins for your weapons.

Critical Ops: Reloaded requires immense knowledge of the game and advanced skills to beat your opponents. Some of the key features of the game include a variety of weapons, customizing weapons, thrilling matches, private matches, and a clan system.


The play depends on the game mode that you choose from the different options. If you enter a deathmatch, you have to shoot as many enemies as possible in the given period of time. All the players will be playing on a random map. You need to select guns and gear to shoot your opponents. Here are some of the game modes available in Critical Ops: Reloaded.

Defuse: You will either plant or defuse a time bomb. The match lasts for 2 minutes only, and you will need to manage the cash that can be used to buy the gear.

Ranked Match: It is similar to the Defuse mode but the players will be ranked on the basis of their performance.

Domination: In this mode, you need to achieve the game objective, which is to reach 200 points to win.

Gun Game: To win in this mode, you have to shoot as many players as you can.


  1. Do not forget to complete your daily tasks and focus on the goal. Completing daily tasks will reward you with decent credits that can be used further in the game.
  2. It is advisable to shoot before aiming. This is obviously the other way around but you might get killed early while playing the game. So if you see an enemy, just tap on the shoot button and drag it to shoot them.
  3. Stay ahead in the game by memorizing the maps. This is quite helpful to navigate through the map easily and attack your enemies.

Must Download Games FAQs

Is KartRider Rush+ free?

Yes, Kart Rider Rush+ is absolutely free to download and play. But, there are a few in-app purchases that cost you between ₹79 to ₹6900.

How do you play 2 Dots?

2 Dots is a popular puzzle game and it is very easy to play. You can find all the information about the game including how to play in the 2 Dots section.

Is Brawl Stars Banned in India?

As of now, Brawl Stars has not been banned in India. Players can download the game on their smartphones and start playing.

What are some good puzzle games to download?

Top puzzle games include Maze Machina, The Room series, Mini Metros, Monument Valley and many more. You can download these games on your preferred devices and start playing.

How can I download games on an Android phone for free?

You can download a game on your android device for free. Simply open the Play Store on your device and search any game you wish to play. Click on the ‘Install’ to download the game for free.

  • Sky: Children of the Light
  • Maze Machina
  • Junglee Rummy
  • KartRider Rush+
  • Plants vs. Zombies 2
  • Two Dots
  • Eve Echoes
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Brawl Stars
  • Critical Ops: Reloaded

So if you have been struggling to choose, from hundreds of thousands of games out there, a game that will provide you with quality entertainment, why don’t you try one from our list of best games to download? Go ahead and enjoy gaming!