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Junglee Rummy Welcome Bonus

Junglee Rummy is home to the biggest bonuses in the industry! And to welcome you, we have multiple offers for you to choose from on your first deposit. A little boost to make you win big!

Welcome Bonus Code

You have the privilege of selecting the bonus offer given below. But you can choose WIN1000 for the first deposit. Hint: Use WIN1000, where you get a 100% Bonus up to Rs. 1,000.

Here are the offers


Welcome Bonus

Deposit Range


100% up to Rs. 1,000

Rs. 200 to Rs. 10000

How to Use the Bonus Code

Step 1: Log in to your Junglee Rummy account and click on the ADD CASH INSTANTLY Button.

Step 2:: Using the promo code WIN1000, enter a minimum amount of Rs. 200 and click on the CONTINUE button.

Step 3: Choose your method of payment (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/E-Wallet/Cash Card) and click on the PAY NOW button.

Validity of the Welcome Bonus

The validity of the Welcome Bonus is 15 days from the date of using the Bonus Code. No part of the Welcome Bonus will be added to a player’s account after the 15-day offer period. So play as many cash games as possible and use the entire bonus that you can get as the Welcome Bonus.

Welcome Bonus - Terms & Conditions

1. This offer is available to all the players who deposit cash into their JungleeRummy.com accounts for the first time.

2. This offer is valid for only 1 deposit per player.

3. WIN1000 (100% Bonus up to Rs. 1000). When you make a deposit between Rs. 200 to Rs. 10000, the bonus code WIN1000 is auto-applied to your deposit and you become eligible for the bonus

Bonus disbursement : The welcome bonus will be disbursed into your account, as you play cash rummy games, at the rate of 5% of the amount you pay to your opponent when he/she wins a game against you. For example, if you lose points rummy game and pay Rs. 100 to your opponent, you will instantly receive Rs. 5 (5% of the amount paid to the opponent), which will be transferred from your Bonus Balance directly to your Main Account. The disbursement of the bonus will continue until the bonus offer expires or until you have received all of your bonus balance available for the bonus code. To see the details of your bonus disbursement, click on the “My Account” button at the top right of the Junglee Rummy page. Then click on “History” to view your transaction history, which includes the details of your bonus disbursement for every game.

Example: If you deposit Rs. 800, you will get Rs. 800 bonus in addition to your own deposit amount. The welcome bonus will be disbursed at the rate of 5% of the winnings you pay to your opponent.

4. Claim Period:The Welcome Bonus must be earned (disbursed) within 15 days of depositing cash. Cash must be deposited in the offer period and using the correct promo code.

5. No part of the Welcome Bonus will be added to a player’s account after the 15-day validity of the bonus expires.

6. It is mandatory to use the correct promo code while depositing cash to be eligible for a Welcome Bonus.

7. One player can have only one account on JungleeRummy.com. If multiple accounts of a player are detected, all the bonus amounts in all the accounts of the player will be forfeited and the accounts will be frozen.

8. No Bonus may be claimed in conjunction with any other bonus offered for the same period by Junglee Rummy. Once you activate the bonus code, any previous bonus codes active in your account will become invalid automatically. You will get the benefits of only the latest, active bonus code.

9. The Welcome Bonus offer may be withdrawn by Junglee Rummy at any time if you violate any conditions of the Terms of Service on www.JungleeRummy.com.

10. The decision of the Junglee Rummy Management shall be final and binding in case of any dispute.