6 Concrete Reasons to Justify that Rummy is a Game of Skill


Social card games like rummy have been with us for a very long time. In fact, the game is so popular in the country that the main festivals and similar occasions seem incomplete without rummy games. As you know, the game is both fun and challenging for the players. The Rummy rules, challenges and strategies reiterate the fact that rummy is truly a skill based game.

6 Reasons why rummy is a game of skill

With the recent growth in online rummy portals, the misconceptions about rummy have been busted, and the overall awareness of the game has increased. However, some people believe that the game involves luck. Below are six concrete reasons to prove them wrong and justify the fact that rummy is a game of skill.

Reason #1: Nature of the game

Rummy is a game where you need to meld cards into sequences and sets. Especially, according to the Indian rummy rules of play, the cards are shuffled before dealing which diminishes the odds of receiving the same hand twice. Hence, you cannot have a one-size-fits-all solution each time that you play. Therefore, you need to possess certain skills that prove vital for winning at rummy.

Reason #2: Luck has no place

In rummy, luck or chance has no role to play in the game. The only chance perhaps could be limited to the dealing of the cards at the start of the game. If you have played the game, you can understand that you need to hone your skills through regular practice alone.

Reason #3: Skills are crucial

Being an expert rummy player calls for a certain level of analytical and mathematical skills to understand the probability of cards and their possible sequences. Players with excellent memory skills can outperform other players. They also need to be aware of the opponent’s moves and should possess a great level of emotional maturity while playing to win the game. Reasoning ability to make wise decisions also counts as vital skills for an expert rummy player.

Reason #4: Strategy plays a key role

At rummy, strategies devised have a two-pronged effect on the game. One, your strategy should help you meld your cards at hand better in a stipulated time. Two, your strategy should also lessen the chances of winning of your opponent.

Reason #5: Need a focused mind

If the rummy was dependent on luck or chance then, despite a rough day you could still try your luck at rummy. On the contrary, while playing rummy, you need great concentration that takes cognisance of the rummy rules and tricks and works analytically to devise winning strategies.

Reason #6: The Legal verdict

The Supreme Court verdict is the conclusive proof of rummy being a game of skill. The apex court recognised that rummy requires certain intellectual expertise, experience and mental skills to master the game. It is not entirely dependent on chance or luck. Hence, playing online rummy in India is legal.


Rummy is undoubtedly a game of skill and not driven by luck or chance. Hence, know the rules of Indian rummy well and practice regularly.

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