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10 Must-have Games for Your Smartphone

Top mobile Games We have witnessed phenomenal changes in mobile technology in the last few years. Earlier mobiles were simply confined to calls, messages, and voicemails. Today you can use these devices for almost everything. You can use a smartphone for entertainment, photography, business, and even gaming. The mobile gaming industry is growing rapidly and a lot of mobile companies are modifying their smartphones specifically for gaming. Due to this, a lot of players have already given up on PC and console gaming. You can find millions of mobile gaming apps on the Play Store and App Store, many of which are free to download. So if you are looking for some cool games to play on your smartphone, check out our top 10 picks of must-have smartphone games below:

Ballz Game

1. Ballz

Genre: Endless round game

Developer: Ketchapp SARL is a French video game publisher company. The company was founded in 2014 by brothers Antoine and Michel Marcos. It has published a lot of mobile games, including Ballz, Stack, and Space Frontier.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Ballz is available to download for free.

Introduction Do you like playing casual games? If so, Ballz is the game for you. Launched in 2017, Ballz is a minimalist ballbusting game. The game is fairly simple and became popular in a very short period of time. It was the No.1 app on the App Store in 2017. As of now, the app has 100 million downloads across platforms. Ballz works on a simple concept. You are presented with different colored blocks on the screen. The objective is to shoot the blocks with different colored balls and destroy them before they reach the bottom of the screen.

The app interface is simple and easy to work with, which allows you to play the game smoothly. The brilliant graphics will keep you hooked on the game for hours at a time. There are different elements like leaderboards and daily challenges to improve your score and performance in the game.

How to Play

At the beginning of the game, you will find a ball at the bottom of the screen and a few square blocks at the top of the screen. You need to aim at the square blocks using your fingers and hit the blocks and reduce their number until they disappear. Along with this, there are small white circles across the screen. When you hit those small circles, you get an equal amount of balls to play in the next round. The game ends when you fail to destroy all the squares before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Tips and Tricks

  • Unlock extra balls by hitting the small white circles present on the screen. These extra balls are useful to clear the square blocks, especially the tough bricks.
  • Angle your shots to clear more square blocks. Move your finger to aim the ball and shoot right into the block. You can also angle the ball through some gaps so that the bricks clear up even further.
Candy Crush

2. Candy Crush

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: King is a Swedish game developer company that has created a number of casual games. The company was founded in 2003 by seven people and was later acquired by Activision Blizzard, an American gaming company, in 2016. King became popular after developing Candy Crush and Candy Crush Saga for Facebook. Its other notable works include Bubble Witch Saga, Paper Pear Saga, and Farm Heroes.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows

Cost: The game can be downloaded for free. However, there are a few in-game items that can be unlocked only after making a purchase.

Introduction: Candy Crush became the most sought after game of all time and gave rise to a new game genre that would rule the gaming industry for years to come. Launched in 2012, Candy Crush is a free-to-play puzzle game that requires you to match similar color candies. Sounds easy? While the game may seem like a child’s play, there are plenty of elements that keep you hooked on the game for hours. Candy Crush has eye-catching graphics and a soothing background music, which is one of the reasons why the game appeals to a large audience.

Soon after its release, Candy Crush became a worldwide phenomenon and the game has been downloaded over 1 billion times from the Play Store. Due to its incredible popularity, King went on to develop and release similar spin-offs of the game like Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Friends, Candy Crush Jelly and Candy Crush Soda.

How to Play

The game plot is simple. You are presented with a grid filled with candies of different colors and shapes. The objective is to match three or more candies of similar colors and remove them from the grid within a limited number of moves. This can be done by swapping the candies from the adjacent rows and columns. The matched candies are removed from the grid and replaced by new candies. The game ends when you exhaust all the moves and fail to meet the objective. You can advance to the next level only when you clear the existing level.

There are several levels in the game, which can be completed in sequence only. That means you cannot skip to a new level. The challenges vary at every level and you need to score the minimum points required to complete the level.

Tips and Tricks

  • In the initial stages of the game, start matching candies at the bottom of the grid. This can create a chain reaction and destroy more candies in the process.
  • Match four or more candies to get a new candy that can be quite useful in the game. For example, a striped candy is formed after matching four candies and this candy clears off all other candies in its row and column.

