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Boredom Games: Fun Games to Play When You’re Bored

Wish to kill your boredom and also enhance your skills? Well, we have just the right activity planned for you. Yes, we are talking about playing games online, an activity that has become the new best and favorite way to kill their boredom.

Boredom Games Online

Playing games online has become one of the most engaging forms of entertainment, especially when you have nothing to do. Many people are engrossed in online games while traveling, during office breaks, and even before going to sleep. This is because playing games not only removes boredom but also helps you forget the daily stresses of life. It also helps develop useful skills like taking defeat positively, concentration, and observation.

Best Boredom Games to Engage In

We have created a list of fun games to play when bored. Let’s have a closer look at them:

Sky Chasers

1. Sky Chasers

Genre: Action/Adventure

Cost: The game can be downloaded for free.

Developer: Lucky Kat Studios, a Netherlands-based game studio, is the creator of Sky Chasers. The studio was founded in 2015 and their mission is to create fun and challenging mobile games. They specialize in pixel art games. Other products by Lucky Kat Studios include Nom Cat, Cure Hunters, Tombshaft, Road Warriors, etc.

Platforms: iOS and Windows


Launched in 2015, Sky Chasers is one-of-a-kind action game where the lead character Max rides a cardboard box and explores a magical world. Flying is the essential element of the game. The character keeps flying throughout the game and has to avoid enemies and collect treasures to complete a game level.

Sky Chasers features pixel art design and has two-touch controls. Also the game has soothing retro music. After clearing some levels, you can unlock different ships in the game.

Game Play: You will be playing as Max, who travels the beautiful pixel world using the cardboard box. But how can a cardboard box fly? Well, it is a game and there are two rockets attached to the craft. The game controls are simple. You have to simply tap on the screen to move left or right. If you want to fly up or down simply tap on both the sides at once.

There are a couple of levels in the game. You have to fly over the obstacle and avoid your enemies to clear the levels. Also, you have to collect the coins on the way. These coins are useful to buy new ships to fly farther in the game. They are also useful when the existing craft is running out of fuel.

Sky Chasers offers a good gaming experience without any real money investment. Also, the controls of the game have made it what it is -- an easy-breezy game!


2. Letterpress

Genre: Letterpress

Cost: You can download the game for free.

Developer: Loren Brichter, the creator of Tweetie, is the brain behind Letterpress

Platforms: iOS and Windows


Are you a grammar Nazi? Do you like learning and using new words of the English language? Well, it's time to put your knowledge of words to test. For that, you should play Letterpress. As the name suggests, Letterpress resembles playing chess where the pieces are replaced by letters and moves by words. The game is played on a 5x5 grid and the goal is to have the most tiles in your game color (blue or red).

Letterpress is an award-winning game on the App Store. You can play multiple games with your friends, random opponents and even with bots. Along with it, you can also play in a private group. Interesting features of the game include the chat feature, dictionary and leaderboards.

Game Play: Letterpress is a turn-based game. When the game begins, you will be given a 5X5 grid of mixed letters. You have to use any of the letters from the grid to create a new word. After submitting a meaningful word, the tiles used by you will turn blue. On the other hand, if your opponent forms a word, the tile will turn red.

During the game, you cannot reuse a word that has been formed already. Also you cannot use the plural form of a word made by your opponent. For example, if you play “boat,” your opponent cannot use “boats” and vice versa.

When all the tiles have been used, the game ends. If you manage to have more tiles in your color, you will win the game.

Candy Crush Saga

3. Candy Crush Saga

Genre: Puzzle

Cost: You can download the game for free on your smartphone. There are some in-app purchases that range from Rs. 29 to Rs. 11900 per item.

Developer: King

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows


With 1B+ downloads on the Play Store, Candy Crush Saga has consistently made it to the top grossing games list. Since its release in 2012, the game has become a world-wide phenomenon and still continues to reign in popularity. What captures the attention of players is the simple gameplay and striking 3D graphics coupled with soothing sounds that resemble sounds of crushing candy. The game premise is simple. You have to match three same-colored candies by swapping the positions of two adjacent candies. When three candies are matched, they will disappear from the gameboard and a new set of candies will emerge.

