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Evergreen Traditional Games You Can Play Online

Traditional Games Online There are many evergreen board games that never go out of style. For example, monopoly and ludo are popular favorites and are often played during family events and with friends. Guess what? These games are now available online and you can play them on your smartphones as well as PCs. If you are looking to play some traditional games online, here are our top picks:

Carrom Club

1. Carrom Club: A Disc Pool Carrom Board Multiplayer

Genre: Board game

Publisher: Carrom Club is developed and published by Butterbox Games. It has created many other casual games like Ludo Khelo and Jungle Safari Hunter.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: You can download and play the game for free.

Introduction: We all have played carrom in our childhood but did it ever occur to you that you can also win money by playing this evergreen game? The skills you developed in your childhood can be put to great use now in the online cash game called Carrom Club. This app offers exciting promotions where you can win exciting cash prizes. The smooth user interface takes you back to your childhood days.

Carrom Club has kept everyone hooked with its varied game rooms where you can play carrom in different settings. The graphics are appealing and the gameplay is effortless and easy-flowing. If you’re ready to relive your childhood days and win some money while playing your favorite game, this is an amazing app for you.

Carrom Club features over 1000 unique challenges that keep you on your toes. There is a survival mode where you can create a winning streak and maintain it. Along with it, the game offers two multiplayer game modes: local and online.

Play: The play is similar to that of real-world carrom. Two to four players play on a board with four pockets at four corners. The game is played using carrom men, a queen and a striker. Carrom men or pucks are black and white discs and the queen is red or pink. The striker is larger than the pucks. The pucks are arranged at the center of the board in a hexagonal pattern. The objective of the game is to pot the queen followed by a puck of your chosen color. For example, if you are playing with white pucks, you need to pot the queen followed by a white carrom man.

The game begins with the first player breaking the arrangement. You should place the striker on one of the two circles or the horizontal lines and aim at the respective disc. Then hit the striker to pot the disc. You should be careful while playing the game online. You must play practice games to perfect your skills and beat real players.

Quick Tips

  1. The cut-and-take shot is a useful trick in carrom. The cut shot directs the puck in a different direction and the striker pockets another carrom man. You can also pocket the queen using this trick.
  2. The second hit is a great way to avoid any obstructions while aiming at the puck. In this trick, the carrom man that obstructs your original aim is pocketed. However, the second hit is very tricky and it only works when the obstructing carrom man and the original aim lie in the same line. This trick also works when you have great aiming skills.
Cluedo Game

2. Cluedo

Genre: Board game

Publisher: Marmalade Game Studios is a London-based independent game developer and publisher company. It has created digital versions of many classic games, including Battleship, Sudoku and Monopoly.

Platform: Android, iOS, PC

Cost: Cluedo is available for Rs. 200 for Android devices and Rs. 349 for iOS devices.

Introduction: Launched in 2017, Cluedo is a strategy board game, a digital remake of the classic board game called Clue. Clue was originally designed by Anthony Pratt in 1949 and manufactured by Waddingtons. Later the game was purchased by Hasbro.

Cluedo brings many new elements to the classic board game. Now players can choose a character from six characters or select from dozens of paid characters. Along with the classic board, players can also purchase different themed boards such as Vampire Castle, Sherlock, Egyptian Adventure and Murder Express. Players can choose to play solo, with friends or challenge any players online.

The creators have done an amazing job with the app visuals and artwork. The characters are more vivid and the rooms have very realistic visualization. The game soundtrack creates suspense. Each room has a specific sound and differs as and when you change the location. With appealing creatives and great sound effects, the app provides an immersive gaming experience.

Play: The play is similar to that of the original board game. The goal is to find ‘Who with What weapons and Where’. Players with strong reasoning and deduction skills can solve the mystery quicker. The game begins with three random cards that are related to a murder: suspect, weapon and room. The cards are hidden and the unselected cards are passed to other players in the game. A player is chosen at random to play first. They roll the dice and move closer to the room. If they enter the room, it will be a part of their accusation. Then they have to select a suspect and weapon to include in the accusation. If one or two out of three cards are with the next player, he/she must reveal the cards. The player who finds out the murder cards and accuses them in the right room wins the game.

