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Players Protection System

Player Protection System - Junglee Rummy

Player Protection System at Junglee Rummy

Rummy is a thought-provoking card game wherein you play to improve the hand you are dealt with. It is purely a skill-based game and the only luck factor involved is the cards that you are dealt in random at the beginning. A really skilled player can easily improve the hand by discarding the cards that are unlikely to be helpful and picking up the favourable cards.

Save every point in cash rummy games with the Player Protection System!

Junglee Rummy has introduced a unique protection system that groups your cards during Internet disconnection. The Player Protection System groups your cards in the same way you have grouped them so that you get the least number of points due to disconnection.

Advantages of Player Protection System:

  • It automatically groups your grouped cards on disconnection
  • You get least points when your opponent wins during disconnection

When will PPS Work?

Player Protection System will be activated during the following situations:

Disconnection during the Game: If your Internet gets disconnected and your opponent wins the game, the Player Protection System will group your cards as you had grouped them before the disconnection.

During Declaration: If you get disconnected while declaring the game, Player Protection System will group your grouped cards in the same way you had prepared before the disconnection.

Declaration by Your Opponent: If your opponent declares and the Internet gets disconnected, the Player Protection System will group your cards as per the groups you had arranged.

Secure your game and enjoy a safer and better gaming experience with the Player Protection System!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Player Protection System does not arrange new groups for you. It will group cards that you had grouped before the disconnection.
  2. When Player Protection System gets activated, you get points based on the ungrouped cards you had formed instead of drop points.
  3. Junglee Rummy Management is not responsible for any errors in the points validated by the Player Protection System. The management is also not responsible if it doesn’t function during the game.
  4. Junglee Rummy Management reserves the right to remove or change the functionality of Player Protection System at any point of time without prior notification.

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