3. Junglee Rummy

Genre: First-person Shooter

Developer: Junglee Games India Private Limited is a leading gaming company in India. The company was founded in 2012. It has developed several gaming applications like Junglee Rummy, Junglee Teen Patti, and Solitaire Gold. Junglee Games has a huge user base of active online players and it provides an amazing gaming experience.

Platform: Android, iOS and the official website

Cost: The Junglee Rummy app is available for free and you can play free practice games on the platform without paying anything. However, if you want to play cash games, you can make a minimum deposit of Rs 25 and win big cash prizes in cash games and tournaments.

Introduction: Are you looking for an online rummy platform? Do you want to play exciting rummy tournaments and win whopping big cash prizes? If so, Junglee Rummy is the perfect place for you. Junglee Rummy is India’s most trusted online rummy platform. The user count on both the app and the website is more than 50 million and this number keeps increasing every passing day. What could be the reason for the immense popularity of the platform? The game has plenty of big surprises for you, which begin right from the moment you register on the platform. You get a welcome bonus up to Rs 5250, which can be redeemed after making your first deposit. Moreover, you can play an amazing variety of rummy games including free and cash games and tournaments on a daily basis. The tournaments are the most engaging as the cash prizes in them range from lakhs to crores of rupees. Along with that, the platform has several other great features like exclusive offers, the “Refer a Friend” program, and the Loyalty program to keep users engaged and entertained.

How to Play

The play of Junglee Rummy is similar to that of traditional Indian rummy. Two to six players participate in a match. A card deck, including jokers, is used. Each player is dealt 13 cards and the remaining cards are kept in the center of the table. These cards form the open and closed decks. A player is selected at random to make the first move. You have to pick a card from the closed or open pile and discard an unwanted card to the open pile. The objective of the game is to create sequences or sequences and sets out of the 13 cards in your hand. A sequence is a group of consecutive cards from the same suit, whereas a set is a combination of three or four cards of the same rank but different suits.

When you have finished arranging your cards in the required combinations, you need to declare your cards. This can be done by discarding the last unwanted card and clicking the “Finish” button on your screen. By making a valid declaration, you win the game and get zero points.

Tips and Tricks

  • A pure sequence is required to make a valid declaration. So prioritize on arranging your cards in this combination first.
  • The cards in the discard/open pile are revealed to all the players at the table. When you pick a card from this pile, other players may figure out your strategy and prevent you from winning the game. So it is advisable not to pick cards from the discard pile unless it is the final card in a set/sequence.
Plague Inc

4. Plague Inc

Genre: Real-time strategy

Developer: Ndemic Creations is the developer and publisher of Plague Inc. It was founded in 2012 and is based in Bristol, UK. It has over 120 million users worldwide and it continues to create high-quality strategy games. Some notable works by Ndemic Creations include Plague Inc and the Rebel series.

Platform: Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Cost: You can download the game for free onto Android devices and for ?29 onto iOS devices.

Introduction: First released in 2012, Plague Inc. is a popular real-time strategy game that is based on a pandemic situation. In this game, you need to create a pathogen or a virus that causes fatal plague and spreads across the fictional world. When a person gets infected, he/she eventually dies from the disease. You can identify whether a person is infected with basic symptoms like cough and cold. Looking at the premise of the game, it can be said that Plague Inc. is easy to learn and play. There are several scientists who are constantly working to develop an antidote for the virus, which makes it difficult for you to achieve the objective of the game. Nonetheless, it is very interesting and fun to play.

Plague Inc. became very popular during the ebola and coronavirus pandemic.Today it has crossed over 100 millions downloads on the Play Store.

How to Play

The objective of Plague Inc is to wipe out the human race by creating a pathogen and infecting people with a fatal disease. Since there are different game modes, the objective may change slightly depending on the game mode. For example, you may have to infect the world with necroa virus and turn them into zombies. Just remember that the objective must be achieved before humans can find a cure for the disease.

In this game, you play as a pathogen. There are different categories of pathogens and each type has certain characteristics that affect its evolution. At the initial stages of the game, you play as a bacteria and unlock several other pathogens in the later stages. There are different types of plagues like necroa virus, shadow plague, neurax worm, and simian flu.