Quick Tips

  • It is not possible to eliminate options for killing cards, but narrowing down your options at the earliest will give you an advantage over other players. So it is useful to make suggestions and eliminate cards at every turn.
  • You can put forward any character or weapon anywhere on the board, but the room suggestions are confined to your location. This is why it is difficult to figure out a room. So it is important to prioritize them. Whenever you enter a room, just make a suggestion. Also don’t get carried away when someone suggests and drags you to another room. Take a pause and inspect the room. If you don’t find it suitable, just make a suggestion and move on to the next room.

3. Junglee Rummy

Publisher: Junglee Games India Private Limited is an Indian gaming company based in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company was founded in 2012 and it has created many popular games, including, Junglee Rummy, Teen Patti and Solitaire Gold.

Cost: The game can be downloaded for free.

Platform: Android, iOS and the official website

Introduction: When talking about evergreen games, rummy ought to make it to the list. It is one of the most popular card games of all time. With the advent of online rummy, it has become a part of our daily lives. Junglee Games realized the potential of online rummy and created a digital version of the game called Junglee Rummy. It has been about a decade since the game was launched and it is now recognized as the most trusted rummy platform in India. There are different varieties of rummy games including free, cash, and practice games and tournaments. You can select a game of your choice and play it in any one of the following three variants: points, deals and pool.

Junglee Rummy is the largest online rummy community with over 50 million active users. If you are looking for challenging and competitive games, you can enter rummy tournaments on the platform throughout the year. Don’t worry if you are a new player. You can play unlimited practice games, which can be accessed using free chips. There are many perks like loyalty points, a welcome bonus and referral bonuses.

Play: Junglee Rummy predominantly offers the Indian rummy variant. The play of this variant is similar to that of the traditional game. Two to six players participate in a game, which is played using one or two card decks including Jokers. Players are seated in a typical rummy game setting and each player gets 13 cards. The goal is to match and group these cards into sequences or sequences and sets. The first player to meld cards and make a valid declaration wins the game.

Sequences: A sequence is a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. Usually two types of sequences are created: pure sequence and impure (hybrid) sequence. While the former is mandatory for a valid declaration and does not use a joker, the latter consists of a joker.

Sets: A set is a combination of three or four cards of the same rank but different suits. Jokers can also be used in a set.

Jokers: It is a trump card that is used to replace any missing card in a sequence or set. There are two types of jokers: wild and printed. The first card selected at the beginning of the game is the wild joker. The selected card and all other cards of the same rank are wild jokers in the game.

The game begins with drawing a card from the two piles at the center of the table: open pile and closed pile. After picking a card, you need to discard an unwanted card within 50 seconds. You have to follow the same process on every turn and arrange all the cards in your hand in required combinations. On arranging all the cards, discard the unwanted card and click on the “Finish” button to declare your cards. You get zero points for a valid declaration and a penalty of 80 points for an invalid declaration.

Quick Tips

  • Retain middle cards like 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s and 8s. These cards can be arranged into sequences more easily.
  • It is impossible to make a valid declaration without a pure sequence. So it is vital to prioritize making this combination first.
  • Avoid picking any cards from the discard pile as far as possible as your opponent may be watching your moves continuously.
Chess (

4. Chess

Publishers: Board game

Developer: originally belonged to Afficionado, which developed it to promote a chess software called Chess Mentor. It was later purchased by two friends Jay and Erik, who reinvented the brand in 2007. It is the world's most successful space for online chess and has over 50 million active users worldwide. supports over 50 world champions, coaches and professionals. The platform also provides an opportunity to create content and mentor people.

Cost: You can download the app for free, but the app contains in-app items that can be purchased starting from ₹54.

Platform: Android, iOS and the official website

Introduction: No other brain game could ever match the popularity of chess. It is one of the oldest strategy games in the world and it continues to dominate the gaming space. Thanks to, the game is now available in the virtual space as well. is a popular platform with estimated 50 million active users. Over one million chess games are played every day on the platform. The platform enables you to learn, practice and play with real players from around the world. You can play free as well as paid games.

