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How to Trick Your Opponents: Strategies for Expert Rummy Players

Trick Opponents in Rummy

Trick Opponents in Rummy

Online rummy is a fast-paced card game that requires constant planning and strategizing to win. There are certain tips and tricks to gain the upper hand in the game. One such strategy is tricking your opponents into submission. Though it is challenging at first, you can master it by practice and use it to outsmart your opponents.

If you have been following our tutorials, you are ready to take on challenges in online rummy. This tutorial is on tricking or baiting and using it to your advantage.

Tricking Opponents in Indian Rummy

While playing online rummy, you can trick your opponents into discarding the cards you need to complete a sequence or set. It is known as tricking or baiting your opponents. The following scenario will help you understand how to trick your opponents in rummy:

Suppose you join a cash points rummy game at a 2-player table. As soon as cards are dealt, you click on the “Sort” button and play the first few rounds to create sequences and sets. You have 3 and 3 in your hand and need 3 or 3 to complete a set. If you have any sequential cards like 2 and 4 or 2 and 4 , you can discard them to trick your opponent. When you discard any of these sequential cards, your opponent, who has 3 or 3 , may discard that 3 or 3 assuming that you do not have any connecting cards to create a sequence with that. You can pick the card from the open deck and complete the set. This is what your set will look like: 3-3 -3 or 3-3-3.

This trick may help you get an edge over your opponent. However, you should be cautious as your opponents can trick you using the same strategy.

Here are two possible scenarios to help you understand baiting better:

1. Suppose you have 5, 7 and 8 and want to create a sequence but you do not have 6. You can discard 5 to trick your opponents into discarding 6. Your opponent may consider discarding 6 to be a safe option believing that you do not need it. As soon as they discard 6, pick it up and complete your sequence.

2. Suppose you want to form a set of queens and you have Q and Q in your hand. If you have K or J, you can discard that to trick your opponents. This trick can lead them to discard Q and you can pick that up from the open deck to complete your set: Q-Q-Q.

Although tricking or baiting is a fabulous trick, its outcome depends on your opponent’s smartness. Your opponent may not discard the card you need or may not have it in their hand in the first place. Moreover, this trick is more likely to be effective at a 2-player table rather than against five opponents. It is advisable to master this trick in practice games before using it in real cash rummy games.

3 Ways to Confuse Your Opponents

Expert rummy players use many tricks to outsmart their opponents in the game. Along with baiting, they also use several other methods to confuse their opponents. Here are some ways to bluff and outsmart your opponents in the game:

  1. Draw cards from the open deck: If you pick multiple cards from the open deck, your opponents are likely to get confused. They may get anxious and might even drop the game. This trick might give you an edge over your opponents.
  2. Estimate your opponent’s hand: This is one of the hardest tricks in rummy. You need to have good observation skills for nearly accurate results. As soon as cards are dealt, keep a track of your opponent’s moves in the game. You can also throw in a few baits to analyze the cards in their hand.
  3. Discard middle cards:If you discard a few middle cards, your opponent may believe that you are about to finish the game. To minimize their loss, they might drop the game. This is a useful strategy to fool your opponents into submission when you have some extra middle cards.

Indian rummy is simple and easy to learn. The game requires skills to win. Tricking your opponents or baiting is an effective strategy that often gives you an advantage in the game. However, the effectiveness of your tricks depends on the smartness of your opponents. Play unlimited practice games on Junglee Rummy to master rummy tricks.Download our rummy app and start playing now!

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