Tips and Tricks

  • Play in a region that has a cold climate as pathogens grow effectively in cold environments. Russia is the best region to play in the game. Stay wary of hot regions like Africa where the pathogen dies and vanishes quickly.
  • There are evolution points after you achieve certain milestones. They are an important part of the objective and you must achieve them as early as possible.
Plants Vs. Zombies

5. Plants Vs. Zombies

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Plant Vs. Zombies has been developed and published by PopCap Games. Founded in 2000, it is an American video game developer company based in Seattle. It has developed over 50 games out of which Bejeweled and the Plant Vs. Zombies series are very popular.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox and PlayStation

Cost: The game is available for free across platforms. But there are some in-app items that you need to purchase.

Introduction: Ever thought about plants and zombies going one on one against each other? It is difficult to picture them as enemies in the first place. The creators of Plant Vs. Zombies came up with a unique storyline and gave plants the ultimate power to save the world. In this game, you play as a homeowner who is stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. In order to protect your home and survive, you must use plants with special abilities. Throughout the game, you have to collect “sun”, which are used to buy plants and to build an army of plants to fight the zombies. The game ends when a zombie enters your house from any lane.

Plant Vs. Zombies is a typical tower defense game that is easy to understand and play. The user interface and controls of the game are smooth. Its graphics are strikingly beautiful and provide a great gaming experience.

How to Play

The objective of the game is to protect your house from the zombies. There are different types of plants and fungi available in the game. You need to select a few and place them in different areas of the house to prevent the zombies from entering. Each plant has a certain defense style and ability such as shooting and exploding. At the same time, the zombies also have some special powers to defeat the plants. You are allowed to pick only a limited number of plants and they can be bought using sun. Sun can be collected in the game by clicking on the random objects or can be generated by different plants like sunflowers, sunshrooms, and twin sunflowers. When a zombie reaches the right edge of the house lane, they can be killed using a lawnmower. However, when you exhaust the lawnmower, you have to start the level all over again.

Tips and Tricks

  • Before entering a game, take a look at the zombies that will attack the plants. This will help you choose proper plants for that level. There are some zombies that are only defeated by certain plants. For example, bungee zombies can be stopped only by a canopy plant. So make sure to choose the right plant for a particular level.
  • When you defeat a zombie, it gets added to your almanac. So if a zombie escapes or you forget to kill it, you can take a look at the almanac for special benefits. This can be done before selecting a plant and ensuring your defense power in the game.

6. Minecraft

Genre: Sandbox and survival

Developer: Mojang Studios, a Swedish video game company, is the creator of Minecraft. The publishers of the game are Mojang Studios, Microsoft Studios, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The developer has created a variety of games like Crown & Council, the Minecraft series and Caller’s Bane.

Platform: Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Cost: You can download the app for free on all the platforms. However, when the trial period gets over, you have to pay to have full access to the game.

Introduction: The gaming world has simply been blessed by the invention of Minecraft. There was no such genre as sandbox and survival before Minecraft. Since its release, the game has become a pioneer of the genre. First launched in 2011, it is one of the top-selling games of all time, with over 126 million users around the world. This unique game has no story, no special characters, and no drama. Even the graphics of this game are similar to Lego. Yet this game has carved a niche of its own and it has left the world speechless. The game lets you shape a fictional world, which is perceived as a creative play strategy by a lot of game critics.

How to Play

The game can be played in first-person and third-person perspective. You are tasked with constructing buildings in an infinite world made of 3D objects such as cubes, fluids, stone, water, and dirt. The blocks can be arranged in a grid and you can navigate the world freely using the map seed.

Minecraft has a day-night cycle and a game can last for over 20 minutes. There are five game modes: hardcore, survival, creative, adventure, and spectator. You can choose a difficulty level to increase or decrease the difficulty of the game. When you increase the difficulty level, the mobs in the game can cause more damage to your building.

Tips and Tricks

  • Minecraft allows you to select an avatar of your choice. There are different characters available and you can also create your own character
  • One of the strategies to survive in the game is to collect as many resources as possible. You can collect anything like wood, stone, and dirt.
Mario Kart Tour

7. Mario Kart Tour

Genre: Kart-racing

Developer: Nintendo EPD is the developer of Mario Kart Tour. It has developed several popular games like Pokemon Go, The Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing. The publisher of the game is Nintendo, which is also the parent company of Nintendo EPD.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: You can download the game for free, but there are certain special items that can only be purchased.

