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Check Out 13 Best Free Online Games to Play in 2023

Playing online games is most people’s favorite leisure activity in these times of technology. You will find people playing their favorite games wherever you go. Back in the day, video games were very popular as a means of entertainment. Now the times have changed and online gaming is dominating the gaming market. The craze for these games seems to be growing day by day.

Due to their increasing popularity, there is no dearth of online games. Gaming enthusiasts are blessed with myriad options and they keep growing every single day. Every year new games are released to beat the existing champion in the industry. While few succumb early in the race, some set a new benchmark.

The online gaming community is very active and is home to countless members. Many enthusiasts wish to explore new games but it is overwhelming to pick one from the wide range. So how to choose the best free online game in 2023? Well, don’t worry! We are here to help.

13 Best Online Games to Play in 2023

Last Updated Date : 15/03/2023

13 Best Online Games in 2023 - Here’s The List!

Enter the gaming space for an exhilarating experience: download the best online games to play from our top picks of the most popular online games and enjoy gaming.

League of Legends

1. League of Legends

Released: 2009

Developer: League of Legends has been developed and published by an American game developer company called Riot Games. In 2011, the company was acquired by a Chinese gaming company, Tencent, that has many games under their banner including PubG. Riot Games is most popular for developing League of Legends, which is a multiplayer battle arena game.

Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Platforms: Microsoft Windows and macOS

Cost: You need to register to download the game for free. There are various in-game purchases that have to be made with real money.


Every MOBA fan has played League of Legends. A product by Riot Games, it is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer online battle arena games. It is also known as LoL. League of Legends is a fast-paced game that requires strategic planning. The game is a bit complex for beginners. We recommend you go through the game rules and tutorials before entering the battlefield.

So before we explain the gameplay, you should know the objective of the game. Players in a team have to work together to destroy the nexus of the rival squad. The squad that completes the task first is the winner of the game.

Two teams of five players are pitted against each other and each player has to control a champion. The game begins with the selection of the champion who is a special character with unique abilities. There are over 140 champions available and each possesses certain characteristics.

Both the teams have to destroy the nexus of the opposing team which is located at the opposite sides of the map. There are unique creatures coming from the nexus who attack the rival's team base and champions. They are known as minions.

The champions in LoL start every match at Level 1 and go up to Level 18. They graduate to the higher level by gaining experience and earning gold items. The gold items are won by killing the minions and destroying the nexus of the rival squad. Besides, when you level up during the game, you will be able to unlock certain abilities of the champions. However, when a champion dies, it does not get eliminated. It will respawn around their nexus after some time.

Legend of Leagues is one of the best free online games and has the largest online gaming community in the world. It is quite similar to other MOBA games out there. It is filled with interesting turns and challenges. If you want to play a MOBA game, this is the perfect game to get started.

As per the LoL 2021 patch update, a new patch i.e. 11.6 will go live in March, 2021. Several champions like Xin Zhao, Akali, Pyke, and Volibear have been changed. The effects and costs on different items like Blade of the Ruined King, Liandry’s Anguish, Luden’s Tempest, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Seeker’s Armguard, Sunfire Aegis, etc. have been changed. You will also find different variations in Champion’s Skins.

Tips to Win

Selection of the Champions: At the initial stages of the game, players have to select champions. While choosing one, do not ban any character that may cause trouble in the game. Try to focus on creating a balanced team for the game.

Look for Gold: Most beginners forget to search for gold in LoL games. Gold is important for buying items that may protect you or increase your speed in the game.


  1. Do not isolate in the corner of a map.
  2. Try to protect your teammates.
  3. If possible, master multiple heroes to change as and when needed.

Fortnite Battle Royale

2. Fortnite Battle Royale

Released: 2017

Developer: Fortnite is a video game developed by an American video game and software company called Epic Games. The company is known for several PC games including Gears of Wars and Infinity Blade.

Genre: Battle Royale.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, XBox One, Android and iOS.

