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Rummy Guide for Beginners: Introduction to Junglee Rummy

Introduction to Junglee Rummy

Introduction to Junglee Rummy

Rummy is an engaging card game that has been entertaining Indians for centuries. It is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and is an integral part of our culture. This traditional game that was once played with physical cards is now available to play online. Millions of people have joined online rummy platforms to play their favorite game anywhere, anytime.

As the game grew in popularity, the number of online rummy platforms and rummy providers also increased exponentially. There was a need for quality platforms where players could enjoy hassle-free gaming. That’s where Junglee Rummy stepped in. We thought of creating a digital version of the game that offers the best online rummy experience. Read on to learn why you should play on our platform.

What is Junglee Rummy?

Trusted by millions of users, Junglee Rummy is a user-friendly online rummy platform that caters to the needs of every rummy enthusiast. We have a dynamic user base of over 50 million players and the number keeps increasing with each passing day. We offer multiple formats of rummy, including free and cash games and exciting tournaments. All these games can be played in three different variants: points rummy, pool rummy and deals rummy. We host the biggest online rummy tournaments where the prize pools are worth lakhs and crores of rupees. That’s not all! Our incredibly flawless and seamless app and website offer the best user experience and allow players to start playing for real money. You can experience the thrill of playing exciting games on both our website as well as our mobile app on your Android, Windows or iOS mobile. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful features of Junglee Rummy.

Safe and Secure

Whether it is the website or the rummy app, Junglee Rummy is a 100% safe and secure platform to play rummy online. Our portal is SSL-secured, which is a standard technology used for security. All private and sensitive information shared by our users is fully encrypted and kept confidential. We also employ the use of secure payment gateways like credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking and mobile wallets for safe online transactions. When you win a cash game, you can place a withdrawal request and get the winnings transferred to your account without paying any charge. There is zero withdrawal fee for withdrawing cash from your game account. For maximum security, we have mandated KYC verification before players can make a withdrawal request.

Junglee Rummy is RNG-certified. This means that every game that you play on the platform is absolutely fair. The RNG or Random Number Generator ensures that all the cards are dealt absolutely randomly and the seating arrangement of players is random. There is no pattern or bias whatsoever. We have a Fair Play Policy, which ensures that everyone gets an equal opportunity to win on our platform. Our highly skilled professionals have developed a world class anti-fraud system that detects any suspicious activity on the platform and prevents any fraud from happening. So you can sit back and enjoy playing your favorite game without any worries.

We have a dedicated team of highly trained customer support professionals who work 24X7 to promptly resolve any queries or issues you may have. Connect with us by using the “Contact Us” feature in the “Help” section and our customer support representatives will resolve all your queries in the shortest possible time.

Popular Rummy Variants

We have a wide range of rummy games to provide you with a complete gaming experience. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert player. We have a variety of options for everyone. You can start your rummy journey with practice games, which can be played using free reloadable chips. Practice games help you analyze your performance and improve your gaming skills. Once you feel confident, you can start playing cash games and tournaments and win real money using your skills.

The popular rummy variants offered on Junglee Rummy are as follows:

Points Rummy: It is the fastest variant of Indian rummy, most preferred by players who are looking for a quick game. In points rummy, players play for points that have a fixed pre-decided rupee/chip value. The winner gets a prize based on the points of the losing players.

Pool Rummy: It is an exciting variant of Indian rummy that lasts for several rounds. In pool rummy, players are eliminated when they reach the score of 101 points (in 101 pool) or 201 points (in 201 pool).

Deals Rummy: This variant is played for a fixed number of deals: 2 or 3. Players play for chips, which are allocated at the beginning of the game. The player with the highest number of chips at the end of the final deal wins the game.

Play rummy online with real players from across the country and prove your mettle. Choose a royal avatar that suits your gaming personality to represent you at the tables.

Attractive Bonuses and Offers

When you register with us, you will be in for a big surprise. On making your first deposit, you will get a welcome bonus up to ₹5250! Moreover, we give our players exciting offers on a regular basis. Use our exclusive promo codes to get amazing bonuses, instant cash, cashback and other benefits.

The traditional game of rummy has transitioned from the real world to the virtual world seamlessly. Now everyone loves to play rummy online. Keeping that in mind, we have designed Junglee Rummy with a smooth gaming interface. Our wide user base stands testimony to the fact that we always keep our users' needs and preferences above everything else. So start your rummy journey on the most trusted rummy site today. Sign up on our platform, play your favorite rummy variant and win huge cash prizes and other exciting rewards!

Contact Us

Do you have any feedback for us? You can contact us anytime by using the “Contact us” feature in the “Help” section on our app. Our Customer Support representatives will attempt to resolve any issues you may have within 24 hours.


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