Introduction: With the Mario Kart series, the makers of the game have brought back the most famous gaming character of all time, Mario. However, this game is totally different from what you played in your childhood. In this game, the character has made an entry into the racing field. Mario Kart Tour is the 14th installment and this game takes the entire series to a whole new level. It is a free-to-play racing game that is easy to play. Along with the trademark Mario character, there’s a whole new bunch of characters that were introduced in the series. They have made a comeback in Mario Kart Tour. The game also has certain elements from the 7th and 8th installments. The game has introduced tours of real cities like Paris, Los Angeles, and New York City.

How to Play

The objective of the game is to control the characters and their respective cars and make them cross the finish line. Mario Kart Tour uses a unique point-based system and you can choose between four different speeds. There is a new format introduced in the game called tours, which are different real-world city themes that last for over two weeks. You can play and complete a tour in 12 to 18 cups. While playing the game, you have to collect the drivers, karts, and gliders in a city tour. If you make it to the top three positions, you will get extra points that will increase your player level.

Tips and Tricks

  • You get a login bonus on logging in every day. This is very useful in the game. So make sure to log in daily even if you don’t play the game every day.
  • After completing a challenge or a cup, you will get rubies, which are the game currency. They can be used in the game in various ways but they cannot be earned easily. So use them wisely in the game.
Fortnite Battle Royale

8. Fortnite Battle Royale

Genre: Battle royale

Developer: Epic Games is the developer and publisher of Fortnite Battle Royale. The company was founded in 1991 and it was formerly known as Potomac Computer Systems. It has developed a variety of video games including ZZT, Silverball, Gear of War, and Infinity Blade.

Platform: iOS and Android

Cost: This game can be downloaded for free across platforms. There are some locked items that can be purchased using real money.

Introduction: Ever since PUBG got banned in India, players started shifting to the next best game in the battle royale genre, Fortnite Battle Royale. The game started off as a replica of PUBG. As time passed, the developer introduced new elements to the game, which made it stand out in the crowd. An addition to the Fortnite series, this game was released in 2017. In 2019, the game received a new makeover. Along with the conventional battle royale gameplay, you have to construct buildings and walls to protect yourself from your enemies.

How to Play

Fortnite Battle Royale is similar to all battle royale games. Hundred players participate in a game and travel on a plane to a distant island. You can play the game in solo and dual modes or with a squad in the multiplayer mode. When you land at your destination, you have to collect weapons and protective gear to defend yourself from your enemies. The ammunition and gear are spread across the buildings and other areas of the island. The objective of the game is to defend yourself and survive till the end. At the same time, you also have to stay within the shrinking safe zone. If you fail to stay within the safe zone, you will lose your health and die in the game. Throughout the game, there are several supply drops that contain special items and weapons.

Tips and Tricks

  • Fortnite is all about survival. So defend yourself when necessary and do not engage in any fight or kill your enemy unnecessarily.
  • Play the game as silently as possible. Instead of walking, try crawling to prevent revealing your location to the enemies.
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

9. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Genre: Social simulation

Developer: The game is developed by Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo. The developer is a division of the multinational gaming company Nintendo. It has created several varieties of games including the Mario Kart series and Pokemon Go.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: You can download the game and play it for free. Although it is a free-to-play gaming, there are a few items that can be purchased with real money.

Introduction: The Animal Crossing series is a popular console game by Nintendo. In this series, you can customize your living spaces and communities by exchanging materials for decorative items. Pocket Camp serves as a spin-off of the original series, predominantly for android and iOS devices. Launched in 2017, this social simulation game allows you to interact with several elements at a campsite, such as engaging with the campers, performing tasks, and decorating spaces.

The mobile version of Animal Crossing brings a lot of new elements to the game. There are on-screen timers everywhere. For example, if you collect a fruit, order furniture or do anything odd, a timer will pop out. Overall, the game is similar to the actual Animal Crossing series. Here if you want to progress to a new level, you can pay cash and move up quickly.

How to Play

The objective of the game is to make the highest number of animals like you and provide you with materials to build a better camp. To make that happen, you have to complete different tasks like gathering fruit and making soup. Along with that, you need to craft furniture pieces to make the animals like you more.