Cost: The game is available to download and play for free across platforms, but there are some locked items or features that can be purchased using a unique currency called V Bucks.


Fortnite Battle Royale is a hot favorite of battle royale gamers. The game started off its journey as a replica of PubG Mobile. However, it was able to carve a niche in battle royale games. Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the three modes of the original Fortnite video game. In 2019, the game got a new makeover and its concepts were renewed. There is one feature that sets the game apart from PubG: players can construct buildings, walls and objects to protect themselves from the enemies. The game is free and is available for download on different platforms.

Coming to the gameplay, it is pretty similar to any battle royale game. There are 100 players in a game. A player can play solo, duo or in a squad of four people. The game begins with players traveling on a plane without any weapons and gear. They have to skydive to their preferred location on an island to collect weapons, gear, shield and other necessary items. These are spread across the buildings and other sites of the locations. The objective of the game is to survive till the end of the game by killing or avoiding other players. During the game, players have to stay in the safe zone that keeps shrinking towards the end of the game. If a player is not inside the safe zone, he loses his health and eventually gets eliminated. Also, supply drops of random weapons and items will be provided during the game.

In Fortnite Battle Royale, playing in a squad is better than playing solo. This is because the players in a solo game can be eliminated by losing their health, whereas squad play will allow them to seek help from other teammates who in turn revive the downed player.

Fortnite Battle Royale is played in third-person perspective. The game requires a lot of planning and coordination. Once you get used to the game interface, it becomes easy to beat your opponents.

Tips to Win

Keep the sound low: If you make any sound or noise in the game, nearby players can track you and kill you. So to stay safe, try to be as silent as possible.

Use a headset: Even the slightest sound could indicate the presence of an enemy in the nearby zone. So wear a headset to be on guard throughout the game.

Drink shield potion: A shield potion will improve your health in the game. So if you find these blue potions, drink them right away.

Engage when necessary: Fortnite is a game of survival. Even when you have 98 kills, you can still lose the game. It is, therefore, important to engage only when it is necessary.

Call of Duty Mobile

3. Call of Duty Mobile

Released: 2019

Developer: Call of Duty - Mobile is developed by TiMi Studios and the publishers are ActiVision and Garena. TiMi Studios is a subsidiary of Tencent Games. They debuted with a massive MOBA game called Honor of Kings.

Genre: Shooter Game

Platforms: Android and iOS.

Cost: The game can be downloaded for free on both the platforms.


Developed by Activision, Call of Duty - Mobile is the mobile version of the original game, which was released back in 2003. This battle royale game is an amalgamation of impressive graphics, advanced controls and a gripping storyline. CoD - Mobile offers multiple varieties that take you on a rollercoaster ride! There are two-player modes: mission-based and battle royales. The traditional way of the game offers different modes like Frontline, Hardpoint, Free-for-all, Domination and Team Deathmatch.

Call of Duty - Mobile is a first-person shooter game and it is available to download onto Android and iOS devices for free.

In the battle royale mode, 100 players participate in a game. You can play solo, duo or in a team of four players. The game begins with the players getting ready at the launch pad. When everyone is ready, all the players fly and land on a preferred location on the map. Every player carries a knife at the beginning of the game. After landing on the destinations, players have to collect weapons, vehicles and other items that are used for killing other players in the game. The aim is to survive till the end of the game. Throughout the game, a player has to stay inside the shrinking safe zone. Players outside the safe zone are killed. A team or player who kills other opponents in the game will be the ultimate winner.

A player gets to choose from ranked and unranked matches in multiplayer mode. The game has two types of currencies: credits and COD points. While the former is earned by playing the game, the latter can be purchased with real money. There is a private room feature in the game that allows you to play with in-game friends.

Tips to Win

Choose the right shooting mode: There are two shooting modes: Simple and Advanced. In simple mode, the pointer aiming at the enemy will open fire immediately without any scope. The Advanced mode is better to play with shooting settings on advanced mode. Both the modes have their own benefits. Just remember that if you play in Simple mode and search for an enemy, you may end up killing them. So choose the right shooting mode.

