How Rummy is Advancing in the PC & Mobile Gaming Industry


With the current growth trends in India, it is expected that India will rise to the top of the global gaming industry in the coming years. The scope of India-centric games remains imperative in the industry, and the scope of finding and exploring more games like rummy can make a huge difference in the industry. Social card games like Rummy and Teen Patti from India are the major contributor of revenue in the industry.

Rummy in the Indian Gaming Industry

Rummy being a game that is of massive interest in India, it has been able to make the charts trend. In India, rummy is a game of cultural and traditional significance, and it is the main reason for the love of the game till date. Online rummy platforms like Junglee Rummy have offered players with a trusted platform to enjoy the game seamlessly. There are many new players from India are interested in online rummy. We provide our new players with the opportunity to learn and advance as amazing rummy players. Our comprehensive tutorial section covers videos on how to play Indian rummy and strategies for beginners.

In the current scenario, Rummy is advancing as one of the most grossing online game in India. The competition in the industry has also grown significantly, and there are some new budding rummy platforms. Being a game of skill, Rummy provides the users with an incredible experience that no other card game can offer. This is the main reason for the success of the game in India.

Rummy in Mobile Platforms

Currently, India is the fifth largest mobile app industry in the world contributing decent revenue.  According to the latest studies, social card games like Rummy, and Teen Patti tend to show more monetization capabilities in the mobile platforms as compared to other games. This means that Rummy is again a winner in mobile as well; this is true as players have the opportunity to play their favourite tournament on the go. The studies also show that has been an increase by 120% in the time spent by players on social card games in 2016 as compared to the previous year.

As time passes, it is sure that Rummy will evolve into the next-gen gaming platforms. The digitisation of Rummy was an excellent decision that has helped the gaming industry in India to break the boundaries. The Indian gaming industry was able to make a fantastic entry to be noticed by the global gaming industry because of the India’s most loved card games.

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