In this game, you are presented with a campsite that is close to a fictional town. You are tasked with decorating the campsite using several materials like wood and cotton from the nearby area. You can befriend a neighboring animal character who can visit your campsite along with other random players in the game. Your character can travel to different locations like islands, seashores and marketplaces to buy clothing and furniture.

If you accede to a request of any neighbor close to your campsite, you will get rewarded with various crafting materials. You can give these materials to a local craftsman who can use them to create furniture, pools and new locations. You can place your furniture at the campsite to attract neighbors. When a neighbor visits your campsite, your relationship experience level increases in the next game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Being a social simulation game, Animal Crossing requires you to become social and make friends with the animals in the game. At the same time, you also need to have human friends in the game to progress to next levels, get materials and bells.
  • Leaf tickets are the game currency. They can be used for completing a special task, progressing to the next level, and receiving rewards for completing a quest. It may be tempting to use these tickets and boost your profile in the game. However, it is advisable to save your leaf tickets and use them for buying useful items like clothes and fortune cookies.
Stardew Valley

10. Stardew Valley

Genre: Simulation and role playing

Developer: Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, is the creator of Stardew Valley. He is also a publisher, artist, composer and musician. He started working on Stardew Valley in 2012 and released it in 2016. The game became popular immediately and Eric was praised for creating an entire game independently.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: The game is available to download for free.

Introduction: Launched in 2016, Stardew Valley is a one-of-a-kind video game that became very popular. This engaging game is highly inspired by the Harvest Moon video game series. The game has an amazing interface and smooth controls.

How to Play

At the beginning of the game, you need to create a character who gets a plot of land and a small house. The land and plot was once owned by the character’s grandfather in a fictional town. You can select from different farm maps, each of which has certain benefits and drawbacks. Initially the plot of land consists of boulders, trees, weeds and stumps. You are tasked with clearing the land to initiate the farming process. Farming is done with the help of animals and farming tools.

Along with farming, you also need to make a name for yourself in the community.

Tips and Tricks

  • There are several new farm maps added to the game. You get the option to choose and play on the original map. Other maps are meant for players who are looking for a challenge in the game. If you are a new player, play on the standard farm. If you want to play on the riverland farm, keep in mind that it is mostly occupied by water, which cuts down the farmable portion of the land.
  • When you hit a worm using a hoe, you find a new item that helps you find lost books in the library. You can also find different artifacts in the museum. So be on the lookout for worms in the game.

Top Smartphone Games FAQs

Is the Mario Kart tour completely free?

No Mario Kart tour is not completely free. You need to spend real money to unlock a few items.

Is Junglee Rummy Available for iOS?

Yes, Junglee Rummy is available on iOS. You can go to the App Store to download the game on your device.

Does Animal Crossing have an ending?

Animal Crossing is a social simulation game that does not have an ending. At a certain point in the game, you’re given an island and tasked to improve it so that you attract more villagers.

Do you die in Stardew Valley?

You cannot die while playing Stardew Valley. However, you get knocked out from lower energy levels or if your character stays up until 2.00 am.

Is it safe to install rummy apk on a smartphone?

Yes, of course. We know that many of you get anxious while downloading an app/game from an external source. But, it is absolutely safe only when you download from a trusted website. Before you go installing rummy APK file in your smartphone, here are a few checkpoints:

1. Check for the website and see if they provide SSL (secure socket layered) security.

2. When you see a third party link, do not click on the link.

3. Always ensure strong internet connectivity before downloading the app on your smartphone.

If you want to download a rummy APK file, you can visit We are a trusted platform for online rummy games with a user count of more than 50 million users. You can play a variety of games including free, cash and tournaments available in three different variations - points, pool and deals.

While downloading the APK file in your android phone, you might receive a notification asking you to enable ‘Install from Unknown Source’. Well, you don’t have to worry about this. It is a function in every android device especially when you download from a third party website. We recommend you enable this setting to complete rummy APK download in your smartphone.

  • Ballz Game
  • Candy Crush
  • Junglee Rummy
  • Plague Inc.
  • Plants Vs. Zombies
  • Minecraft
  • Mario Kart Tour
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • Stardew Valley