Choose the right character class: Before entering a match, you have to select a character class. There are 6 character classes offered namely, Scout, Medic, Clown, Mechanic, Ninja and Defender. Choosing the right class will help you move forward in the game.

Utilize drones and missiles: You will get drones and missiles when you have a continuous streak of killing your enemies. Try to use these weapons while playing in multiplayer mode. The missile offers a screen control and you can fire it on your enemies right away. It will kill all the enemies nearby. The drones will help you locate your enemies’ positions.

Use grenades: There are a variety of throwables available in the game. Some of these include frag, smoke and stun grenades. If you are stuck in a tricky situation, you can make the most of these grenades.

Clash of Clans

4. Clash of Clans

Released: 2013

Developer: Clash of Clans is developed and published by Supercell. It is a Finnish video game company whose parent organization is Tencent. They have released six games: Hay Day, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and Boom Beach.

Genre: Real-time Strategy

Platforms: iOS and Android

Cost: Clash of Clans is free to download and play on both platforms.


Clash of Clans or CoC is a popular online multiplayer game developed and published by Supercell. It is a real-time strategy game that takes a long time to finish. Many top players have consistently played for 2 years to achieve the top position. Still the game has a loyal fan base and over the years it has become one of the highest grossing free games of all time.

Clash of Clans has vivid graphics that attract players. It involves villages, towns, clans, wars, and other events. There are different items like elixir, gold, and gems that are built by players. In order to win a CoC game, players must be good at planning and strategizing at the same time. Also effective time management will help you advance in the game.

The gameplay is simple. Players have to upgrade their villages, attack enemy villages or engage in clan wars. Participants have to form different communities called train, clans, and troops to attack enemies and earn resources. Game resources like gold and elixir are used to create defenses that safeguard a player from the enemy’s attack. The gems are used for building constructions faster, creation of troops and increasing the rate of production of gold and elixir.

For attacking a village, the soldiers should be placed at the right places so that they inflict the maximum damage to the enemy’s village. However, after placing a soldier, you cannot change its position. The characters will attack a nearby thing or item. There are some troops with special features like explosives to blast a wall, a ranged attack and the ability to detonate. If you destroy a village completely, you will get trophies and extra resources (gold and elixir).

CoC requires deep understanding and strategic planning to win. So if you are a beginner, we encourage you to understand the game well and go through some of our game tips below.

Tips to Win

Make a solid village layout: When you attack a village successfully, you get trophies. So it is important to create a good village layout in the game. Some players build the walls by placing storages of elixir, dark elixir and gold at the centre of the base, whereas others choose to protect the Town Hall and save the trophies.

Get more collectors and mines: While raiding a village is a good way to stock up the collectors and mines, collecting them is a better alternative. There are gold elixirs, dark elixir drills and elixir pumps that are available at all the levels. So you can collect these resources to upgrade your troops and defences.

Shield the ‘shields’: A shield protects your village for a specific period of time. If you attack another village when your existing shields are active, the counter attack by your enemies may break them. So it is advisable to attack when the shields go down.

Join a clan: Basically a clan consists of 50 players who can collectively attack another village, share a troop and even chat with other players. Besides, it has certain advantages like a big loot and clan castle. You can also create and customize your own clans in the game.

Ludo King

5. Ludo King

Released: 2016

Developer: Ludo King is published and developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. The company is Indian and it is ranked at No. 1 among top free games.

Genre: Board Game.

Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS.

Cost: Free of cost.


Take a trip down the memory lane with the most trending board game, Ludo King. It is the digital version of the traditional ludo game. It created a lot of buzz in India during the pandemic-induced lockdown. Ludo King ranked no. 1 among top free games on the App Store and is the only Indian app to surpass 100 million downloads on the Play Store.

