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Legality of Rummy: Rummy Guide for Beginners

Legality of Rummy

Legality of Rummy

Rummy is a popular card game that has been entertaining us for centuries and is an important part of our culture. With technological advancements and the rise of the online gaming industry, this traditional game was transformed into a digital form called online rummy. Over time, the online version has attracted a large number of people from across the country and has replaced the traditional method of playing rummy.

However, there is some skepticism among people around the legality of the online version of the game. Read on as we answer all the questions about the legality and safety of online rummy.

What is a game of skill?

According to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, a game of skill is one in which the outcome is determined predominantly by the player’s skill, rather than luck or chance. The player’s skill, expertise, experience, knowledge, etc are the main factors that decide the result of a skill game.

Is rummy a skill game?

Yes, rummy is a game of skill as the game requires players to have a good knowledge of rummy rules and skills to win.

A Supreme Court Judgement passed in 1996 states:

"A game of skill, on the other hand - although the element of chance necessarily cannot be entirely eliminated --is one in which success depends principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player. Golf, chess and even Rummy are considered to be games of skill. The Courts have reasoned that there are few games, if any, which consist purely of chance or skill, and as such a game of chance is one in which the element of chance predominates over the element of skill, and a game of skill is one in which the element of skill predominates over the element of chance. It is the dominant element --"skill" or "chance" -- which determines the character of the game."

State Laws

The Indian law protects skill games like rummy, making them completely legal to play for money. However, some Indian states prohibit their residents from playing rummy or any online game for cash. Since each state has its own gaming laws, people living in a state must follow the gaming laws of the state. Currently playing rummy for real money is prohibited in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu and Nagaland. We do not offer cash game services in these states. However, people residing in these states can play our free games.

Is it legal to play cash rummy on Junglee Rummy?

Yes, it is perfectly legal and safe to play online rummy games on Junglee Rummy. The game offered by the platform is a skill game and it has been declared legal by the Supreme Court of India. However, people residing in the aforementioned states and people aged under 18 are prohibited from playing our cash games.

We offer a variety of rummy games, including free and cash games and exciting tournaments, in which you can win amazing cash prizes and rewards worth lakhs and crores of rupees. You can start your rummy journey by playing practice games to improve your rummy skills. Once you gain confidence, you can join cash games and tournaments on our rummy app and start playing for real money.

Online rummy is a legal game that offers you incredible opportunities to win amazing prizes. However, you need to know rummy rules and concepts well and have good skills to win at rummy. Check out our tutorial series to learn everything about rummy.

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