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Using Jokers: Rummy Strategy for Intermediate Players

Using Jokers in Rummy

Using Jokers in Rummy

Jokers are usually included in modern-day card decks as an addition to the standard 52 cards. Jokers can be both advantageous and disadvantageous in different card games. In rummy game, this card is very useful and versatile.

Managing multiple jokers can be a tricky job. So it is very important to learn to use jokers well. Check out the following elaborate tutorial on using the joker effectively.

Jokers in Indian Rummy

There are many instances in rummy where you need one more card to complete a sequence or a set. Even after repeated turns, you may not get that desired card. That’s when the joker comes to your rescue. This card is used as a substitute for any missing card in sequences and sets.

Though it is a valuable card, the joker is not worth any points. In rummy, your overall score should be reduced to zero. So when you create combinations using jokers, your overall point burden decreases automatically.

Types of Jokers

There are two types of jokers: printed and wild jokers. Both the cards come handy while creating impure sequences and sets.

Printed joker: A deck of cards includes 1 printed joker in Indian rummy. As Indian rummy is played using one or two card decks, the number of printed jokers is either 1 or 2.

Wild joker:In rummy, a random card is selected from the remaining cards in the deck immediately after the dealing of cards. This card and all the other cards of the same rank/value, including those in other suits, become wild jokers in the game. For instance, 2 is randomly selected as the wild joker at the beginning of the game. All other 2s will also become wild jokers in that game.

How to Use Jokers

Both printed and wild jokers are used for creating impure sequences and sets. An impure sequence consists of 3 or 4 sequential cards of the same suit, including one or more jokers. A set is a group of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank but different suits.

Impure Sequences

Let us understand the several ways in which you can create an impure sequence using the joker with these examples:

Case 1: you have two consecutive cards from the same suit: 2 and 3. On your turn, you draw a printed joker or a wild joker, for example 7. The printed/wild joker can be used as a substitute for A or 4 in the group. The sequence formed will be an impure sequence.

Case 2: If you get both a printed joker and a wild joker, you can use them in two different sequences/sets. For example, 6-7-PJ is an impure sequence including a printed joker, and Q-K-3 is another impure sequence including a wild joker, 3.

Case 3: you have the following cards: 4, 6, 7 and a wild joker, say, K . You can use the wild joker as a substitute for 5 in the group and make an impure sequence as follows: 4-6-7-K .

Case 4:If you have two printed jokers and a wild joker, you can group them together to form an impure sequence. For example, PJ-PJ-2. Here 2 is a wild joker and the remaining two cards are printed jokers.

Case 5:You have 7, 9, J and two printed jokers. Here the jokers can be used in place of 8 and 10 to form an impure sequence: 7-PJ-9-PJ-J.


Let us understand the several ways in which you can create sets using the joker with these examples:

Case 1: you have 3 and 3. If you draw a joker (a printed joker or a wild joker), say 5, a set can be made using the three cards.That set would look like this: 3-3-PJ (printed joker) or 3-3-5 (wild joker).

Case 2: If you have a pre-made 3-card set, for example, 2-2-2, you can still include a joker in the set. The combination will look like this: 2-2-2-PJ (printed joker) or 2-2-2-6 (wild joker).

Case 3: If you have two printed jokers, you can use them to form a set with another card. For example: PJ-PJ-2 and PJ-PJ-4.

Tips and Tricks to Use Jokers

  1. If you have two high-value sequential cards of the same suit, you can combine them with a joker to form an impure sequence. This is a smart move as you get an impure sequence and your score score also gets reduced.
  2. As you work on forming combinations using jokers, prioritize forming a pure sequence. A pure sequence is the most important combination as it is essential to make a valid declaration. Ensure that you do not add a joker to a pure sequence if that is the only pure sequence in your hand.

The joker is the most useful card in Indian rummy and using it wisely can put you on a winning path. We encourage you to play practice games to fully understand the use of the joker. You can utilize the tips and tricks given above to form different combinations with a joker and make a valid declaration.

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