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Top 5 Online Games to Win Real Money

Real Money Games Gaming used to be a source of just entertainment in the 90s but with the technological advancement in the last decade has changed that in multiple ways. Now online games are not just for children’s fun and amusement but people play them to make big bucks too. Now you can simply play an online cash game and add some extra money to your pocket.

The popularity of online money making games has made it a vast market and flooded the App Store and Google Play Store with gaming apps. To pick the best, genuine and safe online money games has become a task. To save you from all this trouble, we have compiled a list of the best real money making games you must have on your mobile phone in 2022.

Junglee Rummy

1. Junglee Rummy

Talk about online money games and Junglee Rummy tops the list. It is the favorite cash rummy app of all card lovers. If you have skills to play your cards well, then this is the perfect game to win real money. Junglee Rummy delivers the most realistic and authentic gaming experience of playing rummy with expert players from across the country.

Junglee Rummy app is absolutely free to download and register. It provides exciting bonuses and cashback to card lovers for showcasing their incredible rummy skills. You can choose from various rummy game variations and win truckloads of real money by joining daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. If you are confident of your skills and the rummy game rules, Junglee Rummy is the best real money game app in India.


2. Howzat

While playing and watching cricket, you must have heard the term “howzat” several times. With this real money making game in India called Howzat, you have the opportunity to win real money by using all your sports expertise. Now you have the power to be the selector and select the best team for sports like cricket, kabaddi, football and basketball. Your fantasy team will score points on the basis of the performance of your players in a real match and if you can beat other participants’ teams, you win cash prizes.

India has hundreds of millions of sports fanatics. Everyone has enough ‘gyaan’ to be an expert in some sports. The real money making game app Howzat is a go-to platform for all the sport lovers. Now you don’t have to just follow the match but you can have your own team on the ground. If you’re looking for some real money making games in India, quickly download the Howzat app and start winning real cash prizes by selecting your dream team.


3. TopQuiz

If your mind works like Einstein’s did, then TopQuiz is one of the great real money making games India for you. You will not only check your intelligence quotient but also earn cash for it. TopQuiz is a very simple quiz-based game which includes general knowledge and current affairs questions.

TopQuiz helps you to make money by using your knowledge of sports, entertainment, history, geography, news, food, etc. You have to select a set of questions and purchase it via your Paytm account. Every correct answer gives you 10 points/coins, which can be redeemed for cash or coupons later. TopQuiz is popular with all age groups as it increases both your knowledge as well as the money in your pocket.

Carrom King

4. Carrom King

Remember we all played Carrom games in childhood, but did it ever occur to you that you can also make money by playing it? The skills you developed and enhanced in childhood can be put to great use now on the online cash game called Carrom King. It is a popular real money game app that offers exciting promotions and offers. The smooth user interface takes you back to your childhood days.

Carrom King has got everyone’s attention for its varied game rooms where you can play your favorite childhood Carrom game in different settings. The graphics are appealing and the gameplay is effortless and easy-flowing. If you’re ready to relive your childhood days and make some money while playing your favorite game, this is an amazing app for you.

8 Ball Pool

5. 8 Ball Pool

Online 8 ball pool games have created a lot of buzz in the last decade. If you’re one of those who fancy playing pool games to be cool, 8 Ball Pool will be a super cool online pool game app to bring some extra money to your pocket. Seasoned pool players across the country have opted to play with the 8 Ball Pool app to encash their pool game skills to the fullest.

The physics as well as the user-interface of the game is very realistic and gives you a feel of playing the game on a real-world pool table. 8 Ball Pool’s leaderboard contest offers great cash prizes and helps you to earn money quickly while enjoying gaming. 8 Ball Pool is the go-to gaming app for all 8 ball pool lovers. If you too love pool, you must try it.

It would not be right to say that everyone can make big money by playing these popular real money making games, but if you have a little skills, get these apps, practice a bit and you can learn a lot about these games in no time. We’d advise you to start small and eventually grow instead of adding a large amount of money to begin with. If the gamer in you is waiting to be unleashed, go ahead and download these real money making gaming apps now and enjoy the thrill. Happy gaming!

Multiplayer Games FAQs

What are some most popular multiplayer games right now?

Nowadays, multiplayer games are surfacing the internet and you will get a plethora of options to choose from. We have hand-picked some of the most popular and best multiplayer online games which can be downloaded and played anywhere, anytime. They include League of Legends, DOTA 2, Junglee Rummy, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Warframe, Fortress, Overwatch, Mortal Kombat and Counter Strike.

Is the League of Legends FREE?

League of Legends is absolutely free to download and play. Also, there are no costs required to unlock special items and equipment.

How many GB is Overwatch?

For Overwatch, you need to download at least 30 GB data.

Is Mortal Kombat 11 the last game?

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game first released in 1992. Over the time, many games were published in the Mortal Kombat series. The eleventh edition of the game i.e MK 11 is not the last game in the series. A sequel to this game is already in development.

How many versions of COD are there?

First released in 2003, Call of Duty is a popular first person shooter game. Over the time, different versions of the game were launched with the latest one released back in November 2020. As of now there are 32 known versions of COD available on different platforms.

What is a local multiplayer game?

A local multiplayer game allows the player to play the game offline. You can play it either as a co-op game (that involves multiple players playing offline) or as your opponent. Some popular local multiplayer games include - Minecraft, CrossyRoad, BombSquad, Tekken 7, Glow Hockey 2, Worms W.M.D., Fifa 2.0, and many more.

  • Junglee Rummy
  • Howzat
  • TopQuiz
  • Carrom King
  • 8 Ball Pool

So what are you waiting for? Pick a game from our list of best multiplayer games and start playing with your friends right away. Happy gaming!