Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy Game

Pool Rummy is a variation of 13 cards rummy. In pool rummy, players are eliminated once their scores reach the maximum points limit on the table, i.e., 101 points pool or 201 points pool. The winning player of each deal gets zero points. The gameplay of Pool Rummy is almost similar to Points rummy. However, the element of elimination makes the game a lot more competitive than other forms of online rummy.

Elimination in Pool Rummy

Due to the factor of elimination, a pool rummy game takes longer to end. Once a player reaches the maximum limit set for a particular table, he is eliminated from the game. Once a player loses a game, the points that he loses get carried over to the next round. For example, in a game of 101 pool rummy comprising of 4 players, in case a player loses a game with 80 points, his points are carried to the next round. Again, if the same player loses with 40 points, he stands eliminated from the game since his total accumulated points would be 120 (80+40) which is more than 101. The game will continue until only one player remains with his total points not exceeding 101 pool points.

Playing Pool Rummy on Junglee Rummy

Playing Pool Rummy game is just like playing Points Rummy except for the factor of elimination which makes the game significantly different from other formats of the game.

Cards and Players

Pool Rummy is played using two or more standard packs of 53 cards each including the printed joker per pack. The game is played between 2 to 6 players, and 13 cards are dealt at random.

Entry Fee and Toss

Players need to pay a fixed entry fee to join a game of Pool Rummy. The entry fee collected from all the players forms the prize pool. A random toss is made to decide which player will make the first more.

Objective of the Game

Pool Rummy is a card game comprising of picks and discards. While picking and discarding, a player has to arrange all the 13 card in hand into sequences and sets. A player must have at least 2 sequences (one of which has to be a pure sequence) to win the game. Also, the players need to survive till the end without their total points crossing the threshold, i.e., 101 or 201 pool points.

Game Play

Once the toss is made, a wild joker is randomly selected from the deck and 13 cards are dealt to each player. Once all the cards have been distributed, the first card from the pack is placed on the open deck and the remaining cards are placed facing down to form the closed deck.

Each player picks a card from the open and closed deck and then discards one of their cards to the open decks. The player has to keep picking and discarding cards till he arranges all the cards in hand to form sets/sequences. When the objective has been met, the players need to discard one of the cards in hand to the finish slot to declare the game.