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History of Rummy

The whole world loves to play the exciting game of online rummy. However, if you ask about the origin of the game, it is not an easy task. There are many theories that point to different places around the world and the exact origin is very difficult to arrive. Some of the popular and decisive theories that surmise the history of rummy are as follows:

The Spanish and American Connection

Many theorists connect the origin of the game to Spanish communities; some believe that it was originated in Mexico while others believe that early Spanish communities who moved to the West developed it. Such theories base their facts on the striking resemblance of rummy to the Spanish game of Conquian. Other theorists say that it was originated in America and was later was moved to Mexico where it was called as Conquian.

The Poker Theory

Some theorists believe that French setters in the West developed rummy from poker. The propagators of this theory believe that rummy and poker share similar concepts of forming sequences and groups. According to John Scarne, a famous author on card games, rummy derived from the card game called "Whisky Poker" and was later known as "Rum Poker", which was later called as "Rum", and was finally called as "Rummy".

The Asian Connection

The history of rummy could be traced back to the first game of draw and discard pattern – the Chinese card game of Mah Jong. This game was first developed during the Tang dynasty in China over 1000 years ago. Other theories link it to the Japanese game of Hanafuda, which was developed by the Portuguese who travelled to Japan. Hanafuda became a popular gambling game with different card designs in the mid 17th century.

There are many other theories that link it to other games and nations. It is difficult to arrive at a specific conclusion about the definite origin and history of rummy. Whatever the origin could be, the aspect that stands out about the game is that it is widely played over all round the world crossing boundaries and uniting people with a trail of variations.

Play online rummy at JungleeRummy and find out which of the features of online rummy connect well to the theories mentioned above about history of rummy.

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