You can play different varieties of chess games. There is an option to pick from 20 board themes, backgrounds and 3D chess pieces. There is also a chat feature that allows you to connect with players around the world.

Play: follows the same rules as real-world chess. The game is played on a virtual 8x8 grid checkerboard with white and black squares. Two players are pitted against each other with 16 unique pieces: a king, a queen, two knights, two bishops, two rooks and eight pawns. The queen is the most powerful piece and the pawn is the weakest one. The objective is to checkmate your rival’s king. This can be done by strategically placing your pieces, eliminating the rival’s pieces and blocking the passage of the king. But every move must be made within the given time limit. If you cannot make a move in the given time, you lose the game.

Quick Tips

  • Do not play the queen in the initial stage of the game. You should save this powerful piece for the end. Instead try to play knights and bishops to protect your king.
  • At the beginning of the game, do not play a piece more than once. Playing a piece multiple times allows your opponent to develop the pieces faster. The trick is to play a piece once or twice and prevent your opponent’s chances.
  • Place the rooks in the open columns of the board. Rooks move in a horizontal or vertical direction. So it becomes very difficult to activate them. If you castle the king early, you can bring this piece to the center of the board.
Ludo King

5. Ludo King

Genre: Board game

Publisher: Gametion Technologies Private Limited is the creator of Ludo King. It is an Indian game developer company that focuses on delivering the best casual games for everyone. In 2020, Ludo King became the first Indian app to cross 100 million downloads on the Play Store.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

Cost: You can download the game for free but there are a few in-app items that require you to spend money.

Introduction: Launched in 2016, Ludo King is the online adaptation of the traditional game of ludo. It became very popular during the lockdown and it is the only Indian app to cross 100 million downloads on Play Store. The game offers a realistic board game experience. Along with the traditional four-player mode, the developers have also introduced a 6-player mode. There are certain features like different themes, game modes, chat support and Facebook connect that allow you to challenge and play with your friends.

Play: Ludo King follows the basic play of traditional ludo. The goal is to move all the pieces to the finish line, i.e. the center of the board. Two to six players participate in a game and play using 4 tokens. You can only make the first move after rolling a six on a dice. After opening the tokens, you need to place them strategically to reach the finish line.

While playing the game, other players may land on your token and send it back home. So it is important to place and move the pieces carefully. When a token reaches the center of the board, you will get a chance to roll the dice.

Quick Tips

  1. Free coins allow you to play for a long period of time. Log in every day to collect free coins.
  2. Open all the pieces at the beginning of the game. This is because playing with one or two pieces is a bit risky as your opponent may send your pieces back home.
  3. Always stay 7 steps ahead from your opponent. This strategy will help you stay safe as your opponent cannot cut your token even after getting a six.
UNO Online

6. UNO! Online

Genre: Card game

Publisher: Mattel163 is the creator and publisher of Uno! Online. The company was founded in 2017 and it is a joint venture of Mattel and NetEase. It has created several mobile games based on iconic toys from Mattel including Phase 10.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: You can download and play the game for free.

Introduction: Who doesn’t like playing Uno? This classic card game has been all the rage of late. Released in 2015, Uno! Online is the digital version of the classic card game. The game has become very popular in a short period of time. Today the game has over 50 million downloads on the Play Store and over 200 million players worldwide. The game features new game modes and allows you to connect with your friends and family.

Play: In Uno! Online, a player has to match the symbol or the color of the last played card. This can be done by discarding and picking cards from the closed pile. The player who matches all the cards wins the game. You have to say “Uno” and press the button when you have only 1 card left. It can be played by four players and it is usually played for three rounds.

Uno! Online offers different game modes, including the basic mode where you can join the game and play by traditional rules. There are other features like the private room, in-game chat, tournaments and leaderboards.