Ludo King brings an amazing board game experience to your preferred device. It comes with different modes, themes and chat features where you can send emojis to your friends during the game. Along with it, you can also challenge and play with your Facebook friends.

Ludo King is very easy to play and learn and play. The objective of the game is to move all the tokens to the centre of the board.

The game is played by 2 to 6 players and each player has 4 tokens or pieces. The first player has to roll a dice and move a token only when they get a six. After rolling out a six, the player gets one more turn to roll the dice. If someone rolls 6 three times, the turn will be invalid and the dice is passed to the next player. Throughout the game, all the pieces must be moved around the board to reach the finish line.

During the game, other players may land on your token and send it back to home. So it is vital to move strategically and place your token away from your opponents’. When a token reaches the finish line, you will get one more chance to roll the dice. There are 8 safe squares on the board and if your token lands on one of the squares, you will be safe till the next turn.

Tips to Win

Collect daily free coins: The free coins enable you to play for a long period of time. If you have more coins, you can survive for a longer duration. So it is important to collect free coins daily.

Play all the pieces: Try to open all the pieces as soon as possible. Playing with one or two pieces can be risky as your opponents may cut your pieces and bring you back to square one. So open all the pieces when you get a six.

Spread the pieces across the board: There are two advantages of spreading the pieces evenly across the board. First, you will have at least one piece that can be moved freely across the board. Second, you can cut your opponent’s piece that is trying to get ahead of you in the game.

Stay seven steps ahead: According to the game rules, you can move the first piece only after getting a six. After moving the first piece, other players may try to cut you and bring you back to the home. So the golden rule is to stay 7 steps ahead of your rivals to avoid such a scenario.

Among Us

6. Among Us

Released: 2018

Developer: Among Us has been developed and published by an American game studio, InnerSloth. The company has a team of only three developers and yet the game was the most downloaded app on the App Store in October 2020.

Genre: Social Deduction.

Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows.

Cost: The game is available for free download on all the platforms, but there are some in-app purchases that may cost Rs. 80 - Rs. 250 per item.


You must have heard about Among Us. It is a hot-favorite multiplayer game on the internet right now. This is because the game is very easy to understand and play, and it is packed with unlimited fun. And, you can play the game with your friends and family.

Among Us was developed by InnerSloth and it was released in 2018. In this game, a player is either a crewmate or an imposter. There are three maps: The Skeld (a spaceship), Mira HQ (headquarters building), Polus (a planet base). The game usually takes place on one of the maps. The crewmates have to complete certain tasks around the map. These tasks are mini games that consist of maintenance work like wiring and fuelling engines.

The impostors pretend to do the daily tasks done by crewmates. But they cannot complete any mission. Impostors can destroy a map’s system, kill other crewmates, work with crewmates and identify a new impostor and travel the vents. When a player dies, he/she becomes a ghost, who is invisible and passes through a wall. But a ghost has limited access to interact with other players. The players have a limited cone of vision and hence they cannot see other players from distance.

Crewmates can win the game by completing all the assigned tasks and by getting rid of impostors, whereas impostors can win by killing sufficient crewmates so that the number of impostors is equal to the number of crewmates. Ghosts work as an aid to both crewmates and impostors.

Sabotage includes turning off the lights or closing the door. When an impostor engages in sabotage, there is an immediate consequence or the countdown begins. If a crewmate is unable to resolve the sabotage, the impostor wins. Among Us also allows players to quit a match after fulfilling any win condition. Then they are eliminated from the game.

Tips to Win

Complete tasks: Depending on the setting of the game, there are big and small tasks that may come along your way. These tasks are very easy to finish. Some of these tasks include dragging leaves into a vacuum or punching numbers on a keyboard. However, be on guard when you observe any suspicious activity.

Keep things ready to say something in defense: There are high chances of getting caught as an imposter. So if someone starts accusing you in the chat, be ready with excuses and be as explanatory as possible.

Self Report: This is a great way to ward off any suspicions against you. When you kill someone, just report it before anyone else does.

