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Junglee Rummy Loyalty Program

We appreciate and value player loyalty, and give our loyal players very special treatment by offering them an opportunity to earn Loyalty Points, which they can redeem for Loyalty Rewards. The more cash games you play, the more loyalty points you earn!

How Does Loyalty Program work?

What are Loyalty Points?

Loyalty points sit at the core of your loyalty program and define your loyalty club and the rewards. The loyalty rewards can be instant cash and a host of other bonuses. All the applicable benefits can be availed by a user for his loyalty club.

What are Loyalty Clubs?

There are different clubs in our Loyalty Program. As you earn more Loyalty Points, you will be upgraded to a higher club automatically. The benefits of upgrading to a higher loyalty club include but are not limited to Bigger Loyalty Bonuses, earning Loyalty Points quicker etc.

Your loyalty club gets updated at midnight every day. To know how many Loyalty Points are required to upgrade yourself to a higher club, you can click on the Loyalty section in the Lobby.

How do I earn Loyalty Points?

You earn loyalty points by playing cash Rummy games ( Points / Pool / Deal Variant of Cash Rummy). For every Rs. 100 you wager*, you earn 1 Loyalty Point.

*Total Wagering = Cash Game Entry Fee X Number of Games Played at that cash table
Total LP = Total Wagering / 100

If you play 10 games in a day at a Rs. 40 entry fee cash game, your total wagering will be Rs. 400. You can also wager the same amount by playing 5 games at a Rs. 80 entry fee cash game.The loyalty points earnt in the above scenario will be 5 Loyalty Points

Additionally the loyalty points earnt are rounded off after every cash game the user plays. Lastly if a user is playing on cash tables which are lower than 25 Rs entry fee, his loyalty points will be cumulated for the entire day and will be disbursed one time at the end of the day.

Example: If a user plays 2 games on 40 Rs cash table, he will earn his rounded off loyalty points at the end of the day by the calculation(Sum total of Wagering)/100, i.e 80/100 or 1 LP will be given in this case at the end of the day.

How do I check my Loyalty Points?

Go to the ACCOUNT section (top right corner) in the Game Lobby and select the “Loyalty” tab to view your Loyalty Points summary and also the detailed transaction of your earned loyalty points. You can also do the same on the mobile by tapping on the “Menu” icon and selecting the “Loyalty Points” option.

How do I redeem my Loyalty Points?

There are two ways to redeem your loyalty points:

1. Go to the “ACCOUNT” section in the Game Lobby and click on the “Loyalty Points” tab. Click on the “Redeem” button and your loyalty rewards will reflect in your account.
2. You can follow the same steps on the mobile: Tap on the “Menu” icon, select the “Loyalty Points” option and tap on the “Redeem” button.

What are Loyalty Bonuses?

As of now, you can redeem your Loyalty points for instant cash which you can use to play more cash rummy games. Soon we'll be introducing many more interesting ways to redeem your Loyalty Bonuses.

How do I become a club member?

Every registered player is a part of Junglee Rummy Loyalty Program. A new player to Junglee Rummy is assigned a club status of NA. As he starts wagering on cash games, his loyalty club upgrades to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond or Platinum.

How can I check my current club status?

Your club status is visible in the top section of the game lobby on the web. On the mobile, you can check your club status by tapping on the “Menu” icon and selecting the “Loyalty Points” option.

How are Loyalty Clubs upgraded or downgraded?

You Loyalty Club status gets updated every day once at midnight (00:15 hours). Your club status will be upgraded if you have wagered the amount required to move to a higher club. Your club status downgrades if you fail to meet the minimum wagering required to be the club member.

Your average wagering for last 30 days is considered while defining your Loyalty Club status.

What is the validity of Loyalty Points?

Your Loyalty Points will expire after the validity period applicable to your Loyalty Club. Currently, all Clubs have a Validity of 60 days.

Can I buy Loyalty Points?

No, you cannot buy Loyalty Points on Junglee Rummy. You can only earn them by playing cash rummy games.

Can I transfer my Loyalty Points to another player’s account?

No, you cannot transfer your Loyalty Points to any other player’s account.

Terms and conditions +
  1. Only players who have played at least one cash game on our portal are eligible for Loyalty Points.
  2. Loyalty Points will be calculated and updated at the end of each cash game. There would be a final balancing of Loyalty Points at the end of each day.
  3. The amount to be wagered to earn 1 Loyalty Point can be changed by the Junglee Rummy Management at any time without any prior notice.
  4. Loyalty Points can be earned by playing cash Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy games in the 13-card format and 21-card format of the game.
  5. Loyalty Points cannot be earned by playing Cash Tournaments or Freerolls (free-entry tournaments).
  6. If a player does not play even a single cash game during the validity period of his/her Loyalty Points, he/she will be downgraded to a lower club.
  7. All the standard Junglee Rummy Terms and Conditions apply. Any violation of the Terms and Conditions may result in a player’s disqualification from the Loyalty Program.
  8. The decision of Junglee Rummy Management shall be final and binding in case of any disputes.