Candy Crush Saga also has a social feature where players can invite their Facebook friends and challenge them. Subsequently, King released many similar games including Candy Crush Soda, Candy Crush Jelly and Candy Crush Friends.

Game Play: In Candy Crush Saga, you have to match three or more candies of the same color. This is done by swapping the adjacent candies to either make a row or a column on the game board. Matched candies are removed and new candies fall and cover the empty spaces. You need to achieve the required objective of a match in a limited number of moves and lives. After meeting the objective, you will advance to a new level. If you fail to meet the goal, you have to keep playing and complete the level to proceed to the further levels.

Throughout the game, there are many levels and they must be completed in sequence only. There are different challenges at every level and you need to score the minimum predetermined points to complete the level. The boards have many different configurations and spaces that must be cleared to match the candies. When you complete a level, you will get 3 stars on the basis of your score. You can also replay the previous levels.

Junglee Rummy

4. Junglee Rummy

Genre: Card Game

Cost: You can download the game for free on both Android and iOS devices. You can play cash games for as low as Rs. 10.

Developer: Junglee Rummy is the flagship product of Jungle Games Private Limited. The company was founded in 2012 and is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. They have several top games, including Howzat and Junglee Rummy is a leading online rummy platform. It is the most trusted rummy site with over 50 million users. The platform comes up with new and exciting tournaments regularly where the prize pools range from lakhs to crores.

Platforms: Android, iOS and Website


Rummy is the king of card games. It is a healthy mix of entertainment, fun and excitement. Rummy fans grew incredibly in number when the game went online. Now the game is played on a regular basis and has become a part of daily lives. One popular platform that offers online rummy is Junglee Rummy.

With 50 million+ users on board, Junglee Rummy is a leader in the online rummy industry. The game offers different variations of rummy, and free and cash games and tournaments. There are exciting bonuses, offers and rewards that will keep you hooked on the game for a very long time. It is available both on the web and as an app. You can download the rummy game and start playing cash games right away.

Game Play: The play is simple and straightforward. In a game, 2 to 6 players participate and play using one or two standard card decks. When you participate in a multiplayer match, you will be seated at a table that resembles a real-world rummy table. You will get 13 cards and you need to match the cards to create sequences and sets. If you make a valid declaration, then you will win the game.

Here are some basics of rummy to help you understand better:

Sequence: Three or more successive cards of the same suit make a sequence. It is a mandatory combination and you will require at least two sequences to win the game. There are two types of sequences: pure and impure. The former consists of no Joker while the latter includes a Joker.

Examples: 1. Pure Sequences: 6-7-8; 10-J-Q-K.
2. Impure Sequence: 7-9-PJ; 3-5-8 (wild Joker).

Set: Three or more cards of the same rank and different suits make a set. This combination can be made using a Joker. A maximum of two sets can be included in a valid declaration. However, sets are optional.

Examples: 1. Without Joker: K-K-K; 8-8-8-8
2. With Joker: 3-3-PJ; Q-Q-Q-9

After matching all 13 cards, you must discard the 14th card and click on the “Finish” button to declare your cards. If the declared cards are valid, you will become the winner and your score will be zero.

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5. Threes

Genre: Puzzle Game

Cost: You can download and play the game for free. There are some in-app purchases to enhance your gaming experience. Developer: Sirvo

Developer: Zynga, an American social game developer company, is the developer of Words with Friends. The company was founded in 2007 and it is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is best known for developing the popular game Farmville. Its other notable works include Words with Friends, Tomb Raider, and FreeCell.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Xbox One, Windows Phone, web browser


In the vast universe of puzzle games, few titles are as deceptively simple and yet challenging as Threes!. It is a strategic game that has won the hearts of puzzle enthusiasts worldwide and has even inspired various spin-offs and clones. Threes! combines the fun of a sliding block puzzle with basic arithmetic operations, thereby creating a unique and captivating gameplay experience.

