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Privacy Policy - JungleeRummy.com

We value and respect your privacy. Along with providing the most enjoyable online rummy gaming environment, we also built a relationship of trust with our members and users. We are committed to protecting your personal information, and this is why we are known as the most trusted online multiplayer gaming site for playing rummy card games.

Our privacy policy explains in detail about what information we collect, how we use them, and the kinds of options that are readily available to our users and members. Whatever information you share with us, we ensure that it is completely protected so that you can enjoy a safe online game of rummy.

Your Information is Safe – We Value Your Privacy

We provide a completely safe gaming environment on JungleeRummy.com. We do not share or reveal your personal information to other parties without your consent. However, when you register, the only information that can be shared are mentioned in the privacy policy, or in rare cases, we may need to share information when necessitated by law. We continually strive to make better virtual environment for online gaming. In order to improve our services, we may utilize your information to inform you about our latest offers, products, contests, and prizes. When you win any contest, your information may be shared with prize sponsors and suppliers through our site.

User Information – What We Collect

You need to register with JungleeRummy.com to enjoy 24x7 rummy games. When you register, we collect essential information like your unique username and e-mail address. After you have filled this information, we also collect your IP address to analyse rummy gaming and demographic trends, track player’s movement and site administration. You may note that IP addresses are not anyhow connected to a user’s personally identifiable information. It is our own solemn policy that we do not perform any activity like selling, sharing or renting your vital information to other parties in any way different from those that have been mentioned in our Privacy Policy.

Advanced Security for Data Protection

We make sure that all of your information is secured completely. We are equipped with advanced security facilities to protect your information against unauthorized access, loss, misuse, and alteration. We also perform timely checks and reviews of our data storage facilities and constantly improve our security measures. Only you are entitled to access your account, as your registration information is fully password protected. After you have accessed your account, JungleeRummy.com is not responsible for any activity under your account, as you will be the only one who can log in with your own security password. Therefore, we give you the simplest security tip – "Do not disclose your password to anyone".

Cookies – Accept, Modify or Decline

When you play rummy games on our website, there is a possibility that there could be some traces of our cookies on your computer. Technically, cookies are small harmless files that recognise your browser and follow up with advertisements. They can also be used for other purposes like security, authentication and management of online rummy game environment but they can never be used to access any information on your computer.

The advertisers of JungleeRummy.com may use cookies, as they are utilized under the scope of advertisement. Under such cases, they are not controlled by us and are only managed by the advertisers. In most of the popular browsers, cookies are usually accepted automatically; however, you can modify or decline them to prevent advertisers from displaying any advertisements.

Our Policy Works with Your Consent

It is evident that when you play our multiplayer rummy games, you play it with your full conscience and consent. As you log in, it is clearly understood that you have given your full permission to JungleeRummy.com and its partners and affiliates to collect and use your consented information. For your convenience, we believe in improving our privacy policies for better modes of collecting information. Whenever we amend any change, it will be updated on JungleeRummy.com immediately so that you are always informed about what information we collect, how they are used, and the parameters under which it is disclosed.

JungleeRummy.com declares that this Privacy Policy is a clear explanation of the way we use your information. We are GDPR compliant. We do not share any of your personal data with any European companies, nor do we offer our products or services to European residents. Your data is secure, protected and only available to you. We do not and will not share any of your data with any outside entity, company or individual. You will always have the option to review, update, restrict and delete your data. The policy is not intended to be used for creating any legal conflicts or rights in favour of any person. We also reserve the right to modify and implement any changes at any time without any prior notice.

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