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13 Cards Rummy Game

13 cards rummy is a thought-provoking card game where you need to improve your 13 cards hand. It is purely a skill-based game and the only luck factor involved is the cards that you are dealt in random at the beginning. A skilled player can easily improve the hand by discarding the cards that are unlikely to be helpful and picking up the favourable cards. Junglee Rummy takes pride in being India’s most trusted rummy website and offers detailed tutorials to help you get playing!

Popularity of 13 Cards Rummy

It is widely known that 'Indian families stick together like gorilla glue'. The reason being India is a country where people spend quality time with their family. No matter how hard their daily work gets, people always find ways to spend time with their loved ones. Card games holds an inevitable role in 'bonding' the families together. There will always be a deck of card in the living room of almost all Indian families. From the young to the old, 13 card rummy game is one of the most popular and loved card games in India. The gameplay is so exciting that it gives you an adrenaline rush, making it one of the most favourite card games in India.

13 Cards Rummy Rules - A Quick Overview

Typically 13 card rummy game is played between 2 or more players and the cards are dealt in clockwise direction. The Indian version of the Rummy game rule is to deal 13 cards each to the players; you will have to create the sets and sequences from the 13 cards you are dealt to win the game. A card is selected from the deck of cards, which are left after the dealing, acts as the Joker. The Joker could be used to substitute the missing card to arrange your cards into sequences or sets.

Gameplay of 13 Card Indian Rummy

The fundamental rule of 13 cards rummy is to pick up a card from the open deck or from the closed deck and to discard a card from your hand. The intent of the game is to arrange your cards into 2 types of combinations, basically known as Sequences and Sets.

Sequences: Sequence is made when 3 or more cards of the same suit are arranged in consecutive order. For example - A♠ K♠ Q♠ J♠

Sets: Sets are made when three or four cards of the same rank and different suits are arranged together. For example - A♣ A♥ A♦ A♠

To make the sets and sequences, you can actually substitute the missing card by a Joker. However to declare the game, you should at least have one pure sequence (A Sequence with no Joker is known as a pure sequence).

The Aces can used to form sequences with high cards or low cards. You can form a sequence with Kings, Queens and Jacks (A♠ K♠ Q♠) or with low cards like 2s and 3s (A♠ 2♠ 3♠). But it could not be used to connect the low and high cards together. For example - 2♠ A♠ K♠

How to Win in 13 Cards Rummy?

To win in 13 card rummy games, you need to arrange all the 13 cards into sets and sequences. You can win by discarding your final card to the finish slot and declare your hand for the opponents to see. If your hand is a valid, you can win with zero point and the opponents gets the points based on their card points.

If the losing player does not have a pure sequence, he/she receives all the points carried by their hand. Similarly, if the player has a valid pure sequence and other sequence, the unmatched cards will be counted and the points will be calculated.

Variations of 13 Rummy Card Game

Talking about the 13 cards rummy game variants, there are only minor rule changes from game to game. The common rules that apply to the game are the same, which include the sets, sequences and Jokers. The only thing that differs is the winning objective and how the winner scores and the way points are calculated. Some of the common variants are discussed below:

Points Rummy: The most widely played variation of the 13 card rummy game is 13-card point rummy game. In points rummy, the players play for points which are assigned equivalent money value. The winner gets no points and the points are given to players who were unable to finish the game first. The points are calculated for those cards which the player was unable to make a sequence or a set. Every card has a certain number of points that add up to the players points. The points are calculated according to the value assigned to each card.

The winner gets the sum of all points accumulated by the opponents multiplied by the predefined value for each point.

Deals Rummy: Unlike points rummy, deals rummy is played with chips. There is an entry fee for the deals rummy in 13 cards rummy. Equal number of chips are distributed across all players. Each chip is assigned one point. The winner receives the chips matching the number of points of the losing players. The deals rummy is played for a pre decided number of deals (Example - 2 deals, 3 deals etc).

The winner is the one who receives the maximum number of chips at the end of all deals. The winner receives the sum of entry fee of all the players.

Pool Rummy: Pool rummy is another variant of 13 card Indian rummy. The pool rummy also has an entry fee - each table is assigned a point limit like - 201 points pool or 101 points pool. The player who reaches the point first get knocked out of the game. The winner gets zero points. Similar to Deals Rummy, the winner receives the sum of entry fee of all players.

Rummy Tournaments: Rummy tournaments are usually played in casinos and in online rummy websites, players can compete against others on multiple tables. The maximum number of players per table is limited to 6. The winner receives all the chips from the losing players.

Play 13 Cards Rummy Online

Now with the advancements in the Internet and data technologies, players can play 13 card rummy online free on their computer and mobile devices. Its variants could also be played on the go and you can win real cash online. By using your skill, you can play and compete against the players from all around the country and earn big cash prizes.

Playing online 13 cards rummy games is exactly similar to playing rummy against your loved ones. Players can log in and choose the variant they like to play. You can play against real people in real time and earn money. Unlike physical rummy, you will not have to wait for your friends and family to join the game. In online rummy, you can always find many people logged in to play against you 24/7. While you play 13 card rummy online, you also can learn from the strategies from different people. It will help you improve your analytical real-time monitoring skills. You can master the game easily, if you learn and play with different people either on practice table or on tournaments tables.

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