Continue sabotaging: The game allows you to sabotage from any random location on the map. There is a cooldown time and you can sabotage other locations only when the cooling time is over. If you want to improve your chances of winning the game, sabotage Reactor and O2 filter, kill the lights and close the doors during the game.


7. Minecraft

Released: 2011

Developer: Minecraft has been developed by a Swedish video game developer company called Mojang Studios. The game is jointly published by Mojang Studios, Microsoft Studios, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Mojang Studios has developed several other games too, including Caller’s Bane, Crown and Council, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Classic and Minecraft Earth.

Genre: Sandbox and Survival.

Platforms: Windows, OS X and Linux.

Cost: Minecraft is available for a free trial on all the platforms mentioned above. When the trial period gets over, you will need to pay for full access to the game.


Minecraft is a sandbox and survival game that was released in 2011. A product by Mojang Studios, it is one of the top selling video games around the world. Over 126 million users play this video game every month.

Minecraft is available in first person and third person perspectives. In the game, players have to build buildings and they get to explore an infinite world. The game world is made up of 3D objects like cubes and fluids and various other materials like stone, trees, dirt, water and even lava. The objective of the game is to collect these materials and create a building. The blocks or cubes are arranged in the grid and players can move around freely. While playing the game, players may come across a material called redstone that can be used to make circuits, logic gates, mechanical devices and other complex systems.

The game world can be navigated using a map seed that can be obtained from the system clock at the beginning of the game. When you explore the game world, you will find amazing desert, snowy mountains, forests, caves, and even lava bodies. The game has a day-night cycle and each cycle lasts 20 minutes.

There are five game modes to choose from: Survival, Hardcore, Creative, Spectator and Adventure. You will also get to choose the difficulty level of the game. When a player increases the difficulty level of the game, the mobs will cause more damage to your building. Please note that the game difficulty can be changed but the game mode cannot be changed further.

Some popular spin-off games of Minecraft are as follows:

Minecraft Story Mode: In this game, the player gets to control Jesse who is in search of The Order of the Stone. The Order of the Stone is a group of four adventurers who killed an Ender Dragon to save the world.

Minecraft Classic: A browser remake of 2009 Minecraft, this game recreates the original version and includes 32 block types that can be placed by players. It also supports multiplayer format upto, 10 players in each game.

Minecraft Earth: It is an AR game that allows players to interact and play in the world. They can create minecraft-style structures and objects that can be remodified by other players in the game. However, this version will go down soon in June 2021.

Tips to Win

Choose a Mode: In the Minecraft Pocket edition, there are two game modes: Creative and Survival. Both the modes are unique in their own ways. It is ideal to pick a mode that suits your personality.

Make your own character: One of the best features of Minecraft is that you can play using any avatar you like. There are certain virtual characters to choose from and if you don’t like any existing characters, you can create your own.

Gather resources: You will need a lot of resources to survive in the game. Start by collecting the resources from the nearby places. For example, wood, dirt and stone serve as a great resource for survival. You can collect these items by tapping and holding the block.

Make a home: A home will keep you safe from your enemies and you can also take shelter for the whole night. If possible, build a home in a 1X3 or 2X2 grid area. We encourage you to create a simple home rather than a luxurious one.

Garena Free Fire

8. Garena Free Fire

Released: 2017

Developer: Garena Free Fire has been developed by 111Dots Studios. The game is published by Garena, which is a Singapore-based service company. The game was developed using Unity 3D.

Genre: Battle Royale.

Platforms: Android & iOS.

Cost: Available for free download.


Garena Fire Free is one of the most popular battle royale games of all time. The game has even surpassed the likes of PubG and COD, which are extremely popular games in this genre. This is because Garena Fire Free was released back in 2017, when battle royale games were slowly entering the gaming market. The increasing popularity of battle games and mobile gaming enabled Garena Fire Free to become what it is today.

The game is available in different modes described below.

