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Rummy Guide for Intermediate Players: Rummy Rules and Concepts

Rummy Concepts for Intermediate Players

Rummy Concepts for Intermediate Players

Rummy is a popular skill-based card game in India. Millions of players play rummy online every day and win incredible cash prizes. The game requires you to arrange 13 cards in sequences, or sequences and sets. However, there are other finer nuances to the game that you need to keep in mind while playing. To win, you must have a good knowledge of rummy rules and concepts. If you are a new player or an intermediate player, you must consider brushing up on your rummy skills before playing cash games.

Here’s a quick refresher of rummy rules and concepts to help you win more in the game:

Basic Rummy Rules

Indian rummy is a popular version of the classic game of rummy. In this version, two to six players participate in a match and play the game using one or two standard card decks. Jokers are also used in Indian rummy and they play a prominent role in the game. They are used in place of missing cards in sequences and sets. Each player is dealt 13 cards and the remaining cards form open and closed decks on the table.


The objective of rummy is to arrange cards in sequences, or sequences and sets. The cards can be sorted at the beginning of the game using the “Sort” button. On every turn, you need to draw a card from the open or closed deck and discard a card to the open deck placed in the center of the table. To make a valid declaration, you need to have at least two sequences in your hand, including at least one pure sequence, and all your cards must be arranged in sequences and sets.

Pure Sequence

It is an essential combination in rummy. The combination consists of 3 to 4 sequential cards of the same suit. No joker can replace a card in a pure sequence.

At least one pure sequence is required to make a valid declaration. So it is important to prioritize forming this sequence as soon as you are dealt cards.

Examples of Pure Sequences


2-3-4-5 J-Q-K


1. 5-6 -7(Here 7 makes it an invalid sequence.)

2. 9-10 J-Q (Here Q makes it an invalid sequence.)

Impure Sequence

An impure sequence has 3 to 4 sequential cards of the same suit, including a printed or wild joker that replaces another card. Remember that at least two sequences are required to make a valid declaration. Along with a pure sequence, you need a second sequence.

Examples of Impure Sequences


1. 9-10 -PJ (Here the printed joker has replaced 11 to complete the sequence.)

2. A-2-3-6(WJ) (Here 6 is a wild joker that has replaced 4 to complete the sequence.)


1. J-Q2 (The Q makes the sequence invalid.)

2. 8-9-J-PJ (The J makes the insequence invalid.)


A set consists of 3 to 4 cards of the same rank but different suits. Jokers can also be used in a set.

Examples of Sets


1. A-A-A

2. 8-8-8-Q(WJ) (Here Q is a wild joker.)


1. 3-3-3 (Here 3 is used twice, which makes the set invalid.)

2. K-K-K-K-6 (More than 4 cards are used, so it is an invalid set.)

3. 7-7-3 (Here 3 is a random card and it does not fit in the group.)

Rummy Variants

Indian rummy has three different variants or formats: points rummy, deals rummy and pool rummy. The objective of all the variants is the same. However, there are slight differences in the rules. Let’s take a look at them.

Points Rummy: It is the fastest variant of the 13-card game. The game is played for points, which have a monetary value, in cash games, decided at the beginning of the game. The player who makes a valid declaration first wins the game and wins a prize based on all the points of the losing players.

Deals Rummy:As the name suggests, a deals/rounds rummy game is played for a fixed number of deals, i.e. 2, 3, 4, or 6 deals. Each player gets chips at the beginning of the game. The player with the highest number of chips at the end of the final deal wins the game.

Pool Rummy: A pool rummy game usually lasts longer than points and deals rummy games. Players participate in a game with a fixed entry fee that goes to the prize pool. The game is played in two formats: 101 pool and 201 pool. The objective is to maintain the lowest score possible and avoid reaching 101 points (in 1010 pool) or 201 points (in 201 pool).

Example of a Rummy Game

Suppose you join a points rummy game in which each point is worth ₹10. There are 6 players in the game and two players drop out, one at the beginning and the other in the middle of the game. The remaining players continue until all the players declare their cards. Here’s a possible scenario of the cards and score of each player.

  • Player
  • Cards
  • Result
  • Score
  • Winnings
  • #1
  • 5438 8974KQA29
  • Dropped
  • 20
  • -200
  • #2
  • 2-3-4| 8-9-10-A (WJ) | 6-6-6 | Q-Q-PJ
  • Winner
  • 0
  • 1540
  • #3
  • 4-6-J (WJ) | J-Q-K | 9-9 | 4 | A-2-3-5
  • Lost
  • 42
  • -420
  • #4
  • 9-10-K (WJ) | J-J | Q-Q-Q-Q | 6-7-8 | A
  • Lost
  • 30
  • -300
  • #5
  • 379K QJJ8465A4
  • Lost
  • 30
  • -300
  • #5
  • 4-4-4 | A-2-3 | 7-7 | 3-4-5-6| 8
  • Lost
  • 22
  • -220

The winner is Player 2. After making a valid declaration, his overall score is zero and the winnings are calculated as follows:

Winnings = (Sum of points of all opponents) X (Rupee value of the point)

1500 = (20+38+30+40+22) x 10

Strategies to Win

1. It is important to master rummy rules before joining cash games. Ensure that you play enough practice games before playing real cash rummy games.

2.You need to strategize throughout the game. From the moment you get cards till the time you declare, you should always plan and strategize to create the required combinations.

3. Jokers are very important in Indian rummy and should be used to one’s highest advantage. However, you can discard a joker or two if you get too many of them and you don’t have a pure sequence.

4.Before declaring, make sure to check all your cards again. If you declare in a haste, you may end up making an invalid declaration, which will cost you more than losing the game.

No matter where you stand in terms of experience in rummy, this guide should help you play rummy games well. Use your skills and smart strategies to win cash prizes in the game.

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