Quick Tips

  • The objective of Uno is to minimize the number of cards in your hand. At the same time, you should increase the number of cards in your opponent’s hand. While playing the game, count the number of cards left with your opponents.
  • When a player has too many cards and changes to a certain color, you must quickly change the color as you might not otherwise be able to get rid of your cards easily.
  • Save important cards for later stages in the game. Playing them early will leave you high and dry, especially in case of an emergency.
Boggle With Friends

7. Boggle With Friends

Genre: Word game

Publisher: Boggle with Friends is a game by Zynga, an American video game company. The company was founded in 2007 by five people and it is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Popular for developing social video games, Zynga has developed over 71 games including Gun Gang, Black Diamond and Crossword Puzzle.

Cost: You can download the game for free on both the platforms.

Platform: Android and iOS

Introduction: Are you good with words? Time to put your skills to test with Boggle with Friends. Launched in 2017, this game is a new take on the classic board game Hasbro. The game is loaded with a variety of features like different game modes, Facebook features and daily challenges. You can play with your friends, family and new players online and challenge them to spell a word within the given time limit.

If you are new to the game, you can train in the solo play mode and improve your word skills. If you are good with words, you can directly enter tournaments and play with top players in the lightning fast rounds.

Boggle with Friends is available in nine different languages and you can play the game online as well as offline.

Play: The game is played on a grid of random words. The objective is to create as many words as you can and earn points. The points depend on the letters used and their placing on the grid. The words formed should be linked to each other. You cannot use any random letters on the board.

Quick Tips

  • You should train your eyes to spot words quickly. Initially it can be difficult to find many words and you might be able to find only a few four-letter words. But if you play the game regularly, you will be able to quickly spot the words.
  • There is no standard rule to spot words in the grid. Nevertheless, you can develop a system to find words quickly. For example, start looking from bottom to top or vice versa and stick to it. Creating a strategy and sticking to it will help you go a long way.
Battleship Online

8. Battleship Online

Genre: Board game

Publisher: Marmalade Game Studios is an independent game developer and publisher company. It is based in London and has another branch in Lisbon. It has created digital versions of many classic games, including Monopoly, Sudoku and Clue/Cluedo.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: The game is available to download for ₹349 onto iOS devices and ₹520 onto Android devices.

Introduction: Battleship is the online version of Hasbro's classic board game of naval combat. In this classic board game, two players compete with each other and they need to position at least 5 ships each on the grid. The objective is to sink the opposing player’s ships. To attack the opponent, players have to mention the grid number, for example E5. The app version follows the same outline as that of the classic board game but there are a few changes when it comes to attacking an opponent. Players need to tap the area where they want to attack their opponent. The game features some amazing visuals that double the excitement of players.

Brain Dots has clean design and the play is simple and straightforward. Anyone can play this game as there is no age limit. The game tests your logical reasoning and analytical skills. There are many interesting features including one where you can create a stage and your own puzzle for everyone on the platform.

Battleship has two different modes: classic and commanders mode. In the classic mode, players engage in a classic one-on-one combat. The commanders mode is a fast-paced and strategic variation of the classic board game. In this mode, players get to play with naval commanders and have to employ several resources to activate their special abilities. Along with different modes, players get to control the commander's fleet that has unique abilities and can be deployed in different parts of the world.

In Battleship, players have to complete missions to earn medals and boost their ranks to become the ultimate commander. There are single-player and multiplayer modes too.

Quick Tips

  • When your opponent scores a hit on your grid, they will likely target that point from the remaining ship. So do not move around the same grid for the rest of the game.
  • Do not mirror the ship placement. For example, if you have placed a ship at the lower right corner of the board, do not place another ship at the top right or diagonally opposite to other ships. Your opponent may attack both the ships at once.
  • If you know your opponent, you use their state of mind to your benefit. If they think you place the ships closer, you can go for a spacious layout instead.
Catan Universe

9. Catan Universe

Genre: Board game

Publisher: Catan Universe has been developed by Exozet Game and it is published by United Soft Media Verlag GmbH. United Soft Media is a popular German publishing company. It has published a wide range of audio books, video games and software. Some popular digital products published by the company are Catan Universe, Die Drei and Redshift Sky.

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Nintendo Switch

Cost: The game is available for free across all the platforms.