Classic: 50 players go head to head with each other to win the game.

Clash Squad: Two teams of four players take on each other. The game lasts for 7 rounds. The team that wins more rounds is the winner.

Rush Hour: It is a quick battle royale match where only 20 players play against each other in a small area.

Kill Secured: This mode has team death-match format. The team with the highest number of kills is the winner.

Big Head: As the name suggests, each player has a big head. The game mode is fun but follows a death-match format.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, it follows the standard format of a battle royale game. There are up to 50 players in a game and they fall from a plane to land on an island. When the players land on their preferred destination, they immediately start searching for the weapons and other utility items to survive till the end of the game. There are different types of medical equipment, grenades and other items that are spread across the island. The objective of the game is to survive on the island by killing the opponents. Just like many battle games, there is a safe zone that keeps decreasing in size and the players have to stay in the safe zone to avoid getting killed. As the play area reduces over time, players must stay on guard as they are forced to encounter their enemies. The player who manages to survive till the end is the winner of the game.

Tips to Win

Stay alert: You have to stay wary of your opponents while looting the crates. It is the best time for your enemies to kill you as you have no weapons to protect yourself.

Turn on default aim precision: Players with poor aiming skills should turn on the default aim precision feature that allows them to shoot enemies with or without using a scope.

Stay undercover: Going undercover when engaging with your enemy will allow a rookie player to plan and strategize against an enemy. Hide in trees and bushes and even large buildings to stay safe.

Grid Autosport

9. Grid Autosport

Released: 2014

Developer: Both Codemasters and Feral Interactive are the developers and publishers of Grid Autosport. The former has developed some of the best video games of all time, including the F1 series.

Genre: Racing

Platforms: Windows, Playstation, OS X, Linux, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Cost: The game is not available for free download.


Grid Autosport is a car racing video game by Codemasters. It is the ninth game in the TOCA series. The game was designed to move towards the authentic gaming experience after the release of the Grid 2 game. It is available for download on all the platforms but it will cost you around Rs. 799 for download and play.

The objective of the game is to race the cars and win the match. Every player plays the role of a racing driver who wants to build their racing career. There are two different types of modes: Career mode and Custom Cup mode. In the Career mode, the game is played in different seasons and it is available in single-player and multiplayer format.

Grid Autosport focused on the racing disciplines and introduced them in the form of new event categories. Five main categories include touring, open heel, street, endurance and tuner. In the Career mode, a player has to pick an event category and play the matches in every event, making up a whole season. All the racing disciplines feature varied cards and race types. Some of the popular race types are Standard Races, Endurance Races with tire wear, Drift events, and Time Attack events. These features are also available in the Custom Cup mode. At the same time, players can participate in special events like Eliminator, Checkpoint and Demolition Derby.

Tips to Win

Know about a car style: At the beginning of the game, you will get a basic car to compete in matches. But as the game progresses, you will come across different car styles that possess many different features. For example, Tuner cars perform better during drifting tournaments whereas Street cars are best for city circuits. You can experiment with different types of cars to find the best match.

Stay on the track: While playing the game, try to stay on the road. If you drift off the road for some time, you will get a time penalty that increases the overall lap time. As the game difficulty increases at higher levels, you may take a chance to drift around the corners. However, do not swerve off the road.

10. Junglee Rummy

Developer: Junglee Rummy is published and operated by Junglee Games, the fastest-growing gaming company in Asia. The company has produced and published many games, including Howzat.

Genre: Card game

Platforms: Android, iOS and Web.

Cost: No cost is involved in downloading the app and playing free games. You can download rummy game for free, register and start playing free games. You can also play cash games and tournaments and win loads of money after making a small deposit. You also get a bonus on your deposit which you can use to play cash games and tournaments.

How to Play Rummy on Junglee Rummy

Not every card game receives as much love from people as rummy. The game appeals to every kind of audience due to its fun element, surprises and the great entertainment it provides. And to add to the excitement, it can be played for cash too! No wonder it is everyone’s favorite card game of all time in India.

