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If reading those long reviews is not your thing, it’s time to hear from the horse’s mouth. Our players love us and they expressed their love in the Videos here. These Junglee Rummy reviews are a window to help you assess Junglee Rummy services, online rummy features, Junglee Rummy customer support, and everything you wish to know about Junglee Rummy.

We always wanted to showcase how our players feel about us, and we are extremely delighted to come up with this new section featuring video testimonials of players who have been with us for quite some time. We strive to bring the very best in Online Rummy to our players and we believe that feedback is one of the most important stepping stones to reach the end goal.

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How RPL VI 1st Runner up won Rs.13 Lakhs

Suresh’s incredible story on how he felt on becoming the 1st runner up in the RPL VI tournament and on winning 13 lakhs in cash . He has been playing on Junglee rummy since the 4-5 years and shares his thoughts on what he likes best about the platform.

Anuradha vouches for Junglee Rummy’s integrity and honesty

Anuradha Ramanarayan teaches Mathematics and shares her memories of playing rummy from her childhood and how it was her dad who introduced her to rummy and her journey of becoming an avid rummy fan. Watch her incredible story about what and why she prefers Junglee Rummy over others.

Sharad explains about the fast and easy withdrawal process

Sharad Patil from Latur is a mechanical engineer and has been playing online rummy since 2012. He shares his views on why he loves Junglee Rummy and the key points which he feels makes our platform better than the rest of them. He’s all praises for Junglee Rummy and his story inspires confidence when it comes to playing online at Jungle Rummy.

Watch how Parin is in love with the Seamless Gameplay

Parin Patel from Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a fan of online rummy and was apprised of Junglee Rummy by one of his friends. He loves the interface of the game and the believes that the customer support of Junglee Rummy is incredible. Also, he shares his withdrawal experience where his bank account got credited within 24 hours of making a request.

Ketan loves the Junglee Rummy customer support

Ketan Makwana has been playing online rummy since the last 2.5 years; and the best part is that he has been playing only on Junglee Rummy since day 1. Watch him share his experience on how he started off from practice tables before becoming a professional and winning big on our cash tables.

Arvind Explains Why He Loves Playing on Junglee Rummy

Arvind loves playing rummy on Junglee Rummy. Watch him talk about his journey so far on Junglee Rummy and what he likes most about the platform.

Sandeep Gives Rummy Players Hot Tips

Watch Sandeep talk about his Junglee Rummy experience and why Junglee Rummy is his most preferred gaming platform. He provides insights into how new players can excel at cash rummy and win big-prize tournaments!

RPL 1 Runner-Up Purusothaman Narrates His Success Story

Watch Rummy Premier League 1 runner-up Purusothaman describe his experience of becoming one of the winners of the tournament and why he thinks Junglee Rummy is the best platform for playing cash rummy games on.

Watch RPL 1 Winner Aditi Narrate Her Incredible Story

Watch the winner of the Rummy Premier League 1 share her experience of winning one of India’s biggest rummy tournaments. She describes how she went from being a rookie to an ace player and how you, too, can become an online rummy champion.

How Anil Fulfilled his Dream of Buying a Car

This Junglee Rummy review is probably the most inspiring of all! It’s about Anil who had a dream of gifting a car to his father. Watch how winning an afternoon tournament on JungleeRummy.com helped him to buy a brand new car. The rummy testimonial videos will definitely leave you awe-inspired! Just like Anil, thousands of players have won lots of cash by playing classic card games on India’s best card games site. More than 40 lakhs are won each day, making JungleeRummy.com as the biggest circle of rummy players to win cash in rummy 24x7. Join the circle of winners and fulfil your dreams by winning big! Be a part of the rewarding experience and win money in rummy 24x7! What are you waiting for? Sign up today and enjoy your winning rummy experience! Who knows? You could be the next mega winner and share your winning moments with us!

How Samarth won a brand new Tablet

This testimonial might leave you nostalgic! It’s about Samarth who re-lived his childhood memories of playing card games with his brother by playing on JungleeRummy.com. One day he outplayed everyone on the site and won a brand new tablet. He gifted it to his brother and now they play rummy 24x7 with each other! Just like Samarth, there are hundreds of players who win exciting prizes every day. Giveaways worth crores are given out to players every month! Join exciting promotions and win gold coins, smartphones, tablets and lots of other prizes! Use rummy tips and tricks and outsmart your opponents to win big prizes! The fun of winning prizes gets better if you play with your loved ones! Stay connected with your family and friends over a game of rummy! Play with your friends and share the fun of playing online rummy 24x7!

How Subhadra won an International Trip

Subadra had almost forgotten about visiting her dream destination. One day she discovered Junglee Rummy and loved the online version of traditional rummy games. As time progressed, she polished her skills and won a trip to Bangkok. Check out this beautiful Junglee Rummy review where she shares her rewarding experience of playing on JungleeRummy.com. Join India’s best card games site where dreams really come true! Play rummy 24x7 with amazing gaming features and win exclusive holiday vouchers every month! Join daily promotions and you could also win tickets to your dream vacation! Sign up and get ready to be surprised! Join the 24x7 rummy fun now!

How Promotional offers helped Srikanth to win on Junglee Rummy

Srikanth is an avid player on Junglee Rummy who has been playing Online rummy on our platform for the last four years. He has won a lot of cash prizes as well which has made him a loyal fan of our platform. Srikanth is a great fan of Junglee Rummy’s online tournaments and has even discussed them with his friends so that even they register and start playing online rummy.

Ketan Makwana won Bullet motorbike in Junglee Champions Cup II

Ketan Makwana from Ahmedabad, Gujarat won a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 CC Classic in the recently concluded online rummy championship named Junglee Champions Cup II. Ketan was impressed with the fast delivery of Bullet motorbike. The superfast withdrawal services and 24x7 customer support are the reasons why he prefers to play on Junglee Rummy and not on any other rummy app.

Saurabh won Rs. 63,000 and used it to buy a laptop

Saurabh Patel recommends Junglee Rummy for the most incredible and complete rummy experience. Saurabh was an avid fan of Points Rummy and was playing for 10 years. In one of the online rummy cash tournaments, he won Rs. 63,000 and used it to buy a laptop.

Watch Gagan Arora talk about the best online Indian rummy games.

Junglee Rummy was enough for Gagan Arora to have the best real money online rummy experience.He has won 1.5 lakhs while playing the Junglee Rummy cash tournament. Like many others, Gagan loves Junglee Rummy for having both 13 cards Rummy and 21 cards Rummy.

Shonak finds Junglee Rummy as a safe and secure online rummy app

Shonak recently won 1 Lakh rupees in a Junglee Rummy tournament. Shonak is in awe with the exquisite online rummy games and user interface on the Junglee Rummy. Shonak finds Junglee Rummy as a very safe and secure online rummy app to enjoy his favorite game.

Aravindu had the best online rummy experience

Aravindu had the best online rummy experience on the Junglee Rummy app. Diwali Dhamaka Rummy Tournament turned out to be the best rummy tournament for Aravindu. He won almost Rs.71,000 in the tournament and within 15 minutes he got the winning amount in his cash amount.