Junglee Rummy Leaderboards

November will now get hot! Because, Junglee Rummy Leaderboards just got even more interesting. With daily leaderboard, 3 day special leaderboard & monthly leaderboards, you win upto Rs.40 Lacs in November. Play every day to top the leaderboards!

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Leaderboard schedule

Pro Star Leaderboard
Period Prize Money Winners Minimum Deposit
5 - 7 November 2018 Rs.4,00,000 30 Rs.2000
10 - 11 November 2018 Rs.2,00,000 20 Rs.1000
12 - 14 November 2018 Rs.3,00,000 20 Rs.1000
19 - 21 November 2018 Rs.3,00,000 50 Rs.500
23 - 25 November 2018 Rs.4,00,000 50 Rs.500
27 - 29 November 2018 Rs.3,00,000 50 Rs.500

All Star Daily Leaderboard

Period Daily Prize Money Daily Winners Minimum Deposit
8 - 9 November 2018 Rs.1,00,000 20 Rs.1000
15 - 18 November 2018 Rs.1,00,000 20 Rs.1000

Mega Star Monthly Leaderboard
Period Monthly Prize Money Monthly Winners Minimum Deposit
1 - 30 November 2018 Rs.10,00,000 1000 Rs.2000

Terms and Conditions

  1. Players need to deposit the minimum amount mentioned in the above tables to be eligible for every type of leaderboard.
  2. Only the players who secure top rank as per the leaderboard will be eligible to win.
  3. Winners will get ranked basis their wagering* & get corresponding prize from the total pool.
  4. Players must update their valid email Ids and contact numbers to avail the prizes.
  5. If your KYC is not approved, the winning of the promotion will not be credited to your account.
  6. Daily Leaderboard will reset at 00:01 hours every day.
  7. Special & Monthly Leaderboard will refresh at 00:15 & 12:15 hours every day.
  8. Monthly Leaderboard will run from 1st November 2018 till 30th November 2018.
  9. Daily & 3 Day Special Leaderboard will run as per schedule mentioned above.
  10. Prize money for all leaderboard winners will be credited within 72 hours from the day of announcement of final rank.
  11. All standard Junglee Rummy terms and conditions apply.
  12. The decision of Junglee Rummy management is final in case of any disputes.

*Note: What is Wagering?
Wagering = Table Entry Fee X Number of Games
If you play 10 games on Rs.40 Tables, your wagering would be 400. You can also wager the same by playing 5 games on Rs.80 tables.