Rummy is a game of skill that tests your decision-making ability, estimation, reasoning and mathematical skills. If you want to become successful, you need to plan and strategize till the last minute. Junglee Rummy regularly hosts rummy tournaments with cash prizes worth lakhs and crores of rupees.

With over 50 million users, Junglee Rummy is the most trusted online rummy site. It offers different varieties of rummy games like free, cash and practice games. All these games can be played in three different formats: Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Deals Rummy. Along with it, there are rummy tournaments and promotions where you can win huge cash prizes and other rewards. In terms of safety and security, Junglee Rummy surpasses the expectations of players. The platform is 100% safe and you can make easy, hassle-free payments using multiple payment methods. The platform has a Fair Play Policy that ensures fair gaming and equal chances of winning for every player.

And that’s not all. If you are a new player, you will get a guaranteed welcome bonus of up to Rs. 5250. If you are a beginner, you can start with free practice games that can be played using free chips.

Number of decks and players: The number of players is usually 2 to 6. One or two decks of cards are used, depending on the number of players.

Dealing: Each player is dealt 13 random cards by the software.

Arranging cards: The remaining cards in the deck form the closed and open piles. Now players have to pick and discard cards from their hands to make a valid hand of sequences and sets.

  1. Sequence: A sequence consists of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. When a Joker is not used in a sequence, it is a pure sequence, otherwise it will be an impure sequence.
  2. Set: set consists of three or four cards of the same rank but different suits. A Joker can be used in a set.

Declaring: When all 13 cards are grouped according to the rummy rules, you can finish the game by discarding the 14th card from your hand to the “Finish Slot.” If the declaration is valid, your score will be zero and you will win the game. Points have a negative value in rummy.

Tips to Win

  1. Discard high cards: High cards like aces, kings, queens and jacks are worth 10 points each. If you have unmatched high-value cards, discard them at the earliest. This will reduce your points and help you avoid losing by a big margin if your opponent declares before you.
  2. Focus on pure sequence: A pure sequence is essential for winning a rummy game. So when cards are dealt, focus on creating a pur sequence first.
  3. Keep middle cards: Middle cards like 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s and 8s can help you create sequences easily. For example, a 6 can be grouped with 4, 5 and 7, 8 to form a sequence.
  4. Use Jokers smartly: Jokers can help you win the game quickly. So use them to your advantage and discard them only when you have too many Jokers in your hand.

11. Apex Legend

Released: 2019

Developer: Respawn Entertainment, Panic Button Games

Genre: Battle royale-hero shooter game

Platforms: Apex Legend is free to play on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via EA App and Steam Cost: The game is available to play and download for Free, but there might be some features that would be activated upon making the mentioned payment

Cost: The game is available to play and download for Free, but there might be some features that would be activated upon making the mentioned payment


A blessing for PC game players, Apex Legend is crowded with battle royale lovers. The game has some inventive mechanics that make it stand out from the rest! It is developed by Respawn Entertainment - the creator of the Titanfall series. The game is simple and straightforward. A team with three players has to battle against 19 more teams to become the ultimate winners. The game progresses in the same fashion as any other battle royale game. Players have to fall from the sky, land on the ground, grab ammo & gears, and make it inside the circle. Moreover, it features a character-based class system, and each character has unique attributes. Also, team players can be resurrected after dying.

Tips to Win

  1. Play to the best of your proficiency: Make the most of your ability when playing one of the best online free game. It might seem easy to just focus on shooting and forget about what more you can do in the game. For instance- the player should make use of smoke, heal, scan, grapple, or dome in the game other than just using bullets and trying to support their team.
  2. Go through the tutorials : Whenever in doubt, go through the tutorials, and once well acquainted with the game, go back to the shooting range to practice with every piece of equipment available in the game.
  3. Know the legends: There is no surety you will be able to play as per your first choice. Therefore, it is best to have clarity and understanding of each legend available, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they complement each other to have a better squad.