Game Play: Threes is an easy to grasp but hard to master puzzle game. The game starts with a few tiles on the board, each bearing either a '1', '2', or '3'. The objective of Threes! is to slide the tiles in the 4x4 grid format and combine them to create higher multiples of three, thereby increasing your score.

To combine tiles, you swipe either up, down, left, or right, and all the tiles on the board move as far as possible in the chosen direction until they hit the edge of the grid or another tile. A new tile is then randomly added on the board in each turn in an empty spot.
The score is calculated based on the values of the tiles you've combined. The higher the value of the tiles you merge, the more points you score. The ultimate challenge lies not just in creating the highest possible number, but also in strategically manipulating the game board to prolong the gameplay and maximize the score.

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Ludo King

6. Ludo King

Genre: Board Game

Cost: You can download and play the game for free. There are some in-app purchases to enhance your gaming experience.

Developer: Gametion Technologies.

Platforms: Android and iOS.


People of all ages and genders like ludo. This game is connected not just to our brains but to our hearts. It was initially played on a physical board, but now it is widely played online. Ludo King is an online version of real-world ludo that became a trending game in 2020. It is ranked number one on the App Store and is the only Indian game that has crossed 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Game Play: The objective of this game is to move your four tokens around the board and come back home safely without being killed. 2-6 players can participate in a game and each player chooses one color from red, blue, green and yellow. The gameplay requires rolling a dice and moving forward as many blocks as the number on the dice rolled. If another player were to land on the same block as yours, your token is directly taken home and trapped again. Moving all the tokens home first results in victory.

Ludo is considered to be a game that requires a combination of luck and strategy. So invite your friends and relive your childhood with the online version of this time-killer game. However old you are, it is always okay to fight for your favorite color.


7. Township

Genre: City Building

Cost: You can download the game for free. There are in-game products starting from Rs. 10.

Developer: Playrix

Platforms: OS and Android.


If you are a Farmville fan, you will definitely love playing Township. Originally it was launched as an Adobe Flash application for Whatsapp Social. Later it was released for iOS devices in 2012 and for Android in 2013. The game reached a larger audience and eventually became one of the most popular games of all time. Township combines city-building and farming in the most fascinating way possible. The game has a variety of features like different buildings and decorations to build towns, different crops, attractive and fun townspeople, ancient artifacts, animals and a zoo to breed them, farms, exotic goods from the islands, famous landmarks, country flags and much more.

Township is a relatively slow-paced game as compared to other games on the list. But it is equally entertaining and a great time-killer.

Game Play: Before entering the actual game, there is a brief tutorial that explains how to play Township. The actual game begins with a starter town. You have to develop the town by harvesting crops, running processing facilities and selling goods. The game has in-game currency called T-cash. You can use real money as well as coins to buy T-cash. When you perform certain tasks and actions during the game, you will earn extra points (XP) and coins. The coins are useful for purchasing decorations, buildings and factories whereas XP are useful for leveling up in the game.

Pac Man Championship Edition

8. Pac Man Championship Edition

Genre: Maze Game

Cost: The game can be downloaded and played for free on all the platforms.

Developer: Namco Bandai Games

Platforms: Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox 360, Roku and Maemo


Launched in 2007, Pac Man Championship Edition is a spin-off of the popular Pac Man game. This maze game is an advanced version and features HD graphics and many new additions. The basic premise of the game remains unchanged. You will be playing as Pac-Man, who navigates the maze and is chased by 4 ghosts.

In Championship Edition, the maze is divided into two parts. Clear one side of the maze to unlock a bonus item on the other side of the maze. The dots should be cleared before the time runs out. Pac Man Championship Edition is more like taking a trip down the memory lane. It is a perfect time-killer and offers great entertainment.

Game Play: While navigating the map, you have to eat everything that comes your way. There are a variety of items like dots, power pellets, and bonus items such as keys and fruits. If a ghost eats you, you will lose a life and have to start over again. But if you continue to play for a longer time, the game speed will increase and you will also earn extra points.