Introduction: Launched in 2017, Catan Universe is the online version of a popular classic game called Settlers of Catan. In this game, players have reached the coast of an island called Catan but there are other explorers who have also landed on the island and are ready to battle for it. Players have to build roads, construct cities, initiate trade between cities and become the ultimate ruler of the island.

Catan Universe has amazing graphics and a multiplayer mode that keeps players coming back for more. New players can start playing on the basic board in the multiplayer mode and in the introductory game for Catan - The Duel. After playing for a while, players can win the title “Arrival on Catan” and unlock the single-player and custom-match mode.

Play: Catan Universe allows players to play the classic base game and two-player card game with a single app. This free-to-play game has five different game modes: First Island, Cities & Knights, Rivals for Catans, Seafarers and Rise of Inkas. Rivals for Catan is a two-player card game. Seafarers and Cities & Knights are extensions of the base game and require players to unlock the First Island mode. First Island has a free match option whereas Rivals of Catan only has a free introduction game.

The common game modes include single-player, auto-match, custom-match and tutorial. From single-player to multiplayer, each game mode has coins that need to be unlocked during the game. The Catan Universe also provides an opportunity to earn scrolls that can be used temporarily to unlock expansions.

Quick Tips

  • Trading is a two-way process and it benefits both the parties. If you are trading with your opponent who has won a few deals before, they might outperform you and win the game. If your opponent is only one or two points away from winning, you should avoid trading with them.
  • You should have only one settlement on a number, such as six or eight, rather than two settlements on the same number. By creating two settlements on the same number, you become vulnerable to losing half of your cards when you roll a seven. No matter how tempting it is, do not create more than one settlement in an area.
Monopoly Online

10. Monopoly Online

Genre: Board game

Publisher: Marmalade Game Studios is an independent game developer and publisher company. It is based in London and has another branch at Lisbon. It has created digital versions of many classic games, including Battleship, Sudoku and Clue/Cluedo

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: The game is available for ₹400 for iOS devices.

Introduction: Monopoly is one of the most popular strategy board games of all time. It was an impossible feat to provide a real-world experience of playing Monopoly in the virtual world. However, Marmalade Game Studios took a plunge and it has succeeded in its attempt. Monopoly was launched in 2019 and it is available as a paid game only. The play is similar to that of the classic board game by Hasbro. The objective of the game is to become a rich landlord by buying, selling, building and scheming throughout the game.

Monopoly is loved by people all over the world. Its online version has received critical acclaim and the game has received a 4.3-star rating on the Play Store. The game is available to play online as well as offline.

Play: Players have to roll a dice and play on a game board that has spaces marked as purchasable properties, chance or community chest, tax, and Go to Jail. Players begin the game at the “Go” space and collect $200 every time they move across the board. The objective of the game is to make the opponents go bankrupt. This can be done by buying property and collecting rent from other players.

Monopoly Online offers a 3D gaming experience. Its quality of graphics and animation can impress even the most traditional players. Every property on the board is fully animated and players can check out different locations like Park Place and St. James Place. The tokens at several locations are animated and travel to the player’s spaces. With its brilliant features and gameplay, Monopoly Online definitely brings back one’s childhood memories.

Quick Tips

  • Create monopolies at different locations to acquire all the properties of the same color. Stop at every player space and get all the properties of the same color. Try to land at places where players are building a monopoly. Either way, you can trade with someone to hold the property.
  • Having more than one railroads gives you a multiplier without having to build one. Railroads pay more than any other property on the map. On the other hand, utilities do not pay much and are not as good an investment as railroads.

Traditional Games FAQs

What board games can you play online?

There are many classic boards games that you can play online. Some of them include Carrom, Chess, Ludo, and Monopoly.

Is Uno online free?

Yes, you can play Uno Online for free across all the platforms.

Can you play Monopoly on an iPhone?

Yes, you can play Monopoly on an iPhone. The download cost of the game is ₹400.

Can you play Boggle online with friends?

Of course, Boggle with Friends is an online multiplayer game and you can enjoy with your friends too.

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