12. Hearthstone

Released: 2014

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Genre: Digital collectible card game, Strategy Card Game

Platforms: It is available on Android, iOS, MacOS, and Microsoft Windows

Cost: The game is available to play and download for Free, but there might be some cards that would be activated upon making the mentioned payment


Hearthstone is an online games for pc as well and is one of the most popular and loved games among people. In Hearthstone, players have to collate cards that contain spells and characters with unique abilities. After collecting all 30 cards, players have to compete against each other by using various cards in the deck. Players use their limited crystals to play spells with the goal of attacking opponents and opponents' heroes. Furthermore, there are brisk matches and myriad strategies that keep players coming back for more.

Tips to Win

Let us look over some general tips for players who are just getting started with Hearthstone.

  1. Position of Minions : Make sure to position your minions to ensure the stronger ones are further to the left, which will ensure that they attack first.
  2. GRaise the Level of Tavern: If you witness that even if you upgrade the tavern and still be able to buy minions and have three gold left, then it is best to raise the level of the tavern without wasting time.
  3. Do not put all focus on strong cards: Avoid being stubborn on a specific arrangement or composition if you cannot find all strong pieces in time. Keep your options open right at the beginning of the game. Do not put all your energy into finding Beasts, Demons, etc. Maybe try to find synergies, but still, do not overdo it.

13. Counterstrike

Released: 2000

Developer: Valve Corporation

Genre: Tactical shooter

Platforms: It is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox, and Mac operating systems

Cost: The game is now available to play for free. Earlier, it was available at a $14.99 cost which was surely not expensive for gamers, but the free game has now opened the game to an even wider audience than before.


In this game, the players are put against each other, with one team aiming to plant a bomb and the other hand, team aiming to defuse the bomb or stop it from getting planted. In this game, both the teams are split into further teams of 5 and spend 15 rounds each playing as defenders and attackers.

Tips to Win

Let us look over some general tips for players who are just getting started with Hearthstone.

  1. Learn the maps: Understanding and learning the maps is of absolute importance in the game. Spend time exploring the maps and learning the callouts so it is easy for the players to communicate well with the team.
  2. Practice the game: Aim is one of the most important steps in counter strike. Make sure you spend time practicing how to aim best, both with rifles, pistols, and grenades.
  3. Know your role: In the game, every player has a certain role to play. Whether you are an entry fragger or support player, make sure you understand your role and play the game accordingly.
  4. Manage your economy and positioning: In counter-strike, it is critical to manage your economy and positioning in the game. So make sure you have all the essential equipment, like weapons, required to save your territory. Also, set your position in a manner that you give no leverage to your opponents.

Online Games FAQs

What is the most popular game online?

PUBG, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Call of Duty Mobile are some of the most popular and interesting games online.

Which is the Best online game in India?

Depending on the player’s choice, some of the best games that are quick and best to play online are PubG, Call of Duty, Free Fire and Candy Crush Saga

What is Best Online Game to play in the world?

League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Minecraft is regarded as the best online game to play in the world

What is No 1 online game?

Earlier, it was Pokemon Go, and now it's PUBG. These two games have gained immense popularity and have become the No 1 online games.

What are the Best Free Online Games?

Downloading card games like poker, rummy, teen patti, or action games like league of legends and call of duty are some of the best free online games.

Can I play free online games without downloading?

Yes, you can play online games without downloading it and that too for free. Junglee Rummy is one such platform where you can play unlimited free games without downloading the official app. Simply register on the official website and start playing free and cash games.

  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Clash of Clans
  • Ludo King
  • Among Us
  • Minecraft
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Grid Autosport
  • Junglee Rummy
  • Apex Legend
  • Hearthstone
  • Counterstrike

So those were our top picks of the best online games on the internet. Don’t forget to go for an online games download of your choice from our top picks. Let us know your experience in the comments below. Happy gaming!