Pac Man CE is fast-paced as compared to its predecessors. There are 5 different game modes.

Championship: It is a 5 minute game and you will have only 3 lives to play the game. You have to play and survive for the given time period to earn extra lives.
Challenge: There are two sub-modes in the Challenge mode. In Mode 1, you have to play and survive in the game for 10 minutes. In Mode 2, the challenge is to survive for 10 minutes in darkness.
3 Extra Mode: In this mode, there are different types of mazes. You can choose anyone and start playing.

Also, there is a new leaderboard feature to check your score and ranking.


9. 2048

Genre: Puzzle Game

Cost: The game can be downloaded and played for free on all platforms Developer: Gabriele Cirulli

Developer: Gabriele Cirulli

Platforms: Web browser, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, Android, Apple TV, KaiOS


The 2048 game is a highly addictive and wildly popular sliding block puzzle game that captivated the world when it was released in 2014 by Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. Combining strategy, skill, and a bit of luck, 2048 challenges players to manipulate a grid of numbers to reach the elusive '2048' tile.

Game Play: The gameplay revolves around sliding numbered tiles around a 4x4 grid to combine and create a tile with the number '2048'. Each move spawns a new tile in a random empty spot on the board, typically a '2' or '4'.

The game starts with two '2' tiles, and by swiping either up, down, left, or right, you move all tiles in that direction. When two tiles of the same number come into contact during a move, they merge into one tile, with a number that's the sum of the two original numbers.

The game ends when the grid fills up and there are no more moves available that would merge tiles. This means reaching the '2048' tile is your primary goal, but surviving long enough to do so is the challenge. The game's true allure lies in its journey - the strategic decisions, the near misses, and the thrill of setting a new high score.


Genre: Casual

Cost: Free of cost, but there are some in-app purchases.

Developer: Steve Howse is the sole developer of the game.

Platforms: Android, iOS and Web

Introduction is a popular multiplayer game launched in 2016. It has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. The game reminds us of the snake game that was a staple game on every Nokia phone. After consuming the multicolored pellets, the player gets to control a worm that grows bigger in size. The worm travels around the map, and the pellets are located at different locations.

With amazing graphics and basic controls, is very entertaining, and some players may even get addicted to the game.

Game Play: The gameplay of is simple. The objective is to control the worm and eat pellets to grow in size and length. The worm will be playing in a large area, and it is in constant motion throughout the game. There are other players, too, in the game. If your worm’s head clashes with another worm, the game will be over for you. The defeated worm will turn into a pellet that is available for other players to consume. The player who eats the bright pellet will gain the mass and length of the defeated player.

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Boredom Games FAQs

What can I do online when I'm bored?

There are multiple ways to beat boredom online. One popular way is to play online games. You can find a variety of games that are available in different genres and play on your preferred devices.

What games can I play when I'm bored?

There is a pool of online games available on the internet. We have provided a well curated list of top online games in the above article. You can also pick from other top games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Stardew Valley, Play Dots, Pokemon Go, The Room, etc.

Can I play Township without the internet?

Township is an online game that cannot be played without the internet. You will need a strong internet connection to download and play the game.

Is there an end for 2048?

Temple Run is an endless runner game where you control a character who embarks on an adventure to seek gold from the Aztec temple. The character is constantly running and chased by a monstrous monkey who can devour him at any moment.

How many versions of Pacman are there?

Pacman is a popular Japanese video game released in 1980. Through the time, several new versions and updates of the game were released. As of now, there are 57 known versions of the Pacman game.

  • Sky Chasers
  • Letterpress
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Junglee Rummy
  • Threes
  • Ludo King
  • Township
  • Pac Man Championship Edition
  • 2048

Playing games is the best way to beat boredom and enjoy your time to the fullest. We hope that you liked our list of top games to play when bored. Go ahead and download any game and have unlimited fun. Happy gaming!