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Fair Play Policy

JungleeRummy.com encourages its players to play rummy in a healthy and competitive spirit. True rummy players play like real gentlemen and exhibit great etiquette and sportsmanship. As a leading online rummy games site, JungleeRummy.com follows a comprehensive Fair Play Policy to safeguard the real spirit of competition at the tables.

Chat Privileges

Chatting represents the social aspect of online rummy. Players can interact with others in real time and discuss game-related or other topics. Misuse of chat facility is a gross violation of Fair Play Policy and JungleeRummy.com takes stringent measures against any form of misuse. The Chat feature is subject to compliance with Terms of Service and misuse of the feature could lead to suspension of membership at JungleeRummy.com.

Profanity: JungleeRummy.com is committed to protect its players against fraud and collusion. In order to achieve a pure environment of fair play, all games are monitored 24x7 with anti-fraud algorithm. Anti-collusion measures are taken immediately as the game starts and continues it ends. Special checks on 2-player tables take place continuously to prevent any form of fraud.

Flooding: Multiple and continuous sending of chat messages is forbidden.

Sales: Players are not allowed to put over sales pitch regarding the sale of chips at JungleeRummy.com. Such act could lead to suspension of account.

Solicitation: Players are not permitted to request for play chips or real money in the chat window.

Fraudulent Behaviour: Comments with the intention of causing collusion, fraud or spam is strictly prohibited at JungleeRummy.com.

Commercial: JungleeRummy.com strictly prohibits the use of chat facility for promoting product or services of any outside brand or party.

JungleeRummy.com is not responsible for any misuse of chat facility. It does not actively monitor all live chats and players can enable the chat facility at their own risk.

Misuse Detection

A fair and healthy gaming environment can only take place with players' cooperation. If you find any misuse of chat facility, report about it by clicking on the 'Report a Problem' button.

User Name

Be responsible while creating your unique user name at JungleeRummy.com. Names that contain profane, abusive or vulgar words could lead to suspension of your account. User names should not have words that promote other brands or services. Your user name is subject to rules and regulations of Fair Play Policy.


You are responsible for the confidentiality of your personal information that you use at JungleeRummy.com. Information like email address, banking details, phone number etc should not be shared with anyone else.