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Rummy Tips and Tricks

Rummy Tips and Tricks

The application of rummy tips and tricks is an essential part of the game. The more you use, the higher are your chances of winning! Learn the Classic Indian Rummy strategies now!

If you are looking to become an ace rummy player, you must have a broad knowledge of the rummy tips used in the game. Such strategies help you to trick your opponents and enhance your winning probabilities. These Classic Indian Rummy strategies will help you to gain an extra edge over your opponents and improve your gameplay. Use these rummy tips and tricks and stay ahead in the game.

Rummy Trick#1 - Use the Discards Section

Most of the players play rummy games online by keeping a close watch of the cards discarded by their immediate opponents. You cannot afford to discard a card that could be useful to your opponent. For this reason, most of the expert players use the standard rummy trick of using the Discards Section and analyse every card discarded by their opponents. Before discarding any card, they check the Discards Section to make sure that they don’t discard a wrong card. For example, if you see that your opponent has picked 5♣ and 6♣ from the Open Deck from the Discards Section, you should not discard cards close to them like 7♣ and 8♣. If you do, chances are that your opponent might pick them up to form a pure sequence. One small mistake might end up losing the game. Therefore, use this effective rummy strategy, employed by most of the expert players, and avoid discarding any wrong card during the game.

Rummy Trick #2 - Discard Cards Close to Joker

This Classic Indian Rummy tip is not known to most of the players when they play rummy games online. It’s all about the game changing card called as the Joker! Players usually do not like to use Jokers to make a pure sequence as they can be used as the trump card to form an impure sequence and finish the game. Therefore, the easiest trick would be to discard cards close to Jokers and force your opponent not to pick them up. For example, if 4♥ is the wild joker, discard cards close to the joker like 2♥, 3♥, 5♥ and 6♥. Your opponent would not like waste the Joker to form a pure sequence with it. So, there is a good probability that your opponent will not pick your discarded card. This is another Classic Indian Rummy strategy used by many players to avoid their cards from getting picked by their opponents. However, do observe the pattern of cards picked by your opponents before using this rummy trick. The right move at the right time will definitely yield big results while you play rummy online.

Rummy Trick #3 - Use High Value Cards as Baits

Most of the players discard their high value cards, as a common rummy strategy, during their initial moves to reduce the burden of points. However, if your opponent picks up your discarded high value card, chances are that he/she has already formed a sequence or set. Now, your opponent has taken the bait with your discarded high value card. If your opponent picks your discarded Q♥, you can easily predict that he/she has already formed a set of Qs or a sequence of K♥ Q♥ J♥, Q♥ J♥ 10♥ or A♥ K♥ Q♥. So, don’t discard any card close to Q♥ like K♥, J♥, 10♥ and A♥ to allow your opponent continue his/her sequence. Doing so will help your opponent finish the game in a few moves. However, it is quite safe to discard another Q if you have, as there are fewer chances to continue the set of Q. This is one more standard rummy trick you should remember while playing rummy games. Use this Classic Indian Rummy trick while playing rummy online and beat your adversaries with maximum damage. Once you have mastered it, use them on cash tables to grab maximum winnings

Rummy Trick #4 - Reverse the Trick

Sometimes you need to think out of the box to win in rummy games. You need to adapt and improvise the existing traditional rummy tricks to create a new one. The best rummy strategy would be to reverse the commonly used rummy tricks. For example, one of the common rummy tricks is to discard high value cards during the initial moves to reduce the burden of points. Now, you can reverse this trick by not discarding high point cards during your initial moves. You can keep them till your third or fourth move, as it is highly probable that your opponent will discard high point cards during their opening moves. When your opponent discards a high value, which is needed by you, use it to make set or sequence with the high value cards in your hand. In this way, you have reversed the Classic Indian Rummy trick to fool your opponent into getting the card you need.

Rummy Trick#5 – Calculate Probabilities

The most important aspect in any card game is to calculate the probabilities of getting the desired cards. Even in rummy games, you have to track the cards that have been dealt and the cards that appear in the Open Deck. For example, if you are dependent on Jokers to finish the game, you must calculate how many Jokers are left in the Closed Deck. If the odds of getting a Joker are less, you should change your strategies and look out for other options. Similarly, you can calculate the colour of the cards – black and red – to find out how many Spades and Clubs (black) or Diamonds and Hearts (red) are left in the Closed Deck. You can also use probabilities to find out the connecting cards and high cards by just calculating the total number of the specific cards. This standard rummy method of calculating probabilities will keep you prepared and help you win the game. Now that you have learnt the strategies, it’s high time to use them to upgrade your skills! Use them while you play rummy online for free and practise them well before implementing on the cash tables. Once you are comfortable with it, play rummy online on any tables and use these tricks to become a real master of the game!

Rummy Trick#6 – Use Basic Mathematical Concepts

Winning in rummy game is all about applying the simple concepts of mathematics. Using mathematics is almost equal to controlling the factor of luck; you would be able to execute your plans effectively and have a greater command over the game by calculating your winning odds.

Experienced players play rummy games by using basic mathematical concepts. When you are dealt 13 cards, there could be endless possibilities of what cards could be in the closed deck. However, you could perform a basic calculation about the cards left in the closed deck. For example, if you are playing a rummy game against a single opponent, you could calculate that 26 cards are left in the closed deck, as 26 cards are dealt to the players combined and 1 card is turned upside down from a deck of 53 cards (including a Printed Joker). So, if you have 2 Jacks, you could calculate that your opponent can have up to 2 Jacks, which is less likely and can safely assume that the other Jacks are there in the closed deck.