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How to Play Points Rummy?

Points Rummy (the 13-card format) is a card game played by two to six players and is a hot favorite among people who play online rummy for cash. If there are only two players, then a standard deck with 52 cards plus a Joker is used. If there are more than two players, then two decks of 52 cards each plus two printed Jokers (106 cards in all) are used.

Each player must stake the pre-decided table amount at the beginning of a cash rummy game. Which player gets to make the first move is decided by dealing one card each at random, and each player is dealt 13 cards at random. The game commences when the first card from the pack is placed on the table face up to form the open deck, and the remaining cards are placed face down to form the closed deck. Moreover, a Joker is selected at random and the game starts.

What’s the Objective of Points Rummy?

The objective of Points Rummy is to arrange all the 13 cards in one’s hand in sequences and sets/sequences. Once the game starts, every player takes turns to pick cards from the closed/open deck and discard cards to the open deck and pursues the objective of arranging the cards in required sequences and sets/sequences.

Players can also use the Joker (selected at random at the beginning of the game) in place of any missing card to complete a set/sequence. Once a player has formed the required number of sequences and sets/sequences, he/she discards a card to the finish slot to declare his/her hand. He/She must show his/her cards arranged in sequences and sets/sequences and then hit the Declare button.

It is to be noted that to finish the game with a valid declaration, a player must have at least two sequences in his/her hand including one pure sequence (a sequence without using the joker as a replacement for any other card) and all the cards in the hand must be matched.

What Are the Rules of Points Rummy?

To help you understand Points Rummy better, we summarize the game rules for you below:

• The game requires one (for two players) or two (for more than two players) decks of cards with each deck having 53 cards including a printed Joker.
• Thirteen random cards are dealt to each player.
• The randomly selected Joker is placed face up on the table. In case, the printed Joker gets chosen, then the Ace becomes the wild Joker.
• Depending on the number of decks being used in the game, there can be five or more Jokers.
• Which player makes the very first move is decided by dealing one card randomly to each player at first. The player who has the highest-value card gets to play the first move of the game.
• A card is drawn from the pack and placed face up on the table as the open deck. The remaining cards are placed face down to form the closed deck and the game begins.

How Does the Game of Points Rummy End?

An online rummy game of Points Rummy can end in one of the following two ways:

By Dropping

Every player has the option of dropping out of the game any time during their turn. If a player drops out of a game as the very first move, he/she gets 20 points as a penalty, and if the drop is made after the first move, the player gets 40 points, which is called the middle drop score. If there are only two players and one of them drops out of the game, the other player is declared the winner.

By Declaring

To declare a game, a player has to discard a card to the Finish Slot and show the cards in his/her hand by grouping them in sequences and sets/sequences. Also, the player is required to click on the Declare button when he/she wants to declare his/her hand.

The player who finishes the game must have arranged all 13 cards in valid groups with at least two sequences, out of which one must be a pure sequence. The Jokers in the hand have to be part of sequences or sets too.

Each player has to declare his/her sequences and sets/sequences of cards within the allotted time after one player has declared his/her hand. In case someone fails to declare within the allotted time, his/her card groups are locked and the points of only unarranged cards are added up if the player has formed one pure sequence. But if the player has not formed at least one pure sequence, the points of all the cards are added up (capped at 80, which is the maximum points a player can lose by irrespective of his/her cards).

Therefore, it’s crucial to declare your hand as soon as you fulfill the objective of the game. If you have arranged all the cards in valid sequences and/sets but your opponent makes a valid declaration before you, you lose by 2 points. Play as many games as possible to make your game faster and better.

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