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Indian Rummy Game

Indian Rummy, also known as Paplu is an Indian rummy game and is a variation of the original classic Indian rummy. The game is a cross between Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. The game involves making a valid hand of 13 cards, which are distributed among every player on the table.

Every player needs to draw and discard cards till one of the players successfully melds their cards with valid sequences and/or sets, meeting the valid rules of the rummy game. If there are 2 players, then one deck of 52 cards is chosen; while in the case of 6 players, two combined decks of 52 cards each are chosen for the game.

In Indian Rummy, there are two kinds of possible sets:
A sequence of consecutive suited cards
3 or 4 of a kind without any duplicate suits.

The basic requirement for winning the game is to create at least 2 sequences, out of which, one must be a pure sequence, i.e., it shouldn't make use of any Jokers whatsoever.


Indian Rummy is similar to the standard Rummy game. The only difference lies in the number of cards dealt to each player.

Every player is required to pick and discard cards from the closed/open deck to put together sets and sequences. Once the objective is completed, the player has to finish the game by discarding one of the cards to the Finish Slot. The player is then required to arrange his/her cards and place them on the table to show their hands to his opponents. If the player meets the objective of the game, he is declared the winner. In case, his hand does not meet the objective, his opponent is declared as the winner.

Once the hand has been concluded, the points of the unmatched cards which are held